7 Activities Must-Do To In Sydney for 2024 Summer Fun

Must Do Activities Across NSW For Your Summer Fun

While living in Australia you don’t need to worry about the adventure in your life especially when you are residing in Sydney or thinking of visiting Sydney from another place. This most beautiful city is filled with excitement, wonder, and vigour. There are a number of adventurous places and things to explore in Sydney. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert you would feel glad to be a part of Sydney.

As soon as summer comes everyone thinks about what to do during the summer season. So here we have answers to all your questions. We have prepared a list of activities “to do” in Sydney during the summer. We suggest you do these things in Sydney at least once in your life.

7 Activities Must-Do To In Sydney for Summer Fun

Take a look and plan your summer in the most exciting way.

1. Wander at The Beach in Sydney

Wander at The Beach in Sydney

When the summer spreads its heat around, you must be seeking to cool off from the blazing heat. Nothing can beat hot wings instead of a day spent along the ocean shore. Beach is a place that can never be boring and old no matter how many times you visit there. Here we are sharing detailed information about the best beaches in Sydney.

  • Freshwater Beach

Freshwater is the most popular beach among Sydney locals. It is situated mainly on the Northern side. Most of the local families like to visit here. The most important thing is that you can have lunch at the Harbord Hotel after swimming and have fun with your family.

  • Bondi Beach

Not only in Australia, but Bondi Beach is also the world’s most famous beach. We can have fun with the ultra-popular coastal walk to Bronte, learn surfing classes and enjoy the cheeky cocktail at the beautiful Bondi Beach.

  • Manly Beach

When it comes to Sydney’s beaches, the first name that sticks in our mind is Manly Beach. People love to visit here again and again. At this beach world’s first surfing championship was held in 1964. In order to make yourself relaxed and stress-free, you must visit Manly Beach. You would surely love the place. You could find the best and most talented Surfing guidance at Manly Beach. The fun activities at this beach will definitely make your day memorable. 

  • Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. This is the most beautiful place that you must mark on your list. It is situated in the heart of the Lower South Coast. The beach is ideal for families with small kids. Here are a number of shady spots to set up the day, picnic tables and barbecue facilities are also available here at this beach.

  • Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a popular destination for Sydney-siders, as well as for tourists, backpackers, and international celebrities. It is famous for its beauty and relaxing features. The visit to Palm Beach can never be complete without the lunch session at the popular boat house. Spending time at Palm Beach is the best way to soak up the natural beauty of Sydney.   

  • Balmoral Beach

Like other most famous beaches Balmoral Beach has it all – rock pools, a boardwalk, netted swimming baths, picnic tables, restaurants with delicious starters and lunch, and hot chips. If you want a superb adventure, you should try Foiling. It is a super-addictive and mind-blowing sport. Those people who want a little extra excitement in their trip can go kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Boatshed equipment will also be provided at balmoral beach. 

  • Boating on Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor is the most beautiful place to visit around Sydney. There are a number of activities that amuse us. An amazing way to experience the beauty of the Harbour in Australia during summer, you roam at the famous landmark, the Sydney Opera House. The harbor bridge offers plenty of mind-blowing opportunities to enjoy with family and friends. Follow the Manly, Watsons Bay if you want to explore and enjoy Panoramic harbor views. Sydney Harbour National Park is connected with many of the harbor’s islands as well as large stretches, so you can enjoy a long walk with the beauty of Sydney Harbour. You will get numerous benefits at the harbor in Sydney. Each harbor has its rules and regulations that visitors must follow when using the facilities.

“The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, now.” ― Leo Babauta

2. Summer Festival

Summer Festivals

Sydney is a place known for its beauty and several annual festivals that rage rock and roll. Due to festival celebrations, a big hustle of pre-bookings, cancellations, and waiting will go on. More than 50,000 visitors come each year to explore the place. The way of celebrating these festivals is very interesting. They dance, music, parades, parties, different types of food, rides, games, and many more events are organized at the event. People can participate from any background and race in this festival according to their skills. These festivals represent the culture of Sydney. So mark your calendar and pack your bags with your loved ones to traverse the most vibrant season. Here are the most interesting and important festivals in Sydney that can make tourist tours successful. 

  • Christmas Day

Sydney is the prime destination of Australia which organises village concerts, city activities, and Christmas events to light up the mood of locals and visitors alike. The feel of cool balmy nights during the festive period should be experienced at least once in life. There are more than 50 Christmas events organized in Sydney in their unique and fun way. People decorate their houses and shops with lights and Christmas trees. 

The Santa parades and concerts for children enhance the beauty of the festival. People from all over the world come together and experience the charm of this holy day and enjoy the coral concerts. This event is the most featured on things to do if you are visiting Australia in the summer season. If you are a resident of Australia, Sydney feels lucky because you have a chance to enjoy amazing experiences every year. 

  • New Year’s Eve

If once in your life you attend the new year event in Sydney, the hype of the new year will never end in your mind. All world cameras focus on the harbor as the prosthetic displays. While the fireworks spread their light they undoubtedly highlight the sky with different colors. The festival celebration starts early in the morning and ends at midnight. It gives the chance to spend the whole day doing fun things and several activities. 

Join the Sydney crowds to encounter positive energy. For sure it is the best way to welcome the New Year. If you are touring Sydney every local guide will suggest you visit and celebrate the New Year at “Harbour Cruise”. You need to pay an approximate amount of AU$100 to AU$300 per person, you would be served a lavish dinner, entertainment on board with dance and must, and free alcohol. 

  • Mardi Gras Festival

Sydney welcomes people from all walks to celebrate their life journey. It provides a safe and secure place and presents the voice of opinions in the most democratic, persistent, and comfortable way. Sydney is heaven for those people who love to travel and experience adventure in their life. Mardi Gras is Sydney’s prettiest and most protruding event for the LGBTQ community. More than 25,000 interstate people take part in this festival. People wear their favorite costumes and masks on their faces carrying the floats and heart-melting messages. 

3. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

The most iconic adventure you can try in the summer is climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge. Are you scared of heights? Well, climbing is such a beautiful and breathtaking experience. The professionals will provide you with safety gear. If you didn’t try climbing from Sydney Harbour till now, the most happening adventure of your life then you should try it this summer. The procedure takes approximately 4 hours, you should be prepared in advance to spend time over there. If due for some reason you want to cut the climb, you should go for the sampler. Summit allows you a 360-degree panoramic view that is breathtaking but marvelous as well.

4. Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema

Spending quality time under the skylight, and watching moonlight cinema with your loved ones will make you feel relaxed and calm. Apart from that, this place has a lot of crowds. Sydney Moonlight Cinema is situated at Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial Park. The drawback is that their parking spot is limited. We would suggest you opt for a public vehicle to avoid the hassle.  

What To Bring

You are welcome to bring your beanbags, pillows, and picnic blankets as per your comfort. Some people bring their deck chairs to the spot. To avoid mosquitoes, bring insect repellent. Sydney summer nights get cold after the sunsets, for your safety purpose, it is wise to bring a jumper. 

5. Sunset Cinema

Sunset Cinema

Most people love cinema in Sydney. Sitting outside under the stars and enjoying it with family and friends is such a beautiful feeling. You just need to bring a rug and your favorite snacks. Schedule your free day and book your tickets now. 

What to Bring

The things that you can bring to Sunset Cinema are your favorite food,  and non-alcoholic drinks. The most important things that you need to bring are a pillow, picnic blanket, beanbags as per your comfort, and mosquito repellent for safety side. If you have kids make sure to bring small toys for them so that they don’t disturb you during the show, You cannot bring your pet along with you at the sunset cinema.

6. Have A Picnic in The Park

Have A Picnic in The Park

Sydney is the place where you can spend all your holidays exploring different-different things and places regularly. Picnicking in famous parks in Sydney is one of them. The most famous parks in Sydney are Lavender Bay, Centennial Park, Blues Point, Blackwattle Bay, and Observatory Hill. The most important decision you need to make is which place you should visit first. Pack your bags for an unforgettable afternoon with your friends, family, and loved ones by visiting these parks. 

  • Royal Botanic Gardens

The most famous and oldest garden in Australia, and a must-visit picnic spot in Sydney. The garden is filled with beautiful flower designs on more than 27 hectares. In this garden more than 5,000 different types of plants are available. If you want to make your picnic spot extraordinary without any hassle, bring your delicious and favorite picnic box.   

  • Blackwattle Bay Park

The most beautiful and peaceful place in Sydney is known as Blackwattle Bay Park. The seaside location is making it more appreciable for picnics in Sydney. Just because it is on the fringe of the CBD, the crowd is less over there and not as busy as the first picnic spot that we discussed in the above section. It is the perfect place for a picnic with friends and family. The best and most attractive viewpoint is to take pictures with your partner to create memories. You can have many selfie points here. Enjoy the beauty of Blackwattle Bay Park and delicious food with your loved ones.

  • Centennial Park

If you haven’t visited Centennial Park even if you belong to Sydney, then you should visit this place once. Centennial park is a great stretch of greenery designed distinctly in European style. The decoration of the park is beautiful and you will get to see ponds, sprawling gardens, statues, and heritage buildings around the park. You can book a private boutique at Centennial Park for the best picnic experience if you want to celebrate your special day. But it would require advance bookings. You will get a full picnic set up and feel luxurious.

7. Cycle around The City Park

Cycle around The City Park

Cycling is the most popular and amazing way to be fit and explore the things around you. When it comes to cycling in Sydney, the first thing that comes to mind is roaming while cycling around the Sydney parks. In stunning cities like Sydney, there will always be a cycling route for everyone. You can discover parklands, beautiful beaches, and national parks all on a two-wheeler. Check out in the below section the best cycling routes in Sydney where you can spend your time in the beautiful evenings while roaming around Sydney. 

  • Prospect Loop Cycleway

If you are a first-time rider, your ride will be memorable on this cycling road. Explore the area of Sydney on a 35 km sealed cycleway separated from the road. This road covers a lot of the Sydney water infrastructure and has a wide range of terrain and scenery on the location which makes your experience delightful. Make sure to bring your food, water bottle, and sunscreen to keep your body tan free. 

  • Bicentennial Park

The road area has more than 35 km of cycle paths for safe bike riding. Bicentennial Park is ideal for cyclists who love cycling. Make sure to start from the town center and take a beautiful journey to the iconic Olympic venue. If you are coming from another area with a public vehicle, the good news is that you can hire a cycle from the Olympic park. You don’t need to be worried about the eatables and drinks, you’ll get everything from the shops. Come up with your family and friends to catch up for an incredible experience. 

  • Cooks River Cycleway

This is one of the oldest and most famous pathways on a 23km clean road for cycling in Sydney. You can access the Cooks river cycleway from several entry points. There are a number of junctions that you should follow carefully. This is the most comfortable and amazing place to hang out with family along with plenty of places to stop and take a break. 

End Note

Sydney is full of the most exciting and fun-filled places in the world that you must visit at least once in your life. Pack your bags for the Sydney tour this summer. Whether you are a tourist or local you can have fun at the above-mentioned places. There are numerous activities to do in Sydney in the Summer season. Book your summer trip with your family or friends to feel relaxed and create memories in Sydney. 


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