Discover Sydney Best Beaches during Summer (2024)

Sydney Best Beaches

Sydney has it all – the crazy lifestyle, beautiful sceneries, amazing national parks to hike and serene scattered edges and beaches that are well-known and some still are to be explored.

There is already so much to do in Sydney and so many beaches around that it is difficult to know which one to visit, what they have, what activities we can do there, and more about those beaches.

This article will help you find the beaches you must explore – because this list of 7 beaches we made for you includes a few most famous beaches out there and a few that are fascinating but still to be uncovered.

Discover 7 Best Beaches in Sydney This Summer

1. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

One of the world’s most iconic beaches, located in the east of Sydney, is the attraction of Australia’s most visited and famous places. The beach is one of the beautiful stretches of the white-sand crescent and curling waves. The place has the finest headlands that are popular and easily accessible for whale watching, golfing, and walking. It’s a place to swim in the morning and rise with the sun or get drenched in the sunset light and enjoy the sunset.

The best thing about Bondi beach is that it is a very comfortable and accommodating space for everyone willing to do something at the beach. People come to Bondi to have their meal time with their family, laser-watching the beach and enjoying the breeze. It is a popular spot for picnics, campaigns, walking, and much more.

Things To Do At Bondi Beach

The list of things to do at Bondi beach is just endless. But we have tried adding up a few must-do things at Bondi, and you should take advantage of doing them. Things you can do here include –

  • Swim in the Icebergs ocean pool that is open year-round for you to enjoy. 
  • Go for a coastal walk – Bondi to Coogee walk, which will have the ultimate experience of the coastal walk, watching cliffs, walking between the cliffs and taking a lot of beautiful pictures with all-alive backdrops. 
  • Spot whale easily during their annual migration.
  • Visit the Bondi Markets on Sunday to get some original fashions and jewellery.
  • Go Shopping – want to go on a shopping spree for local things, including jewellery, clothes, craft, flowers, and what you might see only in Sydney – go to the nearby Bondi market. It has vistas of options of things you must buy and a lot of options in all the categories. 
  • Visit Bondi Iceberg CLUB, because that might seem like just visiting a club, but believe it or not, it will be one of the most beautiful places you’ll see. The entry fee to it varies between $6.5 to $9, and you get access to the pool and sauna. 
  • Get Yourself Surfing – always wanted to learn surfing but never got a chance to learn it? Get going to the Bondi Icebergs CLUB and get the best training to surf in no time. Even the novice is welcome to learn. 
  • Cafes are just nothing to mention because they are something which will never skip your notice from your list. But if you think of missing this, do not, because that will be a precious experience. Sydney’s Laid-back cafes around Hall Street also have great food for health-conscious buddies.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bondi Market 
  • Bondi to Coogee Walk 
  • Bondi Icebergs CLUB
  • Westfield Bondi Junction
  • Tamarama Beach

Distance From Sydney CBD

7 km (4 mi) E of Sydney CBD

2. Marley Beach

Marley Beach

If you are a person who is not very likely to be around a lot of people, wants some private space and wants just a few people around and not a crowded premises, Markey Beach is the place for you. 

Marley Beach is a secluded Bermuda famous on the pristine South Shore (outskirts of southern Sydney, Australia) in the upper Royal National Park. This beach is one of 11 beaches that are located within the territory of the Royal National Park. 

Visiting Marley Beach is an experience of experiencing serenity, silence, peace, and being out there in pure nature. But that is not all; there is much more you can do at Marley Beach.

Things to Do at Marley Beach

  • Coastal Walk – Bundeena to Marley Beach track is one of the most loved and scenic coastal walks in Sydney, which you can luckily experience when you are at Marley Beach. 
  • During the coastal walk, you can go down to the quiet Deer Pool on Marley Creek, passing the little Marley beaches while having the optional side trip to the Wattamolla Dam. 
  • Swim – Because if freshwater swimming is something you want to get dozed in and just feel the purity and lightness of water, swimming at the Marley is something not to miss. 
  • Reach the Marley Head to have a beautiful glimpse of Marley beach. From the headland, it looks incredibly glistening and investing. 
  • Visit and have meals at the Mare Beach Lounge Bar. They have fast service, serve the tastiest food, and the staff is polite. 
  • Pay your visit to Wedding Cake Rock. The sun bleaches white, and elements erode it so beautifully that it looks less than a cube. The place is one of the famous rock formations and significant attractions of the Bundeena to Marley Beach track. 
  • Climb the water run track. Though it has drastic cuts, rugged terrain, and descends sharply, visitors claimed it was easy to climb. Climb it because from the top, you can see the water running all the way from the escarpment to the ocean below. 

Nearby Attractions

Oh! This place has so much around. If, after having a relaxing wave of peace at Marley Beach, you want to have fun out there, these are the nearby attractions of Marley Beach – 

  • Taronga Zoo 
  • The track at a glance
  • SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park
  • Australian National Maritime Museum 
  • Sydney Opera House 
  • Walking Bundeena to Marley Beach Track
  • Sydney Tower

Distance From Sydney CBD

48 min (41.9 km) via M1 and Princes Hwy/A1 for Royal National Park (the beach is among the 11 beaches on the premises of Royal National Park).

“There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” — Sarah Kay

3. Reef Beach

Reef Beach

The first sight of the beach is sure to take your breath away because it is incredible.

Starting with a vast arc of white sand, rocks, rugged little islets peeking in from offshore, moorland hinterland and that excellent rock shining in a turquoise-coloured sea and seems like it says – look-at-me-now! Reef Beach is one of the best and most incredibly fantastic places to visit in Sydney. Besides, it is a piece of sand, again not crowded enough, but has a scenic view of the Harbour, which makes it more precarious, and has coves at the opposite side.

The beach is located on the Reef Beach Track, which you can access via the iconic Spit to Manly walk. However, it is not accessible only when you are on a walk, you can reach here by parking your car at Beatty Street or Tania Park on Dobroyd Scenic Drive and walking for just 400 meters to reach the beach. There are buses that can get you there.

Things to Do At Reef Beach

  • Enjoy the coastal walk on the Manly Scenic Walkway that runs the wooden walkway. 
  • Swim on the not-so-deep beach and enjoy sitting at the rocks watching or strolling around the quiet beach. 
  • Snorkel or dive into the crystal-clear waters of Cabbage Tree Bay
  • Visit the Aquatic reserve to spend time with the colourful fish
  • Track at the Reef Beach Track and enjoy the cliffs and beautiful scenes. 
  • Drive through the fantastic sweeps of white sand
  • Turn your camera at every angle and every new turn because the place will make you take a lot of pictures.

Nearby Attractions 

  • Wild Camp Spot – Mangersta, Uig
  • Harbour
  • Opera house 
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park
  • Taronga Zoo

Distance From Sydney CBD

21 min (15.5 km) via M1 and A8

4. Collins Beach (AKA Collins Flat Beach)

Collins Beach (AKA Collins Flat Beach)

Collins Beach Sydney is a hidden beach in the lush bush of Sydney’s Harbour National Park and is one of the quietest, easy-to-reach beaches. Passing through the jump rock, it just takes 7 minutes to reach the beach from Manly Point. It is in the north of the city, nested between North Head and Little Manly Cove, with serene views of the Harbour bridge. 

Taking a ferry ride from the Circular Quay of 40 minutes can also help you reach the spot – which will help you gain two experiences – reaching Collins Beach and having a fun Ferry ride. 

You can find people sun tanning themselves here, walking with peace with partners, spending time alone, or just stepping through Spit Bridge to Manly to experience the Sydney Harbour’s distant view and Australian bushland. The plenty of waterholes, activities happening at the beach, people spending time, and the beach has ample room for everything make it a beautiful and peaceful attraction for visitors.

Things to Do At Collins Beach

  • Reach here through a ferry ride
  • Sun-tan here and feel relaxed
  • Walk from Spit Bridge to Manly to experience the Harbour view and Australian bushes. 
  • Learn Surfing even if you are a novice 
  • Lay back and chill at wine bars with excellent cuisine. 
  • Take your kids to the kid-friendly restaurants near the beach and enrich their experience. 
  • To explore the entire beach area, rent a bike and explore the off-road trails and dedicated bike paths.

Nearby Attractions 

  • Little Manly Beach Kiosk
  • Bella Vista Manly
  • The Grand Dining Room
  • North Head National Park
  • Manly Scenic Walkway
  • Shelly Beach

Distance From Sydney CBD

27 min (17.1 km) via A8

5. Whale Beach

Whale Beach

The Whale Beach Sydney, is located at the northern beachside suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. It is a gorgeous place which is small, clean and has sparkling water. Hence, it has all that a visitor would want. The pool is patrolled, and thus is a swim bae. There is another pool carved out of rock platforms at the southern end. Visit the place to catch the sight of surfers catching a wave. 

One challenging thing about this beach is that it has few people as it is not easy to reach. You have to walk a little from the main road to get to the place. Reaching here through public transportation is tough, and parking places are also far from the beach site. So, if you plan to reach the Whale Bach Sydney, plan to walk a little to get there.

Things to Do At Whale Beach

  • Swim freely because it is a patrolled and safe space. 
  • Surf in the waves in the reflection of the sunlight. 
  • Visit the rock pool at the southern end of the beach.
  • Sit and relax under the quiet and shady hides of palm beach
  • Hand out to the place with family, friends or colleagues to spend a lovely time or have a great picnic day. 
  • Find little walking tracks to spree around. 
  • Lay back and relax at cafes at sea level that offer fantastic food and coffee. 

Nearby Attractions 

  • Barrenjoey Lighthouse
  • Palm Beach Rockpool
  • Careel Bay (must visit)
  • West Head Lookout
  • Pittwater
  • Governor Phillip Park

Distance From Sydney CBD

49 min (42.5 km) via Barrenjoey Rd

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” — Sandy Gingras

6. Lady Martins Beach (Also Known As Woollahra Beach and Milky Beach)

Lady Martins Beach

Lady Martins is Point Piper’s best-kept secret which is located in small Felix Bay on its northern tip. It has a long, narrow stretch of golden sand, making it a perfect place for a dip in the Harbour. It is most famous as it is claimed to be the most famous stretch of golden sand on the earth. The Martins beach is Sydney’s bay, a large marina that is docked with luxury yachts. The private property surrounds the beach, and it is only accessible by a narrow path from Wolseley Avenue, from the water, or with difficulty around the rock when the tide is low. Plus, it has cycle-friendly roads, which makes a great way for the cycle-lovers to the beach.

It also has the most beautiful attraction – Murray Rose Pool which gives you a reason to visit the place.

Things to Do At Lady Martins Beach

  • Since it is a secluded beach, it is a place where you can rent a property to spend some private and quality time. 
  • It is none less than heaven to walk on the beach aisle covered with trees, which has a beautiful stretch of golden sand and has must-watch properties. 
  • Pick for snorkeling, because this beach is extremely rich in unusual marine life. 
  • When you are at Lady Martins beach, you are remarkably close to the fashionable Paddington and famous Bondi Beach. 
  • You can swim here in the rarely crowded and safe swimming zone.
  • Reach the headlands to take excellent views of the Harbour bridge.

Nearby Attractions

  • Historic Sites
  • Hiking Trails
  • Nielsen Park
  • Hermit Point & Hermit Bay
  • Parsley Bay Reserve 
  • Bondi Beach 
  • Seven Shillings Beach

Distance From Sydney CBD

12 min (6.0 km) via New South Head Rd

7. Shark Beach (Nielsen Park)

Shark Beach

Shark beach, a part of Nielsen Park, covered with sheltered glittery water, is a fantastic place that gives a beautiful view of Marley and the city. It is a place to try doing everything you wanted to do – swim, sunbathe, sand dig, walk-in coastal areas, or just sit under ancient fig trees. The creamy sand, bushy headlands, and clean water make the place an appealing one to sit in and spend time with.

The ancient fig trees that seem to have been there since the past era look more like huge beards, but there is no better place than them to find shelter under them.

Going up the eastern side of the beach, you can find some Bottles and Glass points that give a lovely view of the city; it is just a few steps’ hike from the bridge and an excellent spot for a picnic. However, if you and your kids are not the bolters and you are not tired of enjoying all the way on the beach, there are a few short circular walks here to go on.

Things to Do At Shark Beach

  • Visit the Beachfront at Shark Beach which has a cafe restaurant – Nielsen, with a kiosk section. 
  • There are lots of shades under the trees. So even if you do not want to leave the beach for too long, at least take a little time to rest and spend time under the ancient fig trees. 
  • Pick on the snorkel and go along the shark net. If you are lucky enough, you may get to see a glimpse of the seahorses because shark beach is home to them. 
  • Swim and make sandcastles, as it is a place you can do it all with your kids to enjoy the day out. 
  • Stock up with pictures of this tiny yet lovely small paradise. 
  • Pick on kayaking, drone flying, or just chilling by the beach.
  • Take a walk of the entire Nielsen Park to learn new things about the park and those historic figs.

Nearby Attractions

  • Quite a lot of chic cafes 
  • Fig tree Nielsen Park
  • The mouth of Rose Bay
  • Shark Island – Boowambillee is a picnic spot 
  • Shark Bay World Heritage Drive

Distance From Sydney CBD

16 min (8.9 km) via New South Head Rd

Final Words

Because Sydney has a no-limited list, there are N number of beaches, and all are famous for their own reasons and according to people’s preferences. But the list of best beaches in Sydney we mentioned are a few that are a mix of some famous, undiscovered, small, big, crowded, with sports, without sports, with views and are with a walk that will give you a memorable experience, even if you visit them all.


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