7 Day Trips You Can Take From Sydney (2024)

7 Day Trips You Can Take From Sydney

Sydneysider residents are a lucky bunch of people. All you have to do is jump into the car, drive for an hour or two, and you can explore some of Sydney’s most beautiful spots in just one day’s trip. 

But with so many places to visit, it begs the question: With so many real gem places out there, which ones are the best day trip destinations one can take from Sydney? 

Well, if you want to escape the city and its busy life for a day, explore nature, and have the love alive to visit places that help you flee and give you a break for a day – here is a list of seven places you can take a day trip from Sydney. So let’s get your itinerary ready for the day!

7 Day Trips You Can Take From Sydney

Find all the details in the article: from the name of the place to the distance, how to reach there, what to eat, a place to stay, and more.

1. Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, The Northern Beaches, And West Head

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

It is just a small drive from Sydney to the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, and you can be there just without leaving the Sydney metropolitan area. A heritage listed, the second oldest national park in Australia is a place that holds scenic beauty and history altogether magnificently. 

The place has the name of the Guringai aboriginal people, who originally lived in this area. The park features all that you would want from a day’s escape, including:

  • Bushland creeks
  • Tranquil bays
  • Rainforests
  • Eucalyptus forests, and 
  • Sparkling views at the set of the coast from West Head

Racing to the top, you can gaze down on Broken Bay, Pittwater’s blue water, Central Coast, and Lion Island Nature Reserve. And yet this is not the end; there are a few more things to do here.

Things To Do At Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park: 

  • Go hiking on many nature trails
  • Do go for an Aboriginal Heritage Walk
  • Do not miss wildlife viewing and birding
  • Take yourself in the middle of the ocean by hopping on a boating ride on the bush-fringed waterways
  • You can head further to Palm beach (a lovely nearby spot) to swim, lie on the golden sands, enjoy a picnic, or surf. 

Distance From Sydney: 27 km – 30 km – 40 mins drive

  • By Drive: It is 37 min (27.4 km) via Forest Way; 39 min (29.4 km) via M1
  • By Public Transport: You can take public transport from Central, where different buses have different departure times and platforms. It takes a maximum of 1 hr 26 minutes to reach Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. 

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks: 

  • Shed – A beautiful place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks of your choice. The entire menu of the place is just excellent. 
  • Bobbin Inn Cafe – It has a relaxed vibe and a terrace overlooking bushland where lots of exciting wildlife keep visiting. It is excellent for breakfast and lunch. 
  • Cavallino – It is an Italian restaurant which offers warm and wine at the same time. With the welcoming feel it provides, you can be here to enjoy evening snacks and dinner or your drinks. 
  • Urban Tadka – This is an Indian restaurant that has contemporary designs, stylish Indian dining designs, and warm, welcoming vibes. Every dish they offer is a meltdown of flavours with all the Indian yumminess. 

Places To Stay: 

Places to stay nearby the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park include:

  • NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park
  • Mount Kuring-Gai Motel
  • YHA Pittwater Eco
  • North Ryde Guest House
  • Metro Mirage Hotel Newport
  • North Ryde Guest House
  • Cottage Point Inn

2. Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage area with a breathtaking standout and is one of Sydney’s most popular spots for one-day trip lovers. This mountain gets its name from the environment that its eucalyptus plants and trees create. The oil in the eucalyptus leaves fumes the entire air of the blue mountains and leaves a blue hue that evokes the place’s name. It’s hard to find a place that can beat the beauty, freshness, and calmness this Blue Mountain offers every visitor. 

A one-day trip to Blue Mountain lets you experience beautiful and fragrance-filled eucalyptus forests, waterfalls, steep cliffs possessing beauty, and villages scooped with gardens and galleries – all in one day, taking your travel experience up a notch. 

The 664,000 acres of unspoiled nature land have tremendous space to engross, occupy, and absorb the tourists and locals. 

Things To Do At Blue Mountains National Park:

  • Visit the massive rock formations called the Three Sisters. 
  • Get many pictures at Bridal Veil Falls and all the breathtaking lookout points around the park. 
  • Take the hair-raising ride down the Jamison Valley on the Abseiling Katoomba Scenic Railway. 
  • Go rock climbing
  • Mountain biking is one of the most profound activities you want to do here. 
  • Do not even think of forgetting to forget taking horseback riding.
  • Go hiking anywhere you like because the place has Aboriginal rock paintings, dense eucalyptus forests, waterfalls, rugged gorges, and more than 140 kilometres of hiking trails waiting to be explored. 

Distance From Sydney: 62.3 km – 80 km – 58 – 60 min drive

  • By Drive: Drive for 58 min (62.3 km) via M4, for 59 min (79.1 km) via M2 and M4, and 1 hr 8 min (86.3 km) via M5. 
  • By Public Transport: To travel by Public transport it would take approx 3 hr 30 mins. There are different timings and platforms to catch the transport, for which you need to book tickets.  

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks:

  • Aunty Ed’s Restaurant and Bar – It is a colourful spot with a retro-style venue with a lounge that serves elevated burgers, tasty desserts & fine drinks with all the hospitality. Be here to enjoy brunch, lunch, drinks, or dinner, and do not forget to taste the innovative desserts they offer. 
  • The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill – Do you wish to be at the modern and roomy venue with booths that screen live sports and offer pub-style meals? Well, if you are someone of this taste, the place is for you. 
  • The Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie – The club has a polished best wooden bar and a fireplace that offers the best in class craft beer & snacks. A place suitable for a sneaky drink in a cosy atmosphere. 
  • Darley’s Restaurant – The lush manicured gardens and the soaring mountain views have made guests from around the world pay a visit to the place. Not just this, the place is a fantastic spot to fine dine with the family and enjoy drinks. 

Places To Stay:

Here are a few places to seek shelter near Blue Mountains National Park –

  • Grand View Hotel
  • Blue Mountain Cabins
  • No.14 Lovel St
  • Sinofield Edu-Retreat
  • The Chalet Guesthouse and Studio
  • Leura’s Magical Manderley
  • Hotel Mountain Heritage the Blue Mountains

3. Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley

Among the prettiest valleys of Australia, one is – Kangaroo Valley. It is a river valley that resides beside the Kangaroo river and is the only closed valley in the world. 

Well, it already seems quite exciting. Isn’t it?

Furthermore, it is quite a picturesque landscape carpeted with the frame of nature, lovely cliffs, and the flowing river seems no less than waves of love. The vintage-looking streets have weatherboard cottages and historic buildings topped all around. Every side you turn to is a ready-made frame for you to take pictures and soak-in in the natural landscape. 

Things to do at Kangaroo Valley:

  • First of all, immerse yourself in nature
  • Drench in some music at festival time
  • Explore the waters via canoe or kayak
  • Visit the Victorian suspension bridge, castle-like sandstone towers, Hampden Bridge, and its surrounds. 
  • Go bush walks at Kangaroo Valley.
  • Visit Fitzroy Falls to experience the wildlife, walks, and wild swimming 
  • Go Wild Swimming at the Flat Rock
  • Do not miss the Village Green Nursery, a charming boutique garden behind Kangaroo Valley’s main strip of shops.

Distance From Sydney: 155 km – 170 km – 2 hr 15 min drive

  • By Drive: Drive for 2 hr 3 min (155.5 km) via Hume Motorway/M31, or drive for 2 hr 15 min (169.5 km) via Hume Motorway/M31 and B73.
  • By Public Transport: Travelling by Public transport can take 4 hr 40 mins to 7 hr, depending on the carrier you choose. 

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks:

  • The General Cafe – The cafe is superb for enjoying food, beverages, and pastries. 
  • Kangaroo Valley Bakehouse – Everything they make is just delicious, so when you are in the Kangaroo Valley, it is the right idea to visit them or order from them as they sell out quickly. You can get authentic pies, handcrafted fresh bread, pastries, milkshakes, coffee and much more. 
  • Jing Jo Cafe Restaurant – To take your dining experience up a notch, here is a place you can enjoy all your meals, from breakfast to dinner to drinks and morning coffee. They just have everything housed in and served with hospitality. 
  • Hampden Deli, Dining & School – Great dining, tasty food, and a fantastic location are on your go-to list to have your lunch or dinner – this is the place for you in Kangaroo Valley. 

Places To Stay:

Most recommended places to stay near Kangaroo Valley on the basis of tourist reviews include the following:

  • Wildes Boutique Hotel Kangaroo Valley
  • Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Retreat
  • Crystal Creek Meadows‎ Cottages – Kangaroo Valley
  • The Robertson Hotel
  • Kangaroo Valley Glenmack Park
  • Bangalay Luxury Villas
  • Belvoir Pavilions near Berry
  • Amaroo Valley Springs – Luxury Villas in Kangaroo Valley, NSW

 “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.” – Paula Bendfeldt

4. Tobruk Sheep Station

Tobruk Sheep Station

If exploring the authentic Aussie culture tops your list and makes you eager to dig into the roots of culture, head to Tobruk Sheep Station. The station lies at the Hawkesbury River Valley. The journey to this place is scenic and mesmerising in itself, as it lets you take all the views of the Hawkesbury River and the Blue Mountains. 

A day in Tobruk Sheep Station is a day away from mountains, beaches, snow, trekking, and daily hustle. Instead, it is a day to enjoy being in nature and observing how life is beautiful here with sheep.

Things To Do:

  • Whip-cracking, sheep-shearing and boomerang-throwing are something you would love to do here. Being there with sheep and playing around gives you a real example of how real the life of an Aussie stockman looks. 
  • Another favourite activity most tourists do here, which is the work of a daily household, is – baking damper (traditional Australian bread) over a fire and making billy tea. 
  • Something more irresistible to do here is to try the Aussie BBQ with traditional lamington cakes. A vanilla sponge cake doused in coconut and chocolate for dessert. 

Distance From Sydney: 70 Km – 75 Km – 1 hr 15 min

  • By Drive: 1 hr 11 min (70.1 km) via Old Northern Rd, or drive 1 hr 32 min (73.2 km) via M4 and Old Northern Rd
  • By Public Transport: It would take approx 2 hr 45 min to reach the destination through public transport. There are several timings and carriers that you can take to get to Tobruk Sheep Station. 

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks:

  • The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill – The place can help you win over hunger with the tastiest baked and grilled food and some wonderful drinks in the modern, roomy booth venue. 
  • Elements Bar and Grill Pyrmont – They offer tasty and fresh food at amazing and pocket-friendly prices in a warm, authentic layout. The food here is sizzled and seared to give you a mouthwatering juicy sensation. 
  • Sails on Lavender Bay – It is a modern Australian restaurant that offers more seasonal food and drinks and serves everything fresh, warm, and unique flavours. The location is fantastic to sit and dine and enjoy the food. 

Places To Stay:

The Tobruk Sheep Station actually do not have any place to stay, but there are a few amazing places at just a little distance to stay and rest, in which the nearest ones are the following:

  • Del Rio Riverside Resort
  • Coach House Hill Cottage
  • Cliftonville Lodge Resort
  • Forgotten Valley Retreat
  • Wisemans Inn Hotel

5. Kiama


Kiama is a town near the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The heritage building by the Harbourside and the engraved beauty of nature make it a perfect and outstanding spot for a day trip to visit Kiama from Sydney or even for a week-long holiday. 

The place has so much to offer that being here can never satisfy the person – it always feels like spending some more time at the location to soak in a little more in the utmost ravishing nature’s attire. Being here lets you enjoy not just nature but cherish the two main attractions it has, including Kiama Blowhole and the Kiama Lighthouse. 

The Kiama Blowhole is a natural geological formation located in the town of Kiama, which is hard for you to miss. The blowhole is formed by a channel in the rocky coastline that leads to an underground cave. When the tide is high, and the waves are strong, seawater is forced up through the channel and into the cave, causing a jet of water to shoot up through the blowhole and into the air. The height of the jet of water can reach up to 30 meters, making it a popular attraction for tourists.

The Kiama Lighthouse was built in 1887 to guide ships along the coast. The lighthouse is a famous landmark in Kiama and offers views of the surrounding area, including the blowhole and the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular spot for tourists to visit and is often included in sightseeing tours of the region.

The Kiama and its two attractions are excellent spots to spend solid hours and gain a lifetime experience. 

Things To Do:

  • Wonder or spree around the adorable seaside village. 
  • Stop at cute cafes all around and lick the famous Ice Creamery while on a nice walk. 
  • Do not forget to visit the Kiama Blowhole to experience the water sprouting out from the crevasse in the cliffs. 
  • Enjoy playing golf at the rural golf course.
  • Walk the Kiama Coast Walk and treat your eyes to the lush green cliffs that overlook the rocky shores, best beaches and flowing rivers.
  • Fitness fanatics can take their cycle and ride through the cycleways that connect to the plenty of surrounding coastal towns.
  • Book majestic activities like outdoor rock climbing or dolphin-watching cruises. 

Distance From Sydney: 120 km – 150 km – approx 2 hr drive  

  • By Drive: 1 hr 47 min (121.4 km) via M1, 1 hr 48 min (153.5 km) via Hume Motorway/M31 and M1, or drive for 2 hr 6 min (131.7 km) via A6 and M1.
  • By Public Transport: It would take 2 hr 30 min if you take public transport. You can book the ticket before you hop on a transport. 

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks:

  • The Hungry Monkey – This is one of the restaurants where you go not just to satisfy your hunger but enjoy the place too. Here you are welcomed to the rustic decor offering classic fast food where you build your own burgers and add them up with milkshakes.
  • Penny Whistlers – If you are with your friends, you are on your own, or with your pet, the place is for you to enjoy drinks and food. You can have breakfast, brunch, or dinner, deliciously made and humbly served. 
  • Sails Bistro – Order anything, from starters to the main course, as they will make you feel the love with what they serve. The portion size is quite filling, and the prices are reasonable. They serve more Italian cuisine matched with drinks. 
  • Yves – Yves is a bar and bistro that is scooped with chic decor and offers stunning views of Kiama Harbour. It delivers a modern coastal atmosphere that serves fresh food, wine, cocktails, beer, tasty food, and great views. 

Places To Stay:

A few of the top-rated places to stay in the Kiama are

  • Blowhole Point Rock Pool
  • The Sebel Kiama Harbourside
  • Oceanview Kiama Luxury Coastal Accommodation
  • Kendalls On The Beach Holiday Park
  • Motel 617
  • Kiama Guesthouse
  • BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park

6. Royal National Park

Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is a beautiful and unique protected national park area that is worth having a day trip to from Sydney. The park’s diverse array of plants and animals makes it a fascinating place to explore and learn about the natural world. 

To be precise, the park covers an area of about 15,000 hectares and is home to several plants and animals, including more than 200 species of birds and several threatened species, such as the eastern bent-wing bat and the green and golden bell frog. 

In addition to its rich biodiversity, the park is also home to several historical and cultural sites, including the remains of an Aboriginal shell midden, a historic cottage, and several heritage-listed bridges. 

The park’s numerous hiking trails offer the opportunity to explore its rugged landscape and experience its natural beauty firsthand. Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff, or simply looking for a peaceful place to spend the day, the Royal National Park is a great destination to consider.

Things To Do:

  •  Hacking River flows through the park’s entire length, creating fantastic fishing and boating opportunities. 
  • Some popular options for Hiking at this park include the Coast Track, which offers stunning coastal views, and Heathcote to Waterfall train, which passes through the park’s most beautiful bushland. You can also hike on trails like Uloola Track, the Lady Carrington Drive, and the Bundeena to Maianbar Walk.
  • Go on a walk for birdwatching as it has more than 200 species of them from around the world. 
  • Go swimming in the park, including Wattamolla Beach, Era Beach, and Burning Palms Beach. You can also go swimming in the waterways that run through the park, such as the Hacking River and the Audley Weir. 
  • Take a nature walk or a guided tour to learn more about the park’s ecosystem.
  • Visit the historical sites and cultural attractions, including Audley Dance Hall, Lady Carrington Drive, and the Royal National Park Visitor Centre. 

Distance From Sydney: 33 km – 48 km – 5 min drive

  • By Drive: Drive for 49 min (32.6 km) via M1 and M1, or drive for 50 min (46.0 km) via M1 and M5. 
  • By Public Transport: Take public transport and reach Royal National Park in 2 hr 45 mins or 3 hr 45 mins. Book your tickets while you plan your visit to the Royal National Park. 

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks:

  • Audley Dance Hall Cafe and Events – The cafe is a complete package of everything one wants, from amazing site views to tasty food and drinks. The place serves delicious food, pastries, and cakes baked in-house, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beverages of your choice. 
  • Driftwood Cafe Bundeena – This is a spot for great lunch and refreshing drinks. It is a busy place, as the fresh food and the vast menu attract the attention of everyone around. 
  • I Grill @ the bowlo – They offer food that satisfies you to the soul and offers drinks in the outside area that faces the tranquil beach. Food, drink, beach, and you – all it takes to satisfy one’s love to eat and enjoy. 

Places To Stay:

Places that are best to seek shelter in and near Royal National Park include:

  • Tumbling Waters Retreat
  • Metro Hotel Miranda
  • Heart & Soul Retreats
  • Otford Cottage
  • Fernleigh Cottage Bed & Breakfast
  • Heathcote Hotel
  • Cronulla Beachhouse

“Travel makes you realise that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.”  ~Nyssa P. Chopra,

7. Glenworth Valley

Glenworth Valley

Glenworth Valley is a large property located in New South Wales, Australia, in the Central Coast region, which is a fantastic piece of land to spend in the lap of nature and greenery. Spending a day here is more of getting a feel of adventure and viewing nature from close. The property covers over 3,000 acres of land, making it one of the country’s largest privately-owned outdoor adventure parks.

Visitors to Glenworth Valley can enjoy various activities, views, and attractions, including a petting zoo, a ropes course, and a bush tucker farm. Glenworth Valley is known for its beautiful landscapes and fun outdoor activities, such as horse riding, kayaking, and quad biking. There is also a range of accommodation options, from camping and caravan sites to luxury cabins.

Things To Do:

  • Go hiking in the Popran National Park, with several scenic trails that wind through the park’s forests and along Popran Creek. 
  • Hiking is possible in the Wyrrabalong National Park, which heads north of Glenworth Valley and houses many beautiful hiking trails with coast views.
  • Going biking in the trails through forests or along scenic waterways is an exciting and thrilling way to explore the Glenworth Valley and Australian bush.
  • Go Horseback riding because that is something most famous to do here. You can contact Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures and book a horse riding tour. They have horse ride options for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders. 
  • Go camping, picnicking, and fishing. To enjoy your day picnicking, book a campsite or a picnic area at the Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures website. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you can try your luck at catching some fish in the river. 
  • You can also take a soothing dive in the river to cool off on a hot day.

Distance From Sydney: 75 km to 85 km – 1 hr 40 min drive

  • By Drive: Drive for 1 hr 7 min (78.3 km) via M1, 1 hr 29 min (81.3 km) via M4 and M1, or drive for 1 hr 35 min (80.3 km) via A3 and M1. 
  • By Public Transport: It would take approx 2 hrs to reach Glenworth Valley from Sydney. 

Restaurant to Visit To Enjoy Food and Drinks:

  • Sitting Duck Restaurant – The restaurant serves the fresh and best food in the place, all matched with different types of drinks. You can also enjoy private dining, open fire and food in the restaurant area. 
  • Saddles – Saddles is a place where you can enjoy a light lunch and coffee, stroll in the beautiful garden, and treat your taste and eyes with the beautifully served yummy food. 
  • Waterfall Cafe – It is a busy cafe every day packed for lunch and breakfast, where it serves authentic Australian drinks too. To have a high-end experience, this is the place to be in. 

Places To Stay:

There are a lot of places in the Glenworth Valley to stay, but here are a few to choose from that will fit your budget, and you want to stay near the incredible views. 

  • Mantra Ettalong Beach
  • Granny’s Cottage
  • St Josephs Guesthouse
  • Currawong Beach Cottages
  • Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures
  • Bayview Hotel Woy Woy
  • Wisemans Inn Hotel

Bottom Line

The places in Sydney are more than enough to enjoy, but these one-day trip destinations are even better to help you have an escape from the city hustle and enjoy a day out. 

These are the places where you can head to explore the hidden gems near Sydney and be in the lap of nature. These places are a few best-secluded places from Sydney but are reachable in just a few hours of drive. 

They are win-win for you when you want to hop in the car and drive to a place away but near Sydney and get back home in just a day. We hope these places and all the information we added helped you plan your day away from Sydney. 


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