Fun Things to do in Sydney 2024 – Unusual & Cool Activities

Fun Things to do in Sydney

There is so much to love about Australia, especially Sydney, that being here is never enough. You can run out of time, but you can never run out of things to eat, places to visit, cocktails to enjoy, and new things. The beautiful city has so much to offer, from the natural beauty to history, thriving art, rich heritage, more than 100 beaches, nightlife scenes, and culture, it has so much. Furthermore, there is so much more to do here, sip, bite, and soak in here. It is no wonder why Sydney is one of those cities that is sought-after for living.

Well, if you are already overwhelmed reading just a little about Sydney, worry not, readers! We are here to help.

We have sifted out a few places that must be added to your bucket list when you are in a one-of-a-kind destination, Sydney. Here are 11 places you must visit to have fun, where you can do cool activities, have unique experiences, and carry a memory for a lifetime.

Fun Things to do in Sydney

1. Explore the Hidden Gem – Wattamolla Beach

Wattamolla Beach

Located between Garie Beach and Marley Beach on the eastern side of the Royal National Park is the creek-fed Wattamolla lagoon. This sandy oasis has to be visited and seen to be believed. It is a cove where you can lay back on one of the cabbage tree palms with a glass of cocktail to soak in the vibe or a good book to have a refreshing read. It is mostly a place where people enjoy snorkelling, bushwalking, family picnics, or a swim in the emerald waters of Wattamolla beach.

Why Go?

It is a little slice of paradise that offers great facilities to let you have a picnic and a few dramatically beautiful shots when you are on a walk. Besides, you can also carry some snags and grill them in public barbecues. It is a great place with overwhelming views and facilities.

Things To Do At Wattamolla Beach

  • Additionally, swimming at this beach encourages the production of the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which can improve happiness and wellness and stabilize mood.
  • Whale watching will be the funny and exciting thing that you can try along with enjoying beach beauty. 
  • You will find walking tracks where you can enjoy walking with your loved ones. 
  • You will find this beach a perfect place for family & children for a picnic. You can plan a Barbecue to make a beachside lunch and enjoy delicious food at the beachside.

What Are The Timings Of Royal National Park?

The park’s time is 7 AM to 8.30 PM.

What Are The Park Entry Fees For Wattamolla Beach?

It is $12 per vehicle per day. You can book the passes from the Park’nPay app or get them from the Wattamolla and Garie Beach booths.

2. Climb The Largest Steel Arch Bridge on the Planet – Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Being in Sydney gives you a chance to scale the world-famous maze of steel called the ‘Coathanger’ and get the bird’s view that is surely worth your time, energy, and every penny.

Yes, it is quite touristy and expensive, but climbing through this iconic landmark that is the biggest steel curved bridge on the planet connecting North Shore Sydney with the CBD offers a breathtaking sight.

Made almost 100 years ago, which took 1400 workers and 8 years to complete, is a should-see for out-of-towners and locals who have not gotten the chance to experience it yet.

The bridge’s climb is not at all scary or as you might think, but it is more like ascending a staircase. You will be connected to your guide and have several stops in between, so the guide can offer insights into the construction of the bridge and direct you to the views you might otherwise miss.

Why Go?

Because when you are in Sydney, you have this golden chance to scale the iconic steel maze, Harbour Bridge end-to-end.

Things To Do At Harbour Bridge – 

  • Walk through the pedestrian crossing, start from the Australian Heritage Hotel in the historic rock and watch the Pylon lookout that offers a spectacular panorama. 
  • Climb the steel bridge to have a 360-degree view of Sydney.
  • Access Sydney Observatory, a beautiful building with a telescope for stargazing. 
  • Take a Harbour cruise with different delicious options including lunch, dinner, tea, or a sunset cocktail. 
  • Sit in the Harbour View Hotel, located under the Harbour Bridge for a meal and watch up, for a beautiful site.

Question –

What Is The Height Of The Harbour Bridge?

The height of the Harbour Bridge is 134 m, and the Width is 49 m.

When Is The Right Time To Visit Or Climb Harbour Bridge?

The one-word answer to it is any time. You are welcome at the Harbour Bridge anytime, and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city anytime you are here. The climbs are run during the day, at sunset, at dawn, and at night.

What Is The Ticket Price To Climb The Harbour Bridge?

The ticket price to climb the Harbour Bridge may vary during the day, twilight, and night time and also according to the weather or the ticket agent. But you can expect to pay between $268 – $403 for an adult and $188 – $293 for a child.

3. Spend A Day In Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi beach hardly gets missed from the radar of visitors in Sydney. The precious gem of Sydney’s laid-back beach, Bondi is home to one the world’s oldest surf lifesaving clubs and one of the oldest swimming clubs in Australia, Bondi Icebergs Pool. It is surely a place to live the heritage and enjoy the contemporary dramatic scenery, clubs, and more.

It is a perfect place to start and end your day in Sydney. Visitors use the clifftop Bondi to Coogee coastal walk here, which is arguably the best coastal walk that features beautiful cliffs, parks, and stunning views. When you are done with the walk, you must next go for the morning swim at the Icebergs. It is a perfect place for sunbathers and swimmers. If you are a yoga person, they offer those classes in the morning. Besides, even when you have a day to spend here, you might not even have enough chances to visit all the beautiful cafes, casual pubs, and so many stores on the streets.

Why Go?

It has been a landmark place in Sydney for more than 100 years now. It is the most photographed ocean pool in Australia that gives you access to the pool and sauna at a quite low price.

Things To Do At Bondi Beach – 

  • Enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the glistening ocean and pristine sands if you are visiting this beach. 
  • Relish surfing on the clear blue water beach that has a seaside spirit. It will truly add pleasure to your beach visit.  
  • Snap on the sweeping white-sand crescent of the Bondi with your kids and family members to make the trip more memorable. 
  • Head to cafes and casual pubs around the beach. They will fulfill your taste buds and make you full.   
  • Use the cliffs to Coogee coastal walk with stunning views

Question – 

Can I Go Swimming At Bondi In Winter?

Yes, you can swim in Bondi in winter as it is the only winter swimming club in the world and is open to the public all year around.

When Is The Preferred Time To Visit Bondi Beach?

With no surprise, Bondi beach is a paradise in summer. A few days can get hot, but it is always fun swimming in the ocean pool on those hot days. In spring, the beach is not quite humid, but it has subtle weather when it is not so cold and not so hot, perfect weather to lay back and relax. Moreover, you can visit here in winter too, as it is a year-round ocean pool.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Bondi Beach?

You can visit Bondi beach anytime between 6 am to 8:30 pm. This beach offers activities, clubs, pubs, and stores all day long, making it a great place to spend time at any time of the day. Besides, it is a hotspot year-round, but most people visit it from October to April.

 “Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” – Nina Dobrev

4. Taste the Finest Spirit at Cantina OK

Cantina OK

Cantina OK, is located in a tiny garage in a laneway hidden from the main areas in the Sydney CBD. It is a small place having seats for 20, but it is a place you cannot miss, even if you have to wait a couple of hours to taste the finest spirit. The place shelves hand-imported, hand-sourced, and handmade agave spirits and serves world-famous margaritas with cocktails. The secret to their pizzas being the best is – a shaken blend of mezcal and Mexico-made tequila poured over crushed ice and garnished with orange oil. Sounds interesting? But it tastes fantastic!

Why Go?

It serves one of the kinds of spirits and pizzas that you will taste in a lifetime.

Things To Do At Cantina OK

  • Enjoy the purest and tastiest spirits at the standing-room-only bar. You should taste every Margarita you can to enjoy the utmost. 
  • Do not go for simple drinks, ask them for their specialities, and drink the best drinks they offer. 
  • Had a muggy day, let this bar’s great vibes fix it right up

Question –

What Is So Special About The Cantina OK Bar?

When Cantina OK bar opened in 2019, Sydney did not know it needed it. But that bar today made its name in the top 50 bars of the world, where it serves handmade agave spirits, pizzas, and cocktails, all best in class.

What Are The Opening Hours Of The Cantina OK?

The chic-rustic bar, Cantina OK is open from 4 PM to 2 AM.

5. Bar 83 – Sip Drinks at The Soaring Height

Bar 83

Scooped at the top of the 83 storeys, above the city CBD, this bar is the highest playful, eye-popping, and jaw-dropping space to drink and dine-in in the Sydney tower. The speciality in cocktails, the attentive table service, and the sizzling menu matched with the dazzling views will surely work up your appetite for views and drinks. On its east it has the Pacific horizon, the west has Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, the north has the Blue Mountains, and the south has Cronulla.

Why Go?

Because it is the bar at the highest peak of Sydney. It is one of the best retro bars to watch the sunset and enjoy drinks. Moreover, no other place offers scenic views in Sydney that are a treat for your eyes.

Things to do

  • A feeling of adventure while driving over the crimson plains. A sense of relaxation and renewal when you wade through an Alpine stream.
  • With your closest friends, enjoy a sumptuous bottomless brunch that includes a four-course meal and Australian wine.
  • You should not miss the Luxury Champagne Sunset Cruise on Classic Sail Yacht. 
  • A Grand Christmas Brunch at Sheraton Grand Hyde Park if you are visiting this place at the time of Christmas celebration.

Question – 

Where Is Bar 83 Located?

The highest bar in Sydney is located on the 83rd floor of the iconic Sydney tower which boasts the best views in the town and serves drinks that will only add to your experience.

What Are The Opening Hours Of Bar 83, Sydney?

The opening hours of Bar 83 Sydney are as follows. For weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, it is 3 PM-11 PM, and for weekends, from Friday to Sunday, it stays open from 2 PM to Midnight.

6. Get a Drink at Opera Bar with a Panoramic View

Opera Bar

Well, we know it is too much talking about the bar and drinks, but how shall we stop ourselves from adding so many good world-class bar options to the list when we know you’ll love them? That is why we are here with one more – the Opera Bar.

Perched right by the water’s edge, Opera Bar showcases the spirit of Sydney. The iconic views and relaxed and sunny deposition the bar has can be found nowhere else. However, that is not the only reason to go there.

The panoramic views of the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, CBD, and beautiful Harbour are like an honour to watch from the Opera Bar. In everything we do, the place’s freshness and sensuality infuse into it all and lift the pleasure all the way up. If you are here for a pre-show drink or dinner date or to taste Aussie food and wine, Opera Bar is the place. They have a highly seasonal menu with 100 per cent Aussie wines. It is a place for any occasion and anyone who’s in Sydney.

Why Go?

The place is known as the best beer garden in the world and serves fresh Australian dishes, especially seafood that treats different tastes and cravings.

Things To Do At Opera Bar –

  • Enjoy the free live music or the event of the day while enjoying a delicious meal with your friends and family members. 
  • It’s the Australian beer garden – so enjoy the drinks and also you can collect information regarding beer. 
  • Sit by the panoramic view, enjoy the company of people from around the world, and enjoy the best cuisine and views.

Question –

What To Wear To The Opera Bar?

There is no such dress code in Opera Bar, but you can carry smart casuals. But, if you want to dress up for the big night, you can do so

What Are The Timings Of Opera Bar?

The time of Opera Bar is 11 AM to 12:30 AM. Booking for the table is always open, so if you do not want to hassle finding a table, book it beforehand.

7. Explore Sydney’s Dark Side – Go on a Lantern Ghost Tour of The Rocks

Cadman’s Cottage

Every place has a story, and as the area grows old, more stories gradually become clear and set in the mouths and minds of the storyteller and slowly become the myth or a story that everyone starts to believe.

Similar stories are related to the Rocks Sydney’s Quarantine Station situated in the North head. These places are known as Australia’s most haunted sites. At these places, several tourists reported they felt the touch, saw cut heads and felt the energy in those regions. The Rock’s ghost tour might make you scoff, gasp in wonder, and add pepper to your frights with some really scary and fascinating ghost stories and (maybe) EXPERIENCES too!

Why Go?

If you ever wanted to learn about the quarantines of yore, you must go on this ghost tour. Their stories are real, and many seriously scary incidents are reported within those premises. The premises are the frontline places of the last global health emergency in 1918 and offer the lens of experiences people had in the past.

Places To Visit In The Rocks

  • Cadman’s Cottage – the oldest house which is still kept tidy by Elizabeth
  • Foundation Park, to visit the cave and see if that was really used by The City Rangers?
  • Kendall Lane – did the French velvet really dispose of the master’s body here?
  • Learn about the thugs and larrikins
  • Enter the house of the merchant and keep an eye on the stairs. 
  • The ruins of Windmill Lane where you can see the ghost of Amelia
  •  Big Dig Site to see the creepy history.

Question – 

What To Wear When You Go On The Ghost Rock Tour?

You must wear something that is most comfortable for you. As there are a variety of scaffolding places you have to step on and walk. You will ask for trouble if you dress up or wear heels, uncomfortable clothes, or discomforting footwear.

How Much Time Does It Take To Complete The Ghost Rock Tour?

It takes almost two hours to complete the tour, taking you to different haunted spots. The guide explains the history and allows you to take pictures if you dare to.

 “I am going to keep having fun every day I have left, because there is no other way of life. You just have to decide whether you are a Tigger or an Eeyore.” – Randy Pausch

8. Skywalk at the Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye, also known as Flower Tower, is the tallest structure in Sydney, and for the Southern Hemisphere, it is the second-tallest observation tower. Height, you ask? It is 309 meters high above the ground.

How about getting a chance to be at the top of everything and look at how beautiful the city looks? Sounds mesmerizing, right? Well, it really is an overwhelming experience. To add to it, it is twice as high as the Harbour Bridge. So, if you want to take your tourist experience up a notch, and want to have fun yet cool activities, missing visiting the Sydney Tower Eye is something you can not afford.

Why Go?

Because it is a chance to be at the top of the city and walk on the outdoor walkway and cherish the view treat it offers.

Things To Do At The Tower Eye – 

  • Head to the skyscraper to get a bird’s view of the city & watch mountains that are 80 km away from it. 
  • Get the tickets to Headout’s Sydney Tower Eye and enjoy the entry to the skyscraper and pardon standing in the queues. 
  • Do not forget to go to the 4D cinema and get yourself entertained to the fullest. You will come back again to enjoy that. 
  • Skywalk on the glass-floored viewing platform while being harnessed with the safety gears. 
  • Walk on the Sydney tower observation deck to have a 360-degree view of Bondi, Sydney football stadium, blue mountains, Sydney Bridge, and the entire city.

Question – 

What Are The Times To Visit Sydney Tower Eye?

The tower opens at 11 AM and does not take entry after 7 PM. It is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. So plan your visit accordingly. 

How Long Can You Stay In The Sydney Tower Eye?

From going around the Sydney Tower Eye to experiencing the 4D cinema, it will take approximately 2 hours.

9. Take The Sydney Opera House’s Backstage Tour

Opera House’s Backstage

While many people talk about visiting the Opera House, Opera Bar, or other places, they rarely know about the opportunity to sneak behind the curtain and see what goes on behind Australia’s most iconic building. 

When you step at the door, with a really intimate team, and a guide, you have the chance to walk on the Opera House’s stage, explore the nooks and crannies, access all areas of the backstage, reach out to every architectural wall, structure, or place you wanted to gosh, closely.

Why Go?

Here you will have this limited chance to know what it is like being on the stage with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, as you can watch that through the VR experience there. Moreover, the secrets of curtain pull, props, sound check, and all that goes behind the perfect stage of the Opera House are sure to regale you.

Cools Activities to do at Opera House’s Backstage Tour

  • Closely watch the architecture of the opera house as you will find amazing architecture. 
  • Get to know all that goes on behind the stage – from how the curtain drops to the music system, props, and more. 
  • Get access to rooms reserved for performers and staff and see the backside of creativity. 
  • Walk on the stage where all the performers like Ella Fitzgerald, Luciano Pavarotti, and Cate Blanchett have performed

Question –

Time To Go To The Sydney Opera House’s Backstage Tour?

The team departs every Monday and Sunday at 7 AM. They ask the members to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time so that they can get checked in with the guide and cloak their bags.

How Long Does It Take To Have The End-To-End Tour Of The Opera House’s Backstage?

It takes just a little more than 1 hour, from the moment the guide meets you until the tour is over.

10. Explore Sydney’s Harbour by Ferry

Harbour by Ferry

Visiting Sydney and coming back without exploring it on the Ferry is something you would regret doing. Exploring Sydney on the Ferry is quite a quintessential experience you must have, as it is an exceptionally unforgettable delight you will have.

Since it has nine routes and 35 wharves, locals use it every day for their commute. In addition, a ferry ride on one of the routes is one of the best ways to explore the Harbour.

Why Go?

You must go on a Ferry tour as you can enjoy the scenery that glides by. You can also get the 1-2 days hop-on hop-off passes of the Ferry to visit the sites including Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Mosman Bay, Watsons Bay, Manly, Shark Island, Cronulla to Bundeena, Circular Quay, and Darling Harbour. Hop off on the sites to have the best views of the north and south headlands. 

Where To Go And What To Do On The Ferry?

  • 11 Stops you must visit by Ferry, including – 
  1.  Manly Beach 
  2. Mosman Beach 
  3. Double Bay 
  4. Taronga Zoo 
  5. Cockatoo Island 
  6. Neutral Bay 
  7. Pyrmont Bay 
  8. Cremorne Point
  9. Balmain
  10. Parramatta River Via Olympic Park
  11. Watsons Bay

How Much Is The Fare Of The Sydney Ferry? 

You pay the charges depending on the route and distance you choose to cover. From 0-3 KMs, you pay $3.20, and it rises to $10 when you choose a trip of more than 9KMs. You’ll know the exact fare when you choose your route.

What Are The Timings Of The Sydney Ferry?

The timing of the Sydney Ferry – Mon-Fri 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM, for Sat & Sun (Sept-May) it is 8.30 AM – 7 PM & (Jun-Aug) 8.30 AM – 6 PM.

Wrapping Up

We created this list not to get added to your reading list or frame your bucket list, but we did this so that you know how rich this place on the planet is. And when you are here in Sydney, we just do not want you to miss out on any of the things we mentioned above.

We think these are the places that add magic to the world, and we want you to take a little bit of magic from these places to your life and store it to relish it throughout your lifetime.

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