5 Best Places Near Melbourne to See Snow 2024

Best Places to See Snow Near Melbourne in 2023

Snow brings people together and makes time go stale. Melbourne, Australia’s most ethnically diverse city, has combined many cultures to create a distinctive city, embracing various customs, ideologies, and cuisines to create Melbourne’s unique blend. It is also renowned for its towering mountains, breathtaking valleys, and surroundings. Winter in Melbourne can often feel like a never-ending stretch of cold and grey days. But with the right timing, you can find a perfect winter wonderland just a short drive away from the city.

Generally, June to August are the coldest months in Australia. Melbourne and its nearby areas host a number of phenomenal destinations that one can visit to take in some of the best heart-wavering views. If you are planning a getaway trip with your family and friends in Melbourne and its nearby areas, you should consider experiencing ventures like skiing and snowboarding. Have a look at the following listicle, which briefs you about the best places near Melbourne where you can experience the beauty of snow in the truest sense.

These options include stunning valleys flanked by towering mountains winding up hillside roads, diverse cities embracing various cultures, and places where you can see the snow of your dreams! To make the most of your given time, you can always contact some of the best Australian tour companies that offer affordable touring packages during the winter season, so you will be able to grab some cost-effective deals.

1. Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain is an elevated peak mounting up to 4700 ft. situated on a plateau that is hosted by a ski resort named Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Located approximately 2 hours away from CBD Melbourne, the resort is said to be the most popular cross-country skiing resort in terms of numeric visitors. However, as its name suggests lake mountain doesn’t have any lake embodying the area. If you are planning to visit this place with your kids, this place is perfect for snowfield activities. From building snowmen to track trailing they propose a variety of fun ventures. Opened in the year 2004 lake mountain consists of a ski patrol center, licensed cafe, and bars along with other necessary facilities. Also, lake mountain is also famous among road cyclists because of the challenging yet exciting climb up the trail to the resort.

  • Winter Season in Lake Mountain – June to August
  • Best Time To See Snow: The ideal time to see snow on the mountain lakes in winter is around the second week of August. The snow forecast for August shows an average of 3.2 snow days per week.
  • The Average Temperature During Winter: The average winter temperature on Lake Mountain is 4°C at its highest and -1°C at its lowest.

Why You Should Visit Lake Mountain

Planning your next vacation? Lake Mountain Alpine Resort in Melbourne is a must-see destination in 2024! From tobogganing down the slopes and building snowmen to mountain biking and flying fox rides, this resort truly has something for every member of the family! Enjoy beautiful views across Yarra Valley while sipping on coffee at the on-site café. While Australia’s mountains may not be very tall by global standards, they nevertheless provide various alpine retreats – making Lake Mountain an absolute must-visit this coming year. With stunning views of the Yarra Valley, come fill your lungs with mountain air and sip lattes at the café; it’s a quintessential Aussie experience not to be missed.

Things To Do

Are you looking for things to do in Lake Mountain, Melbourne? Look no further! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie seeking adventure or just a nature lover who wants to take in the sights and sounds of the mountains, Lake Mountain has something for everyone. From skiing and snowboarding to snow tubing and tobogganing, there is an array of activities guests can experience. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, there are also options like off-road driving, orienteering and mountain biking that will let you explore all that this picturesque area has to offer. So gear up and get ready for some thrilling adventures at Lake Mountain!

  • Try Mountain Cycling: Go for a mountain cycling ride, they offer paid rides to both novice and professional riders starting from $25 on an hourly basis.
  • Leisurely Trailing The Mountaintop: You can trail through their 5 km mountain route while glancing at the beautiful valleys down there. This trail provides an alluring way-back view of Melbourne.
  • Explore Cafes And Bars: Explore the variety of food cuisines and drinks with the delicious range of menus at their cafes.
  • Head Out For A Wildflower Stroll: From November to January, a stroll through the wildflower fields transforms Lake Mountain into a sea of ​​natural colors. Check out the reception display to see which flowers are in bloom.
  • Try Rogaining Run: Grab your compass and explore a small mountain and make a map with your recovery kit. Visit checkpoints, solve clues and collect all the points in a team or compete with friends.

Where to Stay Near Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay near Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, then look no further! We have compiled a list of the best hotels and accommodations nearby that offer top-notch services, gorgeous mountaintop views and delicious food.

  • Warburton’s Hip Mid-Century Motel
  • Tower Motel
  • Balgownie Estate Yarra Valley
  • Sanctuary House Resort Motel
  • Peppers Marysville
  • Healesville Motor Inn

Where to Eat Near Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

The best cafés and restaurants are listed here. These are the places you shouldn’t miss out on and must try if you are a foodie and love exploring new foods and drinks. There is no doubt that their cuisines will leave you wanting more. These cafés provide the best local food near Lake Mountain.

  • The Duck Inn Pub
  • Marysville Take Away
  • Freshly Blended
  • Keppel Cafe
  • Radius Bar and Grill
  • Elevation 423
  • Fraga’s Cafe

2. Mount Baw Baw

Mount Baw Baw

Mount Baw Baw is a mountaintop range of 5,140 feet in height situated in victoria 75 miles away from Melbourne East. The snow can be seen on the plateau in the month of June till September. The area is hosted by an independent association called Mount Baw Baw Alpine resort. During winter they offer various kinds of snow fun activities such as skiing, toboggan, husky dog sled tour, and many more. Covered 30 hectares of the vast area, they have 3 snowfields, a long toboggan trail, 10km long ski line. It’s a great place to visit if you love the slow pace that nature has to offer during the snow. Mt. Baw Baw has things for everyone whether you are a beginner or a pro and based on your age factor. You will get plenty of options here to make your winter voyage adventurous and memorable. Moreover, you can enjoy cozy places while strolling and sightseeing in nature.

  • Winter Season In Mount Baw Baw – June to September
  • Best Time To See Snow: The snowiest week in Mount Baw Baw is the third week of August. The average snowfall is 3.2 days per week and the snow depth is 13 cm.
  • The Average Temperature During Winter: The average winter temperature on Mount Baw Baw is 3°C at its highest and -2°C at its lowest.

Why You Should Visit Mount Baw Baw

Just 2.5 hours of drive Away from Melbourne CBD caters to a 30 km ski track for both novice and experienced skiers and skateboarders. It is also said to be kid friendly. Other than that you can try the husky dog sled tour for a different mountain view experience and the hilly track is ideal for hikers and mountain bikers in different seasons of the year. During sunset, you can explore the food catered by local cafes and the best restaurants while enjoying the gorgeous scenic views. Also, If you don’t feel like you have enjoyed your skiing time enough in the daytime, they offer night skiing on Saturdays based on climate conditions.

Things To Do

Starting from the most basic snow play or snowman building to skiing, and skateboarding Mt. Baw Baw offers a range of exciting activities and events to make your snow experience even more special.

  • Archery And Laser Tag: Made for outdoor gaming enthusiasts, you can play with your family and friends costing approx $25 for 1 a half-hour session. The minimum age requirement is 8 and above, along with adult supervision for children under 13.
  • Hiking Trail: They offer hiking trails along with the service requirements of hikers for safe and fun adventure experiences. Along with day walking they have night hikes available with proper guidance and add-on accommodations. 
  • Free Trampoline For Kids: Kids are free to use inground trampolines available without any charges for a whole year based on their guidelines and under their parent’s supervision. 
  •  E-Biking: You can rent a mountain bike for more adventure and fun based on their general terms. The charges vary depending upon the time durations you are renting the bike for.
  • 18- Hole Disc Golf Course: This is unique yet similar to a golf-like game played using a disc and catching basket instead of a golf ball and golf club.

Where to Stay Near Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort

Doesn’t matter the duration of your venture, but choosing the right place is one of the most important factors while planning a trip. Below we have mentioned the list of hotels and nearby accommodations for your comfy stay.

  • The Moe Motor Inn
  • Yarragon Motel
  • Coal Valley Motor Inn
  • Quality Inn & Suites Traralgon
  • Century Inn
  • Mantra Traralgon
  • Moe Parklands Motel
  • The Matador

Where to Eat Near Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort

Following are the few best restaurants you can find near Mount Baw Baw. These restaurants and cafes offer a wide range of cultural cuisines along with fresh brews and mocktails.

  • Village Central Restaurant
  • Skiosk
  • Little Red Duck Cafe
  • Kelly’s Cafe
  • Sea 2 Sky Restaurant

3. Mount Buller

Mount Buller

Mt. Bullar is known as one of the best destinations for snow in Australia. It became popular among snow lovers and snow adventure enthusiasts during the wintertime due to the close distance from Melbourne. It takes approximately 3 hours to drive through to reach Mt. Bullar from the CBD point. Locals could use the limited routes and capacity that were available when Mount Buller originally opened as a resort mountain and community in the winter. Since then, the mountain has added routes and developed into a year-round tourist destination. The resort has the ability to host 7000 visitors at once. For foreigners seeking seasonal employment in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, Mount Buller is a popular location. Also, for immigrants (who are habituated to snow in their motherland), for them, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the snow.

  • Winter Season in Mount Buller – June to early October
  • Best Time To See Snow: The snowiest week in Mount Buller is the first week of August. A typical 3.5 days of snow this week with 22 cm of snow.
  • Average Temperature During Winter: Mount Buller’s average winter temperatures range from highs of 4°C to lows of -2°C.

Why You Should Visit Mount Buller

City folks frequently travel to Mount Buller for a long weekend break. If you’re looking for the greatest snow locations for skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying the outdoors this winter, then this best snow spot should be on your list. It is the most recommended spot if you are planning a tour with your family or friends. They offer snow skill training to kids divided into three categories called Bunyips, Buller kids, and Buller teens, these categories are differentiated based on the age groups of the kids. Moreover, you can spend your time skiing, snowboarding, or maybe just building snowmen while sipping your hot chocolate. They also offer activities like mountain biking and alpine trekking which are popular activities on the mountain throughout the summer. You will get plenty of cafes to get a perfect morning coffee and a rental store for appropriate snow shoes and clothing. However, it is possible that you might just want to indulge at the moment while having your favorite food and sighting the beautiful valley around you.

Things To Do

Mount Bullar is famous as well as an economical getaway for your long weekend trip, but it is suggested to go on weekdays to avoid crowds. If you are wondering what things and activities Mount Buller has to offer, below in the list we are mentioning a few things you should try during your visit to Mt. Buller.

  • Toboggan: If you are going with kids then, let them enjoy the fun of speeding down the hills with a toboggan. It is the best and most budget-friendly way to immerse your kid in snow activities.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding: It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting or experiencing the snow for the first time, skiing and skateboarding are worth a try. Wear your gears and start speeding down the hills. It is so much fun even if you fall in the middle.
  • Mount Biking: Mt. Bullar is famous among professional mountain bike riders. During the summer season, they facilitate bike renting services along with providing spare parts and equipment accessibility. A lot of tourists visit Mount Buller in the summer to ride mountain bike routes. Mount Buller is on its way to becoming a worldwide mountain bike destination like Queenstown, New Zealand, and Whistler, British Columbia, with the addition of top-notch routes each year.
  • Horse Riding: The horse riding services are offered all year long, letting you experience both natural wildlife at the time of spring and snow rides and sightseeing of nature while sitting on top of a horse.

Where to Stay Near Mount Buller

Mount Buller Alpine resort itself offers accommodation space for 7000 people but in case you want to explore more places these are the top-rated hotels where you can make a stay.

  • Ski Club of Victoria
  • Breathtaker Hotel & Spa
  • Mansfield Ski Lodge
  • The Sabel Pinnacle Valley Resort
  • Mansfield Ski Lodge – Mount Buller
  • Enzian Hotel – Mt Buller

Where to Eat Near Mount Buller

A good restaurant is a must when you are feeling tired and craving some good food or drinks to quench your thirst during your trip. Here is the listing of a few restaurants and cafes near Mount Buller.

  • The Villager
  • The Birdcage
  • Ski Club of Victoria
  • Mirimbah Store
  • BOMA Merrijig
  • Arlberg
  • Hunt Club Hotel

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.” — Sarah Addison Allen

4. Mount Donna Buang

mount Donna Buang

Located 50 miles away from Melbourne, Mount Donna Buang is a 4100 feet hilltop, offering an astonishing view from the lookout tower which is 68 feet tall. During winter, it is a perfect touring place providing snowfields suitable for snow play and tobogganing. And throughout other seasons this spot is frequently visited by cyclists and hikers. There are no entry fees or such requirements while entering Mt. Donna. It’s totally free if you want to have some snowy fun for nothing. You may bring your own toys and accessories to enjoy the snow on Mount Donna. Go bushwalking at other times of the year or make use of the toboggan slopes and snow play area during the winter. There are barbecues, picnic tables, and restrooms. Family-friendly, with much to see and do, grills, dedicated play areas, and a stunning peak. Overall offering the perfect place in proximity to Melbourne to have fun and enjoyment with your family.

  • Winter Season in Mount Donna Buang – June to August
  • Best Time To See Snow: The snowiest week at Mt Donna Buang is the third week of August. It typically has 2.4 days of snowfall in a week, with 9 cm of snow cover.
  • Average temperature During Winter: In winter, the average temperature ranges from a maximum of 6°C to a minimum of 0°C.

Why You Should Visit Mount Donna Buang

Mount Donna Buang is an inexpensive and best option as far as you want to enjoy and spend some leisure time with nature while playing in the snow. The plus point is that the entry is free so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. You can visit here with your basic snow accessories and clothes. There are local street food vendors where you can enjoy native food and beverages, along with a nice walkthrough along the bushes. There is an observatory tower situated which offers a beautiful scenic view of the valley. If you are visiting with your kids, let them experience the toboggans starting at just $10 to $12 per day. However, there is no tire chain hiring facility nearby so, it is recommended to keep some handy of your own in case there might be extreme snow conditions. Mt. Donna Buang offers a kid-friendly environment which makes it a preferable place for parents who are planning a trip with their small kids.

Things To Do

Known for its stunning view, while driving through the summit, take your time capturing and admiring nature. Even though Mt. Donna doesn’t host skiing activities you can still visit to experience the following things.

  • Bushwalking and Hiking: You can walk down the bushes while enjoying the hot and cold local cuisine along with sightseeing. And If you want to go hiking just pack your gear and you are in a perfect spot. 
  • Cycling: A demanding cycling route, the road from Warburton to Mount Donna Buang has also become a well-liked location for leisurely driving, motorcycling, and, in the summer, a difficult training route for endurance cyclists and training athletes.
  • Lookout Tower: The cleverly built 68 feet tall watchtower offers the most beautiful view of Yarra Valley. You should definitely visit this area.
  • Toboggan Run: When there is the right amount of snow, toboggans are open at very genuine prices suitable for the family going with the kids.
  • Picnic Spot: There are several barbecue places available along with a play area making it the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic with your family and friends. Moreover, you can enjoy the hot sizzling food while appreciating the view.

Where to Stay Near Mount Donna Buang

Looking for an ideal place to stay near Mount Donna Buang, less than two hours from Melbourne? Consider Warburton, where you can choose from a myriad of accommodation options. Alternatively, if you’re willing to drive a bit further, there are several other nearby towns that offer overnight lodging.

  • Balgownie Estate Yarra Valley
  • Peppers Marysville
  • Yarra Valley Motel
  • Chateau Yering Hotel
  • Healesville Motor Inn
  • Warburton’s Hip Mid-Century Motel
  • Oscar’s on the Yarra

Where to Eat Near Mount Donna Buang

At Mt. Donna, You will be able to find different kinds of street snacks and food while wandering. But If you are looking for proper dining restaurants and cafes they are listed below.

  • Herd Bar & Grill
  • Gladysdale Bakehouse
  • Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar
  • Three Sugars Cafe
  • Little Joe
  • Alpine Hotel, Warburton
  • Cunninghams Hotel
  • Symphony 36

5. Falls Creek

Falls Creek

Fall Creek is home to various adventurous enthusiasts ranging from winter snow ventures to summer tour activities. Known as Australia’s largest skiing resort, Fall Creek is famous for its downhill cross-country skiing, toboggan, and skateboarding activities. The elevated peak of 5,250 feet offers over 450 acres of skiable terrain, it includes 14 lifts and roughly 90 downhill routes. Nearly half of the part is for novice and expert skiers, and the other half is for trained professionals. Falls Creek Ski Resort, offers alpine scenery, skiing, and family-friendly activities. You may engage in activities in Falls Creek that match your interests, whether they involve practicing tricks in the terrain park, going on scenic hikes, or watching nighttime fireworks shows. The Australian national cross-country team’s official training facility is located in Falls Creek.

  • Winter Season in Falls Creek – June to October
  • Best Time To See Snow: Falls Creek’s snowiest week is the first week of August. You can explore Fall Creek during the snow season as it usually has 3.7 days of snowfall in a week, with a snowfall of 23 cm.
  • Average temperature During Winter: The average winter temperature on the seamount is 4°C at its highest and -2°C at its lowest.

Why You Should Visit Falls Creek

If you love doing snow-based activities and want to learn or prepare yourself with high-level snow programs, fall creek will fulfil that. This spot offers beginner to advanced snow sports lessons, where you can develop skiing and snowboarding skills. Build the ideal snowman or watch the Thursday night fireworks, snowboarding displays, and Pete the Snow Dragon’s appearance at the night show spectacular. Sign up for night skiing, snow biking, tubing, or even a picnic on the mountain for additional wintertime excitement. There is a variety of accommodations available ranging From comfortable lodge-style lodging and inexpensive dorm alternatives to five-star luxury penthouse apartments and spa suites, which you can easily find at Falls Creek. There are more than 5,000 beds available in the village, so there is something for every preference and price range. Furthermore, it makes this place a perfect spot for your holiday destination.

Things To Do

Fall Creek offers the largest skiing place in Victoria, along with snowfield ventures you can also do summer activities like hiking, trail running, and biking along with snowfield adventure.

  • Whether you are a beginner, immediate, or pro, Falls Creek assists with all kinds of skiing and skateboarding thrillers. The area zones are differentiated as green for novices, blue for immediate professionals, and black for advanced elites.
  • They also offer cross-country skiing which allows you to explore beautiful valleys while speedily sliding through the trails.
  • If you are planning the tour with your kids and don’t want to try extreme activities, you can try basic snow play, snowshoes, and toboggans while enjoying the environment.
  • Fall Creek offers other events you can experience with your kids like twilight Tuesday and Pete the snow dragon fireworks night etc.

Where to Stay Near Falls Creek

Below is the listing of hotels and lounges you can find near Falls Creek for your comfortable stay

  • Harrietville Snowline Hotel
  • Astra Falls Creek
  • Hotel High Plains
  • Falls Creek Hotel
  • St Falls Resort
  • Elk at Falls

Where to Eat Near Falls Creek

A good food place is much needed when you are tired and hungry while trying to have all the fun. The following are the few best places where you can feast yourself on local dishes.

  • Milch Cafe Bar
  • Alpine Pepper Cafe
  • Frying Pan Inn
  • The Last Hoot – Cafe, Bar & Pizzeria
  • Astra Falls Creek
  • Snonuts Donuts
  • SomePlace Else


Based on the above blog you might have known that these mountains during the snow have something to offer everyone. You can plan your trip to these best snow spots in 2024 or a snowfield adventure, hiking, and just sightseeing in white scenic valleys. You can plan a day trip or a long weekend trip. Either way, it’s sure to be fun and memorable. You should definitely plan out your next visit to one of these snow wonderlands near Melbourne. If you are going to a snow country for the first time, please go prepared. So set off and enjoy your journey while spending some time with your family, friends, and snow flurries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest snow to Melbourne?

The place that is closest to Melbourne where you can find snow is the summit of Mt. Donna Buang, which is just a 70-kilometre drive from Melbourne.

How far are the snow fields from Melbourne?

Just an easy three-hour drive from Melbourne comes the Mt. Buller, which is a great day escape for spending your holiday.

How long is the snow season in Melbourne?

June and August are the months that are part of the snow season in Melbourne.

What is the coldest month in Melbourne?

June and July are the coldest months in Melbourne.

Does Melbourne get snow?

Snow is very rare in Melbourne, although nights here during the winter months are accompanied by frosts.

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