Luna Park Sydney: Guide & Tips

Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney is a renowned and iconic amusement park located on the harbourside at 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, Australia. This park was constructed in 1935 and has been an extremely popular attraction since that time. Locals and tourists from all around the world visit this park to have an entertaining time. Luna Park is full of fun activities, carnival games, amazing rides, and big-top concerts. There are more than 20 exciting and family-friendly rides in the park. One of the highlights of this adventure park is Coney Island.

This park offers lots of exciting activities for people of all ages, from young kids to adults, and it has been a popular destination for many generations. Everyone who visits this park is mesmerised by its charming vintage look and exciting rides. The moment someone steps into Luna Park, they get the feeling that they have entered some magical realm. The brilliance of this park denotes that the creators have paid due attention to every detail to maintain it properly, as they have painted it with vibrant colours and also added playful characters while building it. All these features add more charm to this place.

While you are there, you definitely can’t miss out on the chance to try out the famous Ferris Wheel, which offers you a stunning and dramatic view of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline. This park also has plenty of food stalls to satisfy your hunger needs. They have delicious treats that can surely make your taste buds happier. Everything in this park is so amazing that it makes it worth visiting.

Name Luna Park Sydney
Address 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Tickets Purchase Tickets
Opening Hours View Hours
Phone Number +61299226644
Distance From Sydney CBD 4.9 km
Best Time To Visit September and November | March to May
How To Reach By Car: Drive to Sydney Harbour Bridge then take the first exit on your left. Turn right onto Dint Street and after that take the first left at Northcliff Street to enter the Luna Car Park. Luna Park has parking facilities with space for 400 cars.
Parking rates:
0-1 Hour: $9
1-2 Hours: $18
2-3 Hours: $36
3+ Hours: $50
By Train: Luna Park is very close to Milsons Point train station. All the trains that leave from Central, Town Hall, and Wynyard pass through Milsons Point.
By Bus: Lots of North Shore bus routes terminate at Milsons Point.

Review on Google – “Luna Park delivers non-stop fun for all ages! With thrilling rides, friendly staff, and delicious food, it’s a must-visit destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. Can’t wait to go back!”-Aditi Gaikwad

What Rides At Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney has a wide collection of thrilling rides that are suitable for all ages. This is a perfect place to visit if you are looking to feel a mixture of emotions. Every ride in here can give you a sense of thrill, excitement, fear, happiness, joy, and lots of enjoyment. Below, you will find a list of the most popular rides at Luna Park Sydney, providing you with information about their extraordinary highs and unforgettable experiences. So fasten your seatbelts as we go on this extraordinary journey through the spirited world of Luna Park.

1. Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

One can’t afford to visit Luna Park and not take a ride on the famous Ferris wheel. It’s the first ride that you should be trying out. This gigantic ride stands approximately 40 to 45 metres above the ground. Taking a ride in it will provide you with an amazing view of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

The amazing scene from the top of the Ferris wheel will surely give you a wow moment of your life and can leave a remarkable memory in your head. You can take some amazing pictures and selfies to capture the moments in the form of photos. The best quality of this ride is that it has no age or height restrictions. So anyone can enjoy this amazing ride at Luna Park.

2. Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse

Our next ride that you can try with your little ones is a roller coaster named Wild Mouse. This ride was built in the years 1963–64 and has recently celebrated its 60th birthday in 2024. It was originally built for children to experience the thrill of a roller coaster. An amazing fact about this ride is that there are only 3 ‘wild mouse’ rides in the world. This is a 400-metre-long track that is built on lumber towers.

Even though it is constructed in a limited space because of its creative design, It has the ability to deliver a thrilling experience to all. This roller coaster contains single cars travelling highs and lows on a track with sharp turns. It has multiple 180-degree turns that produce a high gravity force for the speed. These great features can make the rider excited and happy, especially the little kids.

3. Hair Raiser

Hair Raiser

Hair Raiser is a popular ride and is also known as the ‘Sledgehammer’. This monstrous ride is approximately 50 metres above the ground, and as you sit on this ride, it takes you 30 metres up in the air and spins you 360 degrees around before dropping you at a speed of 80 kilometres per hour. There is no doubt that a ride like this can be pretty scary, but rest assured about the fact that it is completely safe.

The reason it is given the name Hair Raiser is that when the ride comes down or drops at an amazing speed, it makes the hair of the rider stand or rise against gravity. This is a thrilling ride that pumps up your adrenaline rush and makes you scream with excitement and joy. So make sure you try this ride to have one of the most remarkable and unforgettable experiences of your life.

4. Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze has been a popular and traditional attraction for amusement parks like Luna Park. Unlike the other rides that can take you up and down and spin you around, The Mirror Maze is based on the simple yet charming concept of placing mirrors in the pattern or shape of a maze or puzzle. Once you enter this maze, you will have multiple reflections of yourself, and it will be hard to decide where the path is.

Sometimes you will take the next step, considering that there is a pathway, but instead, you will gently bump into a mirror. This feature of the mirror maze makes it both interesting and quite funny. This place offers you an exciting challenge to find it. Apart from these, this place also has some twisted or differently shaped mirrors that have different curves, like convex and concave mirrors. These mirrors are specifically installed for people to see an unusual and funny reflection of themselves, which can be amusing. Do check out this maze while you are in Luna Park.

5. Devil's Drop

Devil's Drop

Slides have been an enjoyable thing from historical times, slides have a history of being invented in the year 1922 by a man named Charles Wicksteed. Devil’s Drop is a slide that you will find inside the Coney Island rides. This is a giant slide that is connected to the roof of Coney Island. You will need to climb quite a few steps to reach the starting point of the slide. However, kids don’t mind mounting the ladders, as they are excited about sliding down from the Devil’s Drop.

There are two different types of slides that you can choose from. One slide is made in the traditional way with a plain and smooth surface, which can slide you down at top speed. The other slide has a wave-like shape in it that provides the person sliding with some extra airtime. There are four lanes of slides so that multiple people can slide at the same time, which will eventually avoid the crowd. Make sure to check out the slide when you visit Luna Park.

6. Little Nipper

Little Nipper

Little Nipper is another roller coaster ride in Luna Park. This roller coaster is specially built for kids, so if your little one is stubborn about wanting to ride on a roller coaster, then this is an ideal ride for your kids. This ride is completely safe and can give them the thrill and enjoyment of riding a roller coaster while keeping them away from any kind of danger. One thing is for certain: your kids will have so much fun that they might want to ride it again and again.

Even though this ride is made for kids, it doesn’t mean that it’s prohibited for adults to have fun on it. This roller coaster has many carts joined together like a train, so not just your kids but your whole family can enjoy the ride together. This ride is about 4 metres high with a track length of 63 metres and can travel at a speed of 6.6 metres per second, making it an exciting option that a person surely does not want to miss out on.

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Good Places To Eat At Luna Park Sydney

Once you’ve had fun enjoying the rides, it’s time to take a little break to re-energise yourself with some delicious treats. After all, you and your friends might be starving for some yummy food. Well, Luna Park has plenty of options to satisfy your hunger. Underneath, you will see a list of some popular restaurants inside Luna Park that will provide you with the best eating experience. So if you are getting hungry, make sure to check out these eating places.

1. Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter offers a variety of tasty food and drinks. You can have a delicious hot meal here. They provide a healthy vegetarian and gluten-free option at their place. This restaurant has an outdoor dining section that is located besides the famous Ferris wheel. You can enjoy your delicious meal while watching the ferries go through under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

2. Hungry Horse Dine In and Out

Hungry Horse Dine In and Out

Another restaurant in Luna Park that will provide you with tasty and delectable dishes is Hungry Horse. This place has both dine-in and dine-out options for you to choose from. This restaurant offers a range of mouthwatering meals, including vegetarian options. It also offers a wide variety of beverages, so if you are craving some coffee while enjoying some snacks with it, then this is the perfect place for you. Apart from that, Hungry Horse Dine In and Out also has a licence for a large range of alcoholic beverages.

3. Gelato Bar

Gelato Bar

Once you have had a yummy, hot, and delicious meal, you can try out some cold and sweet desserts, and nothing could be a better dessert than a tasty treat of ice cream. Gelato Bar is famous for satisfying the cravings of people with a sweet tooth. They have a reputation for providing their customers with the best and highest quality gelato in Luna Park. This bar has a variety of flavours, so make sure to check out this place.

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More Tips For Exploring Luna Park

To explore this park in an adequate manner, you need to take into account some useful and essential tips that will help guide you through this magical amusement park. Here are some insider tips to maximise your experience.

1. Book Your Tickets Online

Book your tickets online

There are no tickets to enter the park; it’s completely free. However, you have to pay for the day passes if you want to enjoy the rides. Instead of standing in a long line and waiting for your turn to buy tickets to enter the amazing park, you can book your tickets online to save your precious time and avoid waiting in lengthy lines. The rates for the passes can be different, as it all depends on the age of the person. Passes for little kids who are under the age of thirteen can cost up to $33 or $45. You can book the tickets online by simply visiting their website.

2. Things To Remember

Things to remember

To have fun at Luna Park Sydney, you need to be certain about a few things. Make sure to dress up in some comfortable clothes, as the more comfortable you feel, the more you can enjoy the park. Do wear some relaxing footwear because Luna Park is quite a big place and you will need to walk a lot in there. Always make sure to carry a water bottle while walking, having fun as screaming on the thrilling rides can surely make you thirsty. There are plenty of water stations for you to refill the bottle. Wear hats and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the dangerous rays of the sun. Lastly, wear hats and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the dangerous rays of the sun.

3. Restrictions


Luna Park has lots of rides for people of all age groups. Some rides and activities are only built for kids to enjoy. A large number of rides are made for both kids and adults to have fun on. However, there are a few scary rides that are only meant for adults, so they do have some restrictions on those rides. If you want to sit on that ride, you need to pass the height test. Other than that, there are other restrictions, like the fact that pregnant women are not allowed to sit on those rides. Any person with a heart condition is not permitted to participate in those rides.


Luna Park Sydney is an amazing amusement park that provides its visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience. It has thrilling rides, an energetic atmosphere, and stunning harbour views, making it a must-visit place for everyone. If you are looking for some adventure and adrenaline-pumping activities, this park is the perfect choice, as here you can spend your entire day with your friends and family and make some amazing memories with them.

Luna Park has something to offer everyone. Here, we have provided you with a complete guide and shared some important tips that you can follow to have the best time in the park. So, make a plan and invite your friends and family to go to this adventure park and enjoy some of the most amazing and magical moments of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Luna Park?

Frederic Thompson and Elmer S. “Skip” Dundy are the original creators of this park. They came up with the name of this amusement park as ‘Luna Park’. The name Luna has a dual meaning: it is a reference to the Airship Luna from the famous science fiction/fantasy movie 1902, ‘A Trip to the Moon’, and it is also the name of Skip’s sister. The word “Luna” comes from the Italian word “Moon.”

What happens if it rains at Luna Park?

Even when it starts raining, Luna Park does not stop the fun. However, some rides may temporarily shut down because of the weather conditions. People visiting the park always know about the risk of rapid changes in weather that can ruin their whole trip and lead them to have an unsatisfactory outcome.

What is the height limit for Luna Park?

Luna Park has a system based on colours to decide which person can be permitted to ride. They have three colours: red, green, and yellow, which are determined by the height of the visitors. A guest who has a height between 2.7 and 3.4 feet (84 and 104 centimetres) is given a red colour and needs a guardian or adult to ride with them. People with green-coloured heights are between 3.5 feet to 4.3 feet (107 and 133 centimetres), and they can enjoy some rides alone. However, many riders will still need to have a guardian with them. Lastly, visitors with a height starting at 4.4 feet (134 centimetres) are eligible to sit on any ride without needing a guardian.

Is Luna Park good for adults?

Luna Park contains lots of rides and activities for kids. However, there are also a lot of bigger and more thrilling rides for adults. And because it is a small amusement park in comparison to the size of other parks like Dreamworld, the price for rides is also quite low, according to the others, making it a good place for adults to have fun in small amounts.

How long does it take to explore Luna Park?

The time taken to explore Luna Park will vary from family to family and the number of kids they have. A kid whose height is 3.4 feet (105 cm) might take 3 to 4 hours to enjoy himself completely. However, if a child’s height is more than 4.4 feet (134 cm), then it can take an entire day as he or she will be participating in and enjoying all the rides and activities that Luna Park has to offer.

What is Luna Park based on?

The concept for Luna Park is based on the triumph of the first Luna Park that was made on Coney Island in New York in the year 1903. This park was created by American entrepreneur Herman Phillips, and other countries like Australia brought the idea and opened the first Luna Park in Melbourne in 1912 and then in Glenelg, Adelaide, in 1930.

How old is Luna Park Sydney?

The park was built on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1935 and has been a source for spreading joy and happiness among people. However, just like its rides, the park has its ups and downs, with twists and turns.

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