The Most Astonishing Day Trips From Brisbane For 2024

Day Trips From Brisbane

Brisbane is a fantastic city to live in and visit. It is also the most fancied vacation spot in Australia. You can take part in their culture, fantastic cuisine, thrilling water sports, and many other things. The sub-tropical climate here is pleasant to experience. You can see people wearing shorts and t-shirts in winter. The city has its surf-patrolled beach and some wildlife sanctuary where you can see some rare species. In the South and North of Brisbane, there are Gold and Sunshine Coasts where you can explore the most popular swimming and surfing beaches. 

Brisbane is a city of rivers and has plenty of green space, hiking trails, and riverfront walks which is enough to fill your time with pleasure. It has national parks and beautiful islands that are accessible by car in under two hours. Explore the wildlife, rivers, waterfalls, and rainforests that are part of the World Heritage list. The national park is home to kangaroos, koalas, king parrots, pademelons, and a variety of birds. Visit Australia Zoo, which is the area’s most well-known zoo.

Brisbane is a historical valley with a number of interesting attractions. It is the capital of Queensland in Australia. It is situated between Moreton Bay and the Taylor and D’Aguilar mountains in the Brisbane River Valley’s hilly flood plains. It is a transportation hub with extensive rail, bus, ferry, and airport networks. It also contains the third-largest seaport in Australia.

1. Ipswich

Day Trip from Ipswich

Ipswich is a stunning location with mild subtropical weather. The pleasant weather here will add more to your enjoyment. It is renowned for having a long history with a rich natural and architectural heritage. If you are fond of historical places you can come here and explore this mesmerising historical home town. There are numerous historic residences and structures that explain this area’s past.

Distance: To reach here, enjoy the journey by train, taxi or bus. Numerous buses and trains operate every day on the road connecting Brisbane and Ipswich. The distance between Ipswich and Brisbane is 40 km, which takes from 35 to 50 minutes depending on the mode of transportation used.

  • By Drive: If you enjoy taking road trips and have a legally valid driver’s licence, you can rent a car. If you want to experience Brisbane’s top outdoor attractions, you might organise a road trip along one of Brisbane’s beautiful highways. There are numerous paths, and you can select one based on your preferences. Follow the Ipswich Motorway from the east, the Warrego Highway from the west, the Brisbane Valley Highway from the north, and the Cunningham Highway from the south.
  • By Train: If you’re an early riser, looking to make the most of a day from Brisbane, take a train. There are a number of trains that run between Brisbane and Ipswich from the Central station. The trains run very frequently, every 40 minutes a new train arrives on the platform. These trains are managed by Translink QLD
  • By Bus: It is a saying when you ride a bus, you learn more about people. If you like being in people’s company then a bus journey is worth it. Many buses run between Brisbane and Ipswich. Buses run per day two times between this route. The bus links are managed by Bus Queensland.

Things To Do: On your journey, try to see as much as you can. You can make your journey even more special by experiencing the followings: 

  • Haunted House: If you are not so scared and want to fear the dark, The Ghost House is a major stop for you. The tickets are around $23.86 approximately per person. Here you encounter the craziest of things which will be unforgettable for you. 
  • Biking: Are you fond of adventures? Biking is a must-try. You will easily get electric mountain bikes through which you can take a tour of the place. A guide is available for you the whole journey to guide you about the city. The rent of bikes per day is approx $136.37.
  • Air Balloon: If you want to touch the sky then an air balloon ride is a must where you can see the whole of Ipswich and admire the beauty of the place. For one ride they cost $269.33 approximately.

Food and Drinks: Ipswich has a variety of restaurants and pubs which will provide you with the best experience and suit almost any taste. Take a look at the cool cafes and culture fairs to fulfil your cravings with aesthetic views. If you are an Indian food lover then visit these amazing restaurants that serve authentic Indian food named Memories of India and Punjabi Curry Club. 

Check out some other restaurants in Ipswich where you can have the best meal.

Italian Restaurants Asian Restaurants Chinese Restaurants
  • Mike's Pizzeria
  • Thai Emperor
  • Thai Viet Chinese Restaurant
  • Casa Mia Cafe & Restaurant
  • Asian Delicacies restaurant
  • Go Sing Chinese Restaurant
  • The Sourdough Crust Co.
  • Thai on Ipswich
  • That Dumpling Place
  • Where to Stay: Fancy taking a break but don’t want to travel too far? Ipswich has a variety of best hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. Take a rest at one of these hotels, homestays or bed & breakfasts and wake up fresh the next morning, ready to explore. 

    • Spicers Hidden Vale
    • Woodlands of Marburg
    • Quest Ipswich

    “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

    2. Caloundra

    Day Trip from Caloundra

    You can spend time with your loved ones at the gorgeous beach in Caloundra. The beach is everything a person might want—beautiful, mysterious, and wild. You won’t forget the comfort you’ll experience here with the sea’s rhythm. If you are fond of beaches then it is a stop for you. It is sunny and satisfying weather here. The scorching sun here will not feel so warm and will give you the energy to have more fun. It offers a wide variety of activities for both children and adults that will provide you with lifelong memories. The beach offers a variety of water sports, including fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. It is well-known for the Caloundra Street Fair, which is held here every Sunday, as well as for the stunning beaches that line its coastline.

    Distance: Sometimes a short break from your routine is very important and a break at the beach which is not so far from your place is the best option. It is 98 km far from Brisbane and takes 1 to 2 hours to reach.

    • By Drive: A road trip is a way to explore the beautiful greenery and sceneries around the road. You can explore the same with just a 1 hour 20-minute drive. The driving here is not at all tiring as the roads are smooth which makes your journey easy. 
    • By Train: To reach Caloundra you will have to switch trains; there is no direct train in between the route. First, you need to take a train and then you have to switch to two buses. The trip takes more than 2 hours to reach. 
    • By Bus: There are many bus networks that run along this route. The bus takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach your destination.  

    Things to Do: Stop talking and start doing to add life to your days. That’s how you get started. Discover all of these water activities since adventures are the best way to learn.

    • Surf: Caloundra is known for its high tides and surf sports. It also has some good and protected corners for beginners. If you are a beginner you can take help from the guides. Best beaches like Moffat, Bokarine, and Shelly will fulfil your surfing experience. 
    • Fishing: Fishing is a passion that can never be fully explained. While hunting a fish, the calmness, and silence in nature are pleasing and the complete joy you feel after catching a fish is everlasting. You can experience one of the best fishing experiences at this location.
    • Kayaking: Kayaking is a therapy and a form of fun activities, where you can learn many new things. You can hire kayaks from Beach hire, Golden beach hire, Experientia Sunshine Coast, and Ocean Adventure. Prices of kayaking vary from $10 – $12 per hour.

    Food and Drinks: Live, love, and laugh are the three mantras you should follow in your life. With travel and adventures, having the taste of new cuisine is important to know more about that place. Caloundra serves every kind of food – Italian, Greek, French, Indian and many more. You will find the best aura, lighting, and music that give you a pleasing experience. Some of them are beach restaurants that give a fantastic view and you can enjoy food from the best sunset spots. If you prefer seafood then Tides Waterfront Dining and Acqua Restaurant and Bar are more than enough to fulfil your cravings. 

    Look into these eateries options as well:

    Italian Restaurants Mexican Restaurants Chinese Restaurants
  • Pappar’s Delles
  • California Tacos
  • Golden Dragon
  • Aurora‘s Ristorante and Pizzeria
  • Greedy Gringo
  • Penang Chinese Cuisine
  • Panovino
  • Burrito Bar
  • Jow Noodles
  • Where to Stay: All one needs on a holiday are luxurious but affordable resorts. Many resorts in Caloundra offer everything and are pocket-friendly also. These resorts have seaside views, delicious food, inside clubs, gyms, play areas etc. You can also opt for breakfast in the pool.

    • Rumba Beach Resort
    • BreakFree Grand Pacific Caloundra
    • Ramada Resort

    3. Lamington National Park

    Lamington National Park

    It has everything which one nature lover wants to see. You will see different species of flora and fauna that you will only find here. It is the best place for a nature lover because it includes dense rainforests and a beauty of almost 225 years which has more than 500 waterfalls in it. The park has beautiful waterfalls and mountains covered with lush trees. You will get to do hiking and bird watching and as well as provide some activities like mountain cycling, safaris, fishing, rock climbing etc. For camping lovers, there are some separate camping areas also which offer you some facilities. Take your families there to give them the best picnic experience. The best time to visit here is the winter season as in that time the humidity is less so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

    Distance: Beautiful journeys are never-ending. The distance of the National park from Brisbane is 92 km which takes around 2 hours. The drive is very beautiful as the road is covered with dense forests. You can experience fascinating scenery while driving also.  

    • By Drive: It doesn’t matter where you are going but the best therapy is drive and music. Rent cars and travel yourself to see the mesmerising beauty of the road. The drive distance is around 105 km which takes 2 to 3 hours to reach. 
    • By Train: The journey by train is amazing but there are no direct trains. First, you have to take the train from Central Station, platform 1 to Robina station, and then drive from Robina station to the park. But this route is small compared to driving, it takes approx 1 hour 30 minutes to reach.

    Things to Do: Explore as many things as you can. Go to the natural bridge and explore the beautiful rainforest. The park offers you many kinds of activities and you can choose as per your interest. Delve into your interests and do things you always want to do. Hiking, bird watching, mountain cycling, safaris, fishing, rock climbing and many more activities are available here. 

    •  Hiking: Hiking is the best thing to experience with friends at this place. There are different tracks 14 km and 22 km from which you can follow according to your preference. These are up-to-down tracks and almost 3 hours’ walk. You will see many waterfalls in between your tracks. 
    •  Safari: There is something about a safari ride that makes you forget that you are scared of wild animals. Safari forms a relationship between humans and nature and safari in the rainforest is what we all needed. Start your safari journey from Binna Burra Sky Lodges.
    • Bird Watching: Birds are the cutest gift given by nature. Do birds fascinate you? If yes, then the Lamington National Park is your stop. The park offers different bird species. There are around 245 different bird species here. 

    Food And Drinks: If you are a non-veg lover then experience the best dining at Buffalo Bar and Maru. You will just lick your hands after having the food here. With the food, you will also get the facilities such as a spa, fireplace, barbecue etc. 

    Take a look at the restaurants listed below; the food is delicious here.

    Italian Restaurants Mexican Restaurants Asian Restaurants
  • O'Reilly's Mountain Cafe
  • Casa Fiesta
  • Betty’s Burgers
  • Pagliacci Italian Restaurant and Pizza
  • Binna Burra Tea House
  • Polly’s Country Kitchen
  • That’s Amore
  • Zambrero Robina
  • Flutterbies Cottage Cafe
  • Where to Stay: Rest up so you can explore with more energy the next day. You can find numerous enjoyable locations in Lamington National Park. The resorts available here offer you every service you want. You will enjoy buffets, free parking, and many other services at these hotels.

    • Wongari Eco Retreat
    • Cafe Rock Cottages
    • Nightfall – Accommodations

    “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

    4. Boonah

    Day Trip from Boonah

    Boonah is a picture-perfect place. The place itself is mesmerising which will make you fall in love with it. This place is also known as ‘Switzerland without snow’. It has a sub-tropical climate, warm wet summers and wild wet winters. The warm hospitality and the architecture here are eye-catching. Boonah has many things for you to explore such as – SummerLand Camels, Kooroomba Vineyards And Lavender Farm, and Mount French National Park. Boonah is famous for The Blumberville Clock which is situated on the footpath of High street that is outside the Scenic Rim Council Offices.

    Distance: Short distance always craves from long roads. It has a distance of over 87 km from Brisbane that takes 1 hour to reach. It is very near and you can easily drive through it. The long wide roads covered with beautiful trees, photogenic sceneries in between the journey, music, company of friends or family are the things you will love. 

    • By Drive: Driving is a therapy which we all need. If you know how to drive and have a legal licence, then rent a car and drive yourself as driving takes less time to reach than any other thing and you can always stop in between wherever you want. As there are beautiful sceneries on the journey, stop the car and click some good pictures and make some new memories. By drive, it takes approx 1 hour to reach.
    • By Bus: Travelling in the bus window side seat with earphones on with your favourite music is the best. If you are alone and want to travel to the city, travel by bus. It is the best for you as you will find some new people to interact with. Travelling by bus takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach. 

    Things To Do: Boonah offers you many places to explore. Visit as many places as you can – Mount French National Park, Moogerah Dam, Panorama Motorcycles & Memorabilia, Boonah Country Market, Ant’s Fruit Market / Indulgent Cafe, Boonah Golf Club, Maynards Store, Nujaree Thai Massage, Boonah Gliding Club, Horizon Guides.

    • Mount French National Park: The park is a beautiful place to spot. It offers walking tracks for beginners and is a well-maintained place and very near to the town, it is 1 km out of Boonah. It offers camping sites with barbeque places, picnic tables, car parking, well-maintained toilets and clean tap water.
    • Horizon guides: They provide professional guides to hike in the Scenic Rim regions. They take you to explore the best places. Book them for you to explore your favourite spot, they provide you with all the information about the place and take you to the uncovered places of that area.
    • Boonah Golf Club: Boonah Golf Club offers you full knowledge of golf and the professionals will give you the best guidance to play. The place has a friendly atmosphere, old fashioned country-style bistro with fascinating food. The place is clean and tidy. 

    Food and Drinks: Food and drinks are the life of every place. Boonah is loved for its local food. You will get the taste of the best local food here, Harry’s Cafe and Flavours Cafe. The ambience and taste of the food here are fabulous. You can also explore Tanveer’s Curry Hut to taste the best Indian food.

    Visit these locations to explore various cuisines.

    Italian Restaurants Asian Restaurants Mexican Restaurants
  • Boonah Pizza
  • Flavours Cafe
  • Sandie Lee's Kitchen
  • Commercial Hotel, Boonah
  • Glens Diner
  • Casa Fiesta
  • Blume Restaurant
  • Boonah Chinese Restaurant
  • Casa Mexicana - Mexican Restaurant Bar
  • Where to Stay: Without a luxury resort, a perfect vacation is incomplete. Explore the luxury offered by these resorts. Everything you need to relax on your trip seems to be there, including in-room dining, a private pool, a spa, body massages, and complimentary parking. Stays are always the best as after the stay you will feel so relaxed and you will be set to start your routine with a high spirit.

    • The Australian Hotel
    • Boonah Motel
    • Hideaway on Hume

    “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta

    5. Queen Mary Falls

    Queen Mary Falls

    The pure water and the lush flourishing slopes make for the most beautiful jaw-dropping sites across the world. Queen Mary Falls has a subtropical climate. The fall has two walking tracks, if you don’t want to walk more, take a 20-minute track and if you want to have adventures then take the long 40-minute track. Take some birdseed and be friends with Parrots and Crimson Rosellas. Explore Brown Falls and Dag Falls also. The best part of the place is the Glow Worms and Fireflies. From last October to November, the park turns into a fairy forest, this is the most mesmerising time to visit the park.

    Distance: It is 116 km far from Brisbane and almost takes 2 hours to reach.

    • By Drive: Driving and vibing are now the new class. The drive takes 2 hours to reach. There are open roads, landscapes and cafes along the road. The route from Beaudesert and Boonah is the picture-perfect route.
    • By Train: Train journeys are the most relaxing journeys but there is no direct train to Queen Mary falls, first you have to take a train from Brisbane Central Station platform 5 to Dinmore Station platform 1, then from Dinmore take a bus to Fisher Park and then a cab for the Queen Mary falls.
    • By Bus: To reach Queen Mary Falls, there is no direct bus. First, you need to take a bus from Brisbane to Fisher Park and then a cab for Queen Mary falls. The journey by bus takes 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

    Things To Do: The beautiful Queen Mary Falls offers many things to explore. There are many scenic points you should explore.

    • Walking Track: Walking in nature is the best thing one can have. The tracks here are beautiful; enjoy the long walks near the waterfalls. There are two walking tracks, as per your choice you can choose from both the tracks, one is a 20-minute track and the second is a 40-minute track.
    • Birds Feeding: Bird Feeding is one of the things that will give you pleasure. Many birds will play with you when you feed them. The birds will sit on your hands and you can click some very cool pictures with them. There are Parrots and Crimson Rosellas like birds.  

    Food and Drinks: Authentic food is the heart of this place. The falls has many good restaurants that will serve you amazing food. The buffet at The Kings Court is very famous, you should visit here.

    Also, check out some other restaurants.

    Italian Restaurants Mexican Restaurants Asian Restaurants
  • Milano
  • Maya Mexican
  • Fat Noodles
  • Storia on Queen
  • La Mexican
  • Rice & Me
  • Colle Rosso Ristorante Italiano
  • Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Lan Dining Brisbane
  • Where to Stay: For a relaxing visit, it’s important to find a suitable spot to stay. You will easily find cottages that are both luxurious and affordable. They provide lovely accommodations with breathtaking views from the balcony. There are also buffets available, and the cuisine is excellent.

    • Oaklea Cottages
    • Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park
    • Killarney View Cabins and Caravan Park

    6. Moreton Island

    Day Trip from Moreton Island

    Islands are the most beautiful place one can ever experience. A piece of land surrounded by dreamy turquoise water, palm trees and a white sand beach, Moreton beach had it all. Explore the Island through snorkelling and fins. There are almost over 100 species of fish. With fish, you will also spot Dolphins, Wobbegongs, and Dugongs. The island also offers you several activities – sandboarding, ATV tours, and dolphin-feeding adventures. It is situated on the coast of Brisbane and has a subtropical climate with warm days all over the year. For the best experience visit the island in the Autumn season.

     Distance: You can not get there by car or any road vehicle. There are no proper roads on the island, the only way to reach the island is by ferry or boat. It is just 58 km. It takes around 75 minutes from Brisbane to Moreton island.

    • By Ferry: You will fall in love with the turquoise water and get different kinds of comfort in the water. The ferry starts from Holt Street Wharf in Pinkenba, Brisbane and reaches Tangalooma Jetty on Moreton Island. It takes 75 minutes to reach the Island. 

    Things To Do: Islands always have various things to offer. Visit Moreton Bay, Tangalooma Beach, Champagne pools, and Cape Moreton Lighthouse and Museum. Explore different kinds of water sports, snorkelling, kayaking, and Dolphin feeding adventures.

    •  Snorkelling: Snorkelling is like seeing a new world which is present under the water. Snorkelling is the heart of this place. The island has more than 100 species of fish and also explores many different kinds of water animals. There are proper guides to guide you about snorkelling. 
    • Cape Moreton Lighthouse: If you are on Moreton Island then you must visit the Cape Moreton Lighthouse. The place in itself is mesmerising. The lighthouse is Spectacular. On the top, you can see beautiful islands and also can spot whales in the water. You will get great information about the island, wildlife and the lighthouse.
    • Tangalooma Beach: The beach is very beautiful and staying here will offer you many different activities. Feed the Dolphins, snorkel around the beautiful island, slide on the sand toboggans, take a ride on a quad bike, parasail around the ocean, ride a segway, take a helicopter ride and many more. Tangalooma Beach is itself a vacation place where you have to live for 2-3 days to enjoy all these activities. 

    Foods And Drinks: Island serves mouth-watering food and drinks. The highlight of food here is seafood, it offers different kinds of fish, crabs, prawns and many more. Taste the authentic seafood in The Gutter Bar.

    If you’re a vegetarian or just want to try something different, check out these places as well.

    Italian Restaurants Chinese Restaurants Asian Restaurants
  • La Vera Gourmet Pizza & Bar
  • Beach Cafe
  • B&B’s Bar
  • Manny’s Italian
  • Fire & Stone Front Restaurant
  • The Bayside Asian House
  • Mamma Mia Trattoria Pizzeria
  • Sunshine Chinese Restaurant
  • Tiger Asian Wok
  • Where to Stay: The beach has a lot of lovely locations with picturesque surroundings and appealing rooms. You can get seaside accommodations, buffets, BBQs, pools, and many more facilities.

    • Tangalooma Beachfront Villas 
    • Villas at Tangalooma
    • Blue Crab Beach House


    Our goal was to tell readers about the stunning locations in Brisbane that they must see. This will help you to discover the city’s top locations. Here, we’ve covered six incredible locations that are well worth visiting. Whenever you plan your trip, remember to include these locations for better enjoyment and amusement. 


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