How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe without Exercise in 2024

How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe without Exercise

Developing the practice of exercise is a difficult task, especially when people are busy in their life. However, weight loss is a practice that needs to be developed at any cost. People with a fast lifestyle need to know how to lose weight fast and safely without exercise. There are effective ways that can help you to lose weight and prevent excessive weight gain.

Below are some of the ideas which are safe and can be easily followed by anyone to start losing weight without the help of exercise. These are basic dietary and lifestyle changes to gain the desired result. These approaches are scientific and do not involve any drastic steps. The ideas are free from any market gimmick or myths of weight loss so you can try them at your ease and convenience.

1. Size Of Your Plate Matters

Size Of Your Plate Matters

A good and effective strategy is to play with the size of portions on the plate. Using a small plate for grains and protein, and a larger plate for non-starchy veggies can do the trick. It is an effective tactic that you can apply to lose weight fast. Having a larger plate of vegetables will help you consume more low-calorie food.

2. Portion Control For Junk

Portion Control For Junk

People tends to gobble up junk food with no idea of what portion. It is a one-way road to gaining excessive weight. The brain’s perception of food being served on a bigger plate feels smaller. You can use this trick by eating junk or unhealthy food on smaller plates. It is a brain-tricking way to lose fat quickly.

Use this trick smartly to consume healthy foods on a bigger plate to increase the intake. It will add to your weight loss plan.

3. Pack In A Protein Diet

Pack In A Protein Diet

If you search online ‘how can I lose weight fast, most results will tell you to pack protein in your daily diet. Proteins can increase fullness, reduce hunger, and can lead to less calorie intake. Protein has ghrelin and GLP-1 which trigger hormones to reduce hunger.

Instead of depending on a carb-rich diet like bread, switching to a protein-rich diet like eggs, ham or sausages can help you achieve the weight loss goals. Grain-based breakfasts are absorbed fast in the body which urges for more food intake. Protein makes the stomach full and the body takes more time to digest protein which keeps a person full for long hours. In simple terms, it reduces hunger, and the lesser the food intake, the lesser chances of calories going into the body.

4. Hearty Breakfast For The Heart

Hearty Breakfast For The Heart

Both body and brain seek fuel after a good night of sleep. A hearty plate of breakfast will help you to break the fast and reduce any chance of overeating later in the day. Make sure that the breakfast plate includes protein, fiber, and fat to add flavor to keep yourself full for longer. 

A typical healthy breakfast plate can have two scrambled eggs with spinach, pepper, and onion with a high-fiber wrap and two teaspoons of guacamole. The smoothie can be made from half cup-like, 5 ounces of Greek Yogurt and 1 teaspoon of peanut butter. Add one-fourth cup of oats and a half cup of berries for extra benefits. You can also have premade egg muffins with veggies and whole-grain toast for a change. Achieve your perfect weight with Healthy Meal Plan.

5. Fibre The Saviour

Fibre The Saviour

Did you know that fibers help to retain water as it absorbs and helps you to stay full for long hours? Your quest on how to lose weight fast must include dietary fibers in food. As per studies, viscous fibrous food like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, turnips, apricots, barley, and oat barns can aid in your weight loss. The property of viscous fiber is to form a gel when it comes in contact with water. The gel makes the nutrient absorption process in the body for long hours and as a result, you will be full for a longer time.

What fiber does is help you to reduce eating frequently as the stomach is full for long hours. So, include your favorite fibrous food in the diet for the best results. The idea is to stay full for a long time and provide the body with the necessary nutrients in the safest manner.

6. Keep Hydrated

Keep Hydrated

Our rat race often makes us forget to keep ourselves optimally hydrated. And yes reader, a good idea on how to lose weight fast and safely without exercise is to keep the body optimally hydrated. But instead of gulping down lots of water at a time, try this small trick.

Drink 17 ounces of water 30 minutes before your meal. It will help to reduce hunger and reduce the intake of calories.  Studies have revealed that subjects who drank water lost 44 percent more weight through 12 weeks compared to people who did not.  Make sure to substitute any sugar or calorie-loaded drinks like soda, juice, or carbonated water with experience. If you can consciously develop the practice, you will see the results within a week or so.

7. No Electronics During Meal

No Electronics During Meal

As discussed in the first point, the idea is to eat slowly, giving the mind enough time to process what is being eaten. But electronic devices are a big challenge to the practice. This brings us to another point on how to lose weight fast, which is to say no to electronics during eating. We often find people eating their food at a restaurant or at home and their eyes glued to the screens of mobile or laptops.  It is one of the biggest distractions which affects your brain, which is focused on something else when it should be processing the food being eaten.

If you succumb to this practice, immediately break out of it.  People who are distracted during eating tend to consume around 10 percent more food—absent-mindedness during eating forces 25 percent more calorie intake and affects the later meals equally.  Besides, people distracted during their meals have more chances of overeating. Hence, saying no to mobile or any such screens during a meal would help you to eat less and maintain the flow of weight loss.

“For me, exercise is more than just physical—it’s therapeutic.” — Michelle Obama

8. Sweet Dreams!

sweet dreams

Yes, sleeping has a direct relation with avoiding stress and aiding weight loss. We look for quick ways to lose weight but do not give ample time for sleep. It is a major fault that leads to more stress and aid in weight gain.  Lack of sleep disrupts the appetite regulatory hormones leptin and ghrelin. Besides lack of proper sleep elevates cortisol which is the same hormone released during stress. Fluctuation of these hormones will lead to an increase in hunger and cravings for unhealthy or junk food. It will lead to an increase in calorie intake for the body.

Problems of chronic sleep deprivation and stress will lead to a rise of additional diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity. Poor sleeping activities imbalance various appetite-regulating hormones which will make you eat more than usual.

9. Bye Bye Sugary Drinks

Bye Bye Sugary Drinks

Adding sugar to the diet through sugary drinks is the worst decision you can take. Excessive intake of sugar-sweetened beverages leads to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart issues, kidney issues, non-alcoholic liver problem, tooth decay, cavities, and arthritis. Coming back to the topic focus, consuming excessive sugary drinks does not make the stomach full like solid food.

If you want to live a healthy life and achieve the goal of weight loss, staying away from sugary drinks has long-term benefits. But do not replace the sugary drinks with fruit juice as it also contains a high amount of sugar. You can choose between green tea or black coffee without sugar.

10. Say Hi To Probiotics

Say Hi To Probiotics

Probiotics are among the beneficial foods which add to digestion. Probiotics contain healthy bacteria which are helpful for the stomach and its well-being. Studies suggest that probiotics influence weight, fat, mass, and mood. Besides, gut and brain functions are interrelated where the wellness of one can influence the other.

Probiotic benefit involves energy for the gut wall, and liver cells. Specific fatty acids have anti-cancer properties. Probiotics also assist in body weight. A Diet laden with high sugar and fat will alter the balance of bacteria found in the gut. It reduces the number of good bacteria. Healthcare studies reflect that probiotics can manage or prevent obesity.

You should opt for a naturally available variety of probiotics. The natural probiotics include kimchi, yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh, kombucha, or fermented tea.

11. Keep Healthy Snacks At Home And Office

Keep Healthy Snacks At Home And Office

The human brain always chooses the most convenient options. That’s why at convenience stores you would find packaged food, snacks, and sugary beverages. Your pursuit of weight loss will be successful if you consciously store healthy snacks both at home and office. When healthy options will be near your reach, it will eventually reduce the choice of unhealthy food.

You might wonder what healthy snacks can replace preservative and sodium-rich packaged food. You can go for plain nuts with no added salt or sugar, fruits, pre-chopped vegetables, low-fat yogurt, dried seaweed, etc. Simplicity and the right food are the keys to success.

12. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

As per reports in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, refined carbohydrate does long-term damage to the body and its metabolism compared to saturated fats. As refined carbohydrate releases sugar, the liver is forced to create and secrete fat in the bloodstream.

When you are aiming to lose weight fast, you must switch to whole grains and discard any use of refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are found in foods like white rice, white bread, candles, boxed cereals, added sugars, and various types of pasta.

However, the good news is that bread, rice and pasta are available in the market in whole grain varieties. Adding them to the diet will make it healthier and aid in weight reduction.

13. Veggie Delight

Veggie Delight

One of the best ways to control calorie intake is to add 50 percent vegetables to lunch and dinner. Your food plate must contain non-starchy vegetables to reduce unnecessary calories. Besides vegetables bring an added benefit to the body. Eating vegetables like spinach, broccoli, spaghetti squash, Brussels sprouts, green peas, cauliflower, and sweet potato can provide effective nutrition which is needed for well-being.

Besides the vegetables mentioned are rich in water content or can retain water which increases the volume of food. Added to a generous amount of protein, vegetables can provide a wholesome meal that will help in weight loss and fulfill the hunger pangs.

14. Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a concept that is a buzzword and is becoming popular as a weight loss method.  The idea is drawn from the Buddhist concept which induces a form of meditation with eating. Mindful eating has been recorded to help solve problems like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other food-related behaviors.

Mindfulness enables an individual to reach a state of full attention to the experiences, cravings, and physical cues while you indulge in eating.  At the fundamental state, mindful eating involves eating slowly without any distractions. It will help you to identify and respond to physical hunger cues and eat until it is full. It helps to differentiate between actual hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating. Besides, you will be better at engaging the senses as a focus helps to identify color, smell, texture, and flavors. Adding mindful eating will help you to maintain overall health and enhance your well-being. It will teach you to appreciate the food you eat and become more conscious about the experience of eating and the food.

15. Lighter Cooking Method

Lighter Cooking Method

You need to adjust a cooking method that changes the food and its nutritional value. For example, boiled chicken maintains its nutritional value compared to fried chicken. Every diet book or cookbook you come across will recommend baking or grilling over frying. The fact is true as the use of oil, or deep fat frying adds to excessive calories and bad cholesterol which not only increases weight but can cause cardiovascular diseases.

It is natural to have a craving for tender, juicy deep fat-fried chicken. All you have to do is change the frying method and use an air fryer or broiler. Other interesting methods which you can apply to maintain the ‘flavor’ of food is to poach the vegetable and proteins in broth or light coconut milk and add spices and herbs to enhance the flavor.

Final Words

Weight loss is nothing seasonal or something which can be done for a short span; it must be adopted as a lifestyle. To maintain healthy living, an optimum weight of the body has to be maintained. Once you are into the practice of healthy eating, you can maintain the practice throughout your entire life. Along with weight loss, there will be additional benefits like lesser stress, anxiety, and lower chances of cardiovascular diseases.

The ideal approach to weight loss should be keeping things simple. Small changes as discussed above can bring big changes to your life and eventually generate the desired result. Patience is the key and one can enhance the benefits by including mindfulness. Mindfulness will enhance awareness, and help to feel the experience of eating which has been forgotten in a fast-paced life.

You can use Weight Loss Challenge Apps for tracking and keeping track of calories, exercise and work-out routines.

Changing the food pattern for weight loss does not mean eliminating the fun of flavors.  Weight loss food can be equally tasty and will fulfill the palette. It is all about finding the right ingredient, knowing what to eat and what not to eat, and cooking with the right method to maintain the nutrition factor and not intake excessive calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

At least 64 ounces or eight glasses of water daily is optimal for weight loss. Reducing water intake is not the way that will help you to meet the weight loss goal.

How Can I Lose Weight Naturally Within 7 Days?

  • Increase protein intake: By replacing carbs and fat with protein will reduce the hunger hormone and enhance the satiety hormones. It will reduce hunger which is a core reason why protein intake can help reduce weight.
  • Focus on single-ingredient food: Eating plant-based food that begins as a whole ingredient like vegetables has been observed to promote weight loss and reduce heart issues.  It helps to lower cholesterol and reduce cancer risk.
  • Say no to processed food: Processed foods are packed with excessive sodium and trans fat. Getting them off the diet helps the body to reduce fat.
  • Limit the intake of sugar: Sugar contains high calories and it helps in weight gain. Eliminating sugar reduces calories.
  • Drink water as per need: Water will help to burn fat and increase lipolysis, a process that the body uses to turn fat into energy.
  • Drink black coffee with no sugar: Black coffee is calorie-free and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Fasting?

Fasting for a certain amount of hours each day or eating one meal for a couple of days in a week can help to burn body fat. There is scientific evidence that points to the health benefits of fasting.

What Happens On Day 3 Of No Carbs?

It might be the worst carb-flu day one can face on the 3rd day of a carb diet. The body has realized it is not getting the supply of carbs. The transition process will start and break down fats for fuel which can feel tiring for the body at the start.

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