Best Gyms Melbourne for 2024

There are so many ways of getting fitter to attain your chosen fitness and health goal, but ranking the charts, it’s always the gym. You can perform a wide variety of workouts based on machines and equipment here, including ellipticals, weightlifting machines, treadmills, and more. You have a wide selection of independent and boutique gyms to pick from, regardless of your experience level. Plus, it’s not necessary to always choose a chain-based gym, as they might cost you a little more at times in comparison to the other ones.

While choosing an optimum option for yourself, one needs to take into account all the different characteristics of a gym, whether it focuses on bodybuilding and intense workouts or prioritises general fitness in a more relaxed environment. Melbourne, being a metropolitan city, hosts a number of gym options, each one of which features different kinds of membership plans, ambience, and more. If you are looking for reliable gym options where you can lose those extra inches of yours, consider the following list of the best gyms in Melbourne for 2024.

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