Best Home Workout for Weight Loss (2024)

Best Home Workout for Weight Loss

Budget constraint? Lack of space or time for exercise? One can still do home exercise for weight loss and get the desired results. While hosting a workout routine, it is recommended to focus on movement which increases heart rate and helps the body gain strength.

It is possible to lose weight at the home’s boundary without help from any dumbbells, barbels, or fancy cardio equipment. Home workouts became immensely popular during Covid-19 when people had no other choice but to work out at home to keep themselves fit. Home workout has been proven to be highly effective and help anyone achieve their fitness goals in terms of weight loss. The home exercise will aim to maintain a proper body mass index and prevent any disease or disorder which might affect the body.

Best Fat-Burning Home Exercises

Here is a list of exercises that have been known to be the most effective for fat-burning and bringing shape to the body. These exercises have additional benefits like strengthening the targeted muscle and enabling a full body workout as it engages multiple parts of the body.

1. Aerobics


Walking has been the most common and widely used exercise for weight loss. Many aged people take strolls in the park on a routine basis just to enjoy its benefits, maintain body metabolism and keep their body weight in check.  Walking at a faster-than-regular pace exerts minimal pressure on the joints, maintains safety and can be introduced into daily activities.

An individual with approximately 70 kgs of weight can burn around 150+ calories per 30 minutes of fast walking at a pace of 6 kph. It has been reported that an individual can potentially reduce body fat by an average of 1.5 percent and waist size by 2.8 cm just by walking at pace for 50-70 minutes at least thrice a week.

When it comes to being the king of home exercises, jogging or running beats all the others. However, these exercises are not possible within the limits of the home, but most neighborhoods have parks for doing these exercises. These exercises blend well with good habits like early rising which compliments the outcome of the exercises. Walking or jogging is a body-bound exercise that makes the body carry its weight at a generous pace producing energy-burning effects more than usual. Besides jogging or running are effective for belly fat as they strengthen core muscles. Jogging differs in pace between 6-9 kph while running is around 10 kph or more depending on the capability of the individual.

These exercises combined can help to lose around 500+ calories every 60 minutes of a workout. Use this pattern of exercise for the best results.

Allocate 1 hour for running and jogging routine for the best results.

  • Begin the regime with a 15-minute walk.
  • Improve the pace and jog for the next 15 minutes
  • With a gradual increase in pace, run for 15 minutes.
  • Reduce the pace and jog for 10 minutes.
  • Relax the body, reduce the jogging to a walking pace and continue walking for 5 minutes.

2. Jumping Rope Or Skipping

Jumping Rope Or Skipping

Skipping exercise is one of the best home workouts for weight loss. It has additional effects like increasing muscle strength, increasing the body’s metabolism and burning several calories. Skipping increases the heart rate and helps in faster blood pumping through the body. As a result, the heart condition improves. The workout also affects the lungs, keeping them functional and healthy. All individuals have distinct body types which provide different results from the same workout. Losing weight is all about burning calories in the body more than what is consumed. Skipping is a highly effective exercise that helps the cause. The exercise can burn around 1300 calories every 60 minutes.

The Pattern Of Exercise:

  • Find a flat surface in the room and stand with a straight back
  • Ensure that the feet are together and aimed straight.
  • Make sure the hands are straight by the side of the thighs and pointing downward.
  • Jump and allow the ropes to pass under the feet and bring it back.
  • Repeat the step and increase the speed of jumping with time.

Note: if you are exercising on a hard surface, it is better to wear running shoes to cushion the bottom and reduce the impact on the knees.

3. Planks


Planking or plank workout is an effective full-body workout exercise. Plank has the biggest advantage as it targets major muscle groups in the body. The workout targets the core, shoulder, arm, and chest and strengthens the muscles in the given areas. Plank is a quick fat-burning exercise and takes calories from the body.

The workout might seem simple to do, but in fact, it is intense and requires high engagement of the body. It is a great example of exercise when done for a long time brings more results. The plank aims to focus on holding the position for a long period while stressing the core, shoulder, arm and chest muscles.

Plank exercise has major variations of the forms which change the focus muscle and target areas. Each specific variation is effective and enhances the core, balance of the body, endurance and posturing.

Variations Of Planks

Standard Plank: 

Alias extended arms plank, is best for beginners and begins to improve the core strength. The exercise is an effective one for individuals looking to enhance metabolism and digestive power. A forearm plank is a variation that is identical to an extended arms plank. The target area however changes, as the workout targets the core, arms, shoulders and back.

  • Mountain Climber

It is among the most intense variable of the plank exercise. The workout is a full-body one that burns fat in the body. The workout targets areas like the biceps, hamstring, core, triceps and chest area.

  • Reverse Plank

It is a widely used variation of the standard plank which is done in a reverse way. It is an excellent workout that stretches the body. It helps to reduce any unnecessary fat and calories. It helps to gain strength for the shoulder, back, chest, and glutes.

Workout Plan

  • Sit down and extend the legs in front
  • Place the hands behind the hip for supporting the upper body
  • Lift the hips by straightening the hands and achieving a straight line in the body.
  • Continue to hold the position for 40-60 seconds
  • Repeat the workout 20-30 times.

4. Push-Up, Pull-Ups

Push-Up, Pull-Ups

Push-ups are popular and effective and it is an exercise that works with body weight. It requires minimum space and can be done at any time. Push-ups are widely popular for weight loss and strength as it pushes the body from the ground and requires high energy which burns calories.

Push-ups are known for quick-calorie burning and focus on the larger muscle group in the upper body. The exercise focuses on the chest, shoulders, back, biceps and triceps groups. Push-up is a good workout for strengthening the core of the body and helping to gain muscle mass. If anyone looks to maintain muscle push-ups are the go-to exercise.

How To Do

  • Find an anti-slip surface
  • Place hands forward with a gap of shoulder width
  • Set the feet together or slightly apart from one another.
  • Bend the shoulders as low as possible to bring the chest to the floor and push it back up.
  • The step can be repeated 15 to 20 times.

Pull-ups, on the other hand, focus on working the biceps, triceps and shoulders. It is one of the best workouts as the full advantage of the body weight is used to leverage the strain on the muscles for burning calories.  The back and core are engaged as the person has to pull up the entire body weight to a certain level. It helps to burn fat and enhance metabolism. A complete pull-up engages 15 muscles and primary muscle groups like the lats and biceps.

Pull-ups can burn 10 calories every minute. The recommendation is to work out 150 minutes with medium intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity workout every week with cardio. These will provide the best calories and fat-burning results without any need for equipment.

How To Do

  • Grip and pull-up bar with arms fully stretched by standing straight
  • Bend the knees and pull up the body till the chin clears the height of the bar.
  • Release the pull and come back to the previous position.
  • It can be repeated 10 to 15 times.

“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness.”-Robin Sharma



Squats are serial muscle strengthening and conditioning exercises. This exercise is aimed to strengthen the lower body. Squats have the ability to burn calories and resist fat accumulation from the lower body. The exercise is best for mobility and improving balance. For beginners, they can do 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions of the squats to improve the results.

The Pattern Of Work-Out

  • Stands straight with feet as wide as the waist length with toes facing towards the front.
  • Bend the knees and ankles and push the hips on the back.
  • While in a squat position the heels and toes should be flat on the ground.
  • The knees should be bent at 90 degrees and the thighs must be parallel to the floor.

6. Lunges


It is among the most popular strength training exercises which tones the lower body and enhances overall fitness and athletic performance. Lunges focus on strengthening the back, hips and legs. Lunges are an effective developer of lean muscle and reduction of body fat. The single-leg exercise enhances the stabilization of muscles and enhances balance, stability and coordination.

Workout Pattern

  • Stand straight with an upright back and abs
  • Bend the knees by bringing the right leg in the front
  • Bend the knee until the right thigh is parallel to the ground and the left remains perpendicular.
  • Maintain the front knee above the heels.
  • Get back to the standing position and maintain feet together
  • The same approach will be repeated with the left leg
  • Continue to work out 30 reps of lunges

Calorie Burning Chart For Different Exercises

This segment will provide a detailed guide on which exercise will burn how many calories within which designated time. The figures which will be shared are general figures and can vary from one person to another. Factors like weight, age, fitness, intensity, and amount of time investment can bring varied results.

There are plenty of effective, targeted exercises you can do at home to help you reach your weight loss goals. Try 30-day fitness challenge for meaningful body transformation – incorporate a combination of cardio and strength training routines into your daily routine for maximum results!

Workout Calories Burned
Jogging or running 372-700 calories per hour
Skipping B500-1000 calories every hour based on weight
Planks Around 2-5 calories every minute, around 120 -300 calories every hour
Mountain climber plank 650-700 calories every hour
Pull up 1 calorie for every pull-up
Push-ups Around 171 calories for 15 workouts (about 340+ calories for a 30-minute workout)
Squats 19-44 calories every 15 minutes
Lunges 90 calories for every 15 minutes

Benefits of Home Workout

Benefits of Home Workout

Homeworkout has various benefits. The first and foremost benefit is that the person does not have to pay any monthly charges or wait for the chosen weights or any classes. The best part of the home exercise is that they are flexible and can be done at any time of the day to accommodate the tightest schedules.  The workouts are mostly easy exercises to lose weight at home and hardly involve any complex movement. Beginners can have a good time developing their bodies for fat loss with a home workout.

Many studies on the effectiveness of fitness regimes are done with specialized equipment and in controlled environments. Other studies revealed evidence that home workouts can be beneficial especially when connected with a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended to invest at least one hour a day in a workout and achieve weight loss goals.

A home is a good place for reducing weight and one does not require to empty their pockets behind complex exercise regimes, and strict diets. Even in a little place, home workouts can achieve the same results. One just needs to have the transition of mindset to identify the workout which works for them.

The other adjustment that the person needs to make is to master the proper form of any exercise, practice proper breathing and establish a mind-muscle connection with time.  As the person will start feeling the exercises associated with the body, it will lead to gradual weight loss. One can take the help of a full-length mirror at home to identify the proper form or recognize any flaws in the exercise.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”-Jim Rohn

Diet Tips To Keep Your Weight Loss Fuelled

Having a well-maintained diet is integral to acquiring the right intake of calories and nutrients to fuel activities and daily workouts. When it is about having the right food to fuel the workouts, it has been focused on and includes the best nutrients. The right type of food at the right time of the day is an important support system for the workout plan.

It is often recommended to cut calories when any person plans for a weight-loss workout and lifestyle. But there are certain tips that have been followed while cutting calories. Weight-loss diets must not leave individuals weak and feeling dizzy the entire day. It is a sign that the minimum amount of calories has not been consumed. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a diet of 1200 to 1500 calories is effective for women planning to lose weight safely. Men require slightly higher calories which vary from 1500 to 1800 calories. These calories are accounted for considering that both males and females undertake daily work-out at home.

It is recommended to consult with the best dietician or doctor to identify the exact calories to be consumed while a workout plan is included in daily activities.

Balance Is Key To Success

As exercise is included in daily activities, an individual identifies the foods which give energy and that should not be consumed. The key to success is all about listening to the body and balancing with ingredients that all feel good.

Here are a few ideas on balancing:

  • Ensure breakfast is part of the routine
  • Go for complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats and a wider range of fruits and veggies
  • Healthy workout snacks are a must-have for better results.

Final Words

Home exercises are simple, and effective and do not need any upfront investment. Home exercises are effective for weight loss and strength training. Training with your own body is a popular and ancient form of exercise which has been widely used by athletes, and trainers and is effective even today. Aligned with the right, balanced diet, the home workout plan is an effective way to lose stubborn fat from the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Workouts To Burn Belly Fat?

The most effective workout to burn belly fat is crunches. It is a top-ranking workout when the aim is to burn belly fat. You can begin by lying down flat on the back of the floor. The knees must be bent with the bottom of the feet flat on the ground. Put the hands behind the head. Pick up the upper body to reach your knees. Make sure the tension is felt in the belly. Beginners can repeat it for 10 reps. Additionally, it is an excellent core strengthening workout.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Home Exercises?

It is possible to lose weight at home through exercise. You must add a good diet to keep your body fuelled to get the best result.  

What Workout Can Give A Flat Tummy?

Plank: Holding out in a plank position poses stress on the belly muscle and core. It helps to burn calories as it is among high-intensity workouts.

Mountain climber: It is a more dynamic version of the plant. As each knee is brought forward in a climbing motion it hits each side of the belly muscles.

Skipping: Skipping is effective for flattening the belly. The exercise is dynamic and triggers core muscles, the lower body providing a dynamic exercise.

What Are The Best Weight-Loss Exercises For Females?

Walking: Walking is the best weight-loss exercise for females, especially when they are beginners.

Jogging: Females who are accustomed to daily walking can upgrade it by replacing it with jogging.  Half an hour of jogging can help lose around 100 calories.

Weight training: If they can manage a few weight dumbbells at home, weight training is a great way to engage muscles by exerting more stress. It can be associated with squats, lunges, and bicep curls. It burns more calories and provides strength for the focused body parts.

: Walking is the best weight-loss exercise for females, especially when they are beginners.

Jogging: Females who are accustomed to daily walking can upgrade it by replacing it with jogging.  Half an hour of jogging can help lose around 100 calories.

Weight training: If they can manage a few weight dumbbells at home, weight training is a great way to engage muscles by exerting more stress. It can be associated with squats, lunges, and bicep curls. It burns more calories and provides strength for the focused body parts.


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