11 Unique and Affordable Melbourne Date Ideas

Date Ideas

Nothing beats the priceless time spent on a romantic date night or a candlelit dinner with your significant other. We understand that you want to leave a lasting impression on your loved ones and that courting may be expensive. The finest date suggestions, though, don’t have to be pricey. You and your loved ones can go on the ideal date at a very reasonable price in Melbourne. This is a vibrant city with plenty of romantic date spots that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for a fun daytime activity or a cozy evening outing, there are plenty of unique and affordable options to choose from. From strolling through colorful street art alleys to indulging in sweet treats, here are 11 budget-friendly date ideas to try in Melbourne that will help you and your significant other grow closer without emptying your bank account.

1. A Luscious Food and Drink Date

Luscious Food

Sharing a meal is a great way to connect with someone and bond over a shared experience. Trying new foods and flavors together can be a fun and exciting way to get to know someone better. Love and relationships are more about small gestures than major gestures. When you and your partner have little time to spend together on a romantic evening, you can arrange a special meal and drink at a local cafe or restaurant. If your partner is a food enthusiast, don’t hesitate to take them on this meal date. Melbourne is known for its world-class dining scene, with a diverse range of cuisines and styles of restaurants to choose from. This makes it an exciting and memorable destination for a food-focused date. Having a heartfelt conversation with your loved ones while enjoying the best food at your favorite restaurant can be the perfect date idea if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

2. Watch Magic Shows

Watch Magic Shows

Magic shows are designed to be engaging and captivating, which makes them a great date experience. You and your date can enjoy the excitement of watching incredible illusions and being amazed by the magician’s skill. Going to a magic show is not your typical dinner-and-a-movie date. It offers something different and memorable for you and your date to experience together. Seeing a magic show can spark conversation between you and your date, which can help you get to know each other better. You can share your thoughts and opinions on the performance and discuss your own experiences with magic. You can watch a mind-blowingly fantastic evening with the live performance of professional magician Luke Hocking in Melbourne. So, if you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive date idea there is nothing compared to watching a captivating magic show.

3. Plan a Picnic at the Royal Botanical Garden

Picnic at the Royal Botanical Garden

If you are looking for affordable daytime date ideas, a picnic in the Royal Botanical Garden seems like a great option as it offers a beautiful and peaceful setting to spend time with your partner. The Royal Botanical Garden offers a large green area with so many spots to choose from. Try looking for a spot with plenty of shade, a great view, and a flat surface for your picnic blanket. Pack a basket with your favorite snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and more and you are set for a perfect date. You can also bring a portable speaker and battery-operated fairy lights to make the atmosphere more aesthetic and romantic.

4. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Ice skating makes it to the list of ideal date ideas since it involves holding hands and falling, making it the ideal romantic activity to do with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a place to go ice skating for a date in Melbourne, there are several options available such as The Winter Village, O’Brien Icehouse, Medibank Icehouse, and many more. These spots are popular and offer public skating sessions. They also feature a large skating area, as well as food and drink vendors where you can enjoy a wonderful feast after a tiring skating session with your partner. To enjoy your date to the fullest, make sure you dress warmly and in comfortable clothing. To add some memories you can plan a date trip to enjoy the snow in Melbourne also.

5. Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Take your date to one of the city’s well-known art galleries to enjoy some art viewing. Art galleries can be a great way to spark conversation and explore new ideas, making them an ideal date destination. You can visit some of the popular art galleries such as the National Gallery of Victoria, the Heide Museum of Modern Art, and more. These galleries have an extensive collection of Australian, international, modern, and contemporary art. Moreover, these galleries are the ideal place to spend time with your partner while understanding the history and ideologies behind each art form, which generates meaningful conversations and exchange of information with your partner.

6. Stargaze at the Melbourne Planetarium

Stargaze at the Melbourne Planetarium

Gazing at the stars at the Melbourne Planetarium is a unique and memorable date idea that is sure to impress your partner. The Melbourne Planetarium is located at the Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood, just a short drive from the city center. Looking into each other’s eyes, you can discover the magic of the stars in the planetarium’s stimulated night sky. The Melbourne Planetarium offers a charming and unusual place to observe the skies. This location offers cutting-edge and distinctive immersive surroundings, making it ideal for a cute date in Melbourne. So, you can consider experiencing this joy of astronomy with your partner.

7. Bike Alongside The Yarra River

Bike Alongside The Yarra River

If you want to spend some quality time with your partner or plan a date, taking a bike ride along the Yarra River can make a perfect choice. The Yarra River offers breathtaking scenic views of Melbourne’s skyline, the Botanical Gardens, and the surrounding parks. Cycling alongside the river provides an opportunity to enjoy these views while also enjoying some fresh air while having fun conversations with your partner. A bike ride along the Yarra River can be a shared experience that allows both partners to bond over the adventure. It’s a fun and active way to spend time together and can provide a great opportunity for conversation and laughter. There are several cafes and restaurants along the Yarra River where you can stop for a quick bite or drink.

8. Take A Night Stroll Through Queen Victoria's Night Market

Take A Night Stroll Through Queen Victoria's Night Market

If you’re not a fan of the pricey and overused dating trends and ideas, you might want to explore taking your date on a stroll through the Queen Victoria Night Market at night. The Queen Victoria Night Market offers a unique experience that is different from a typical dinner and movie date. It’s an opportunity to explore the vibrant and bustling night market, try new foods, and enjoy live music and entertainment. The night market offers a  festive atmosphere, with fairy lights, music, and entertainment. It creates a romantic and fun ambiance that can set the tone for a memorable evening. The market offers a variety of food stalls serving cuisines from around the world, which makes it a perfect spot for sharing a meal together. It can be a great way to learn more about each other’s interests and perspectives.

9. Hangman's Night Tour- Old Melbourne Gaol

Hangman's Night Tour- Old Melbourne Gaol

If you and your partner love spooky things, then why not plan the Hangman’s Night Tour to experience an eerie fun date night? An Old Melbourne Gaol Night Tour allows couples to experience being imprisoned in the city watch house, go on a ghost search, or have the hangman explain the disturbing past history of the gaol. This tour is designed to be a spooky and atmospheric experience, with visitors learning about the gaol’s history and the lives of the prisoners who were held there. The Hangman’s Night Tour can be a fun and unique way to spend a date night, the spooky atmosphere and immersive experience can add an element of excitement and adventure to a night out, making it a memorable and unique experience.

10. Go Out For Dessert

Go Out For Dessert

A dessert date can be a great way to do a night out, and Melbourne has plenty of great dessert spots to choose from. Brunetti and Om Nom Kitchen are some of the best dessert places where you can visit with your special someone. These spots offer a cozy and romantic atmosphere, making them a great spot for a dessert date. The beautiful decor and elegant atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a sweet and romantic date. They also offer a wide variety of desserts, including cakes, pastries, and a range of savory options, making it a great spot for a meal or a snack. Whether your partner is in the mood for gelato, macarons, or something else there’s sure to be a dessert spot in Melbourne that fits their preference along with taking care of your bills. Therefore if your special someone is a dessert lover make sure to take them out on a dessert date.

11. Seek Thrills at a Treetop Adventure Park

Seek Thrills at a Treetop Adventure Park

A treetop adventure park can be a thrilling and exciting date idea, there are several treetop adventure parks in and around Melbourne, each with its own unique features and challenges. Do some research and choose a park that suits your interests and skill level. Some popular options include the Enchanted Adventure Garden, Trees Adventure, Treetop Trekking, etc. Prepare your gear such as shoes and comfortable clothing to allow you to freely move and enjoy the thrill experience of this treetop adventure. These parks can be demanding and even frightening, giving you the opportunity to encourage and protect your partner which also helps in strengthening your relationship. This spot also offers beautiful views and experiences make sure to take photos of the lovely experiences.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your date to impress your significant other. To make your date feel special and loving, you can create little but thoughtful plans. You can actually be perplexed about how to organize the ideal date without spending an excessive amount of money given the variety of things to visit and do in Melbourne. We hope the following tips will help you find some creative yet affordable date ideas to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

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