10 Motorcycle Riding Gear Items You Must Have in 2024

Gear Items Motorcycle Riders Should Absolutely Purchase

Riding a motorbike gives an amazing and exciting experience but safety should not be compromised with that. Motorcycle riders should always make sure to purchase the proper gear for their ride. This includes the gear that will protect them from the harsh weather conditions that they may encounter. They should also purchase gear that will ensure their safety while riding. Some of the most important gear items that motorcycle riders should purchase include a good helmet, jacket, and pants. 

The best thing about these safety gears is that they do not trade off the style of the individual. They enhance style along with providing the desired safety to the riders

10 Motorcycle Riding Gear Items You Must Have

Here we are listing some of the common and essential safety gear that every motorcycle enthusiast should have.  

1. Helmet


If you are residing in Australia then you must be aware that not wearing a helmet while riding a bike comes under illegal action. So it’s necessary to wear a helmet while riding a bike. This safety equipment protects the most important part of your body, i.e. head. Wearing a right-sized helmet helps in preventing head injuries and serious issues that might occur in a road accident. 

A right motorcycle helmet is one which has firm, polystyrene foam inside lining and perfect straps so that it can sit properly over the rider’s face. Individuals should only go with helmets that have passed all Australian Standards. 

For your convenience, we would like to explain some of the basic factors that you should consider while buying a motorcycle helmet. 

  • Safety: This is the most important fact that one should never overlook. MIPS technology-developed helmets are currently the best ones. They provide desired protection to the rider’s head by reducing rotational violence. You should always look for safety features while making your final decision on the helmet.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is a must so that the rider can remain cool and comfortable while riding on the hottest days. The best motorcycle helmet comes with proper vents that easily channel air and prevent riders from overheating condition.
  • Weight: Most motorcycle helmets are designed in such a manner that they remain lightweight. Straps and shells of helmets contribute to increasing or decreasing the weight of the helmet. And on average the weight of lightweight helmets measures less than 200 grams. But you should keep this point in mind: you have to pay more for lighter helmets. This is directly dependent on cost. The lower the weight of the helmet the higher the cost you need to pay. 
  • Additional Factors: You should go with a properly fitted helmet. The straps of the helmet should be adjustable so that they can fit accordingly. The inside padding should be comfortable, removable and washable. There should be reflective stickers to increase visibility in harsh situations. 


2. Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves

The list of essential safety riding equipment remains incomplete without the right pair of gloves. Mostly we use our hands to protect ourselves when we fall. Hands are the first thing that will hit the ground. Bruises and cuts on the road will hurt your hand when you fall. Thus you should have a high-quality pair of gloves that covers the fingers, wrist, palms and back of the hand. Prefer using leather or kevlar hand gloves as they are made of abrasion-resistant material. Also, gloves should be waterproof. 

For long-term riding, gloves provide the best comfort. Thereby go with good grip bike gloves to protect your hands from sweaty and slippery conditions. A variety of gloves are available in the market. Some of them are: 

  • Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves
  • Gauntlet Gloves
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Moto-Cross Gloves
  • Winter Riding Gloves
  • Street Gloves

According to your preference and requirement, you can select the best one. 

3. Riding Trousers

Riding Trousers

Some of the individuals do not give preference to riding pants but they should be given equal weightage like other safety gear. The lower body requires proper protection at the time of riding to protect the thighs, knees, and posterior. With bike-specific pants, legs will remain protected in unfortunate situations. You will find such pants a little bulky as they come with padding. You will get several options when it comes to selecting motorcycle pants. The main aim of each motorbike pant is to offer the best protection to the rider. 

  • Riding Jeans (Denim Pants)
  • Leather Pants
  • Textile Pants
  • Mesh Pants

4. Riding Jacket

Riding Jacket

This safety gear is designed for offering complete protection to riders. They come with complete padding and protectors that cover shoulders, back and elbow. You will find them in different patterns and fabric materials. However, canvas and leather are the common ones and are preferred by most dirt bike riders. Motorcycle riding jackets ensure that your arms and body should not encounter any damage during road rash. Also, they work awesome during the winter season by keeping riders warm.   

“You may have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler but safety is for everyone.”

5. Eye Protectors 

Eye Protectors

You might protect your eyes with a helmet if you are having a full-face helmet but if not then it’s better to buy a pair of goggles that are designed for bike riders. Making investments in eye protection equipment will cover the eyes from debris and other outside elements while riding the bike. Debris and such materials will get kicked up whenever they come in the path. You will find goggles in a variety of cool looks that will enhance your look. So along with making yourself more presentable you will be protecting the precious part of your body. You can shop this from a bike shop or online. 

6. Riding Boots 

Riding Boots

The purpose of riding boots is to protect the toe of the rider. Your favorite sneakers will not be able to provide the right protection that your toe will desire while riding a bike. Thus investing in good quality and durable riding boots will be a wise decision. Leather-crafted, high-ankle, and premium-quality boots will be the best option. Riders get a better grip along with ankle stability that offers comfort to riders to shift gears. The laces of the boots should be properly knotted so that no tangling situation occurs. Designing of such boots is done by keeping in mind the desired safety considerations. At the time of making your selection, you should not only settle with the look of the boots, comfort level should be equally given weightage.      

7. Earplugs


Honestly describing this small tool helps a lot of individuals who are going on a long journey. It’s also true that it’s not as fancy as other safety equipment but one should not underweight its importance and work responsibility. Might be some newbies thinking that why one should use earplugs at the time of riding as it might be risky. But this is not so because its work responsibility includes blocking out only the noise of wind, not horns and other sounds on the road. Wearing a full-face helmet may help you cover your head completely but ears will still remain at risk. So investing in good quality earplugs will be a good investment towards your ears.          

8. Backpack Or Hydration Pack

backpack Or Hydration Pack

The thrilling adventure will become more comfortable with a tightly packed essential backpack. You can also say this backpack is a hydration pack. This bag will be holding the important things that you might need during your journey. Water bottles and some snack items that can be taken when the helmet is turned off. In this way, the rider will not remain dehydrated. The right backpack items with the correct weight will make the ride relaxing and smooth.   

9. Elbow/Knee Guards

ElbowKnee Guards

There is one more protective gear to boost your look which is elbow guards and knee guards. They can be worn easily without causing any discomfort to the rider. You might be thinking that if someone is already wearing riding pants and jackets then is it necessary to wear the guards? The simple answer is yes. It will offer extra protection that will be beneficial for the rider’s safety. They are quite compact and lightweight so you will not encounter any disturbance or discomfort while riding a bike for a long distance.  

10. Toolkit


If you are a passionate traveller then this equipment should be a must on your checklist. You can create a toolkit according to your preference and requirement. However, on a general basis, you should add a torch, spanner, Allen sockets, leatherman, and other things according to the journey type. Having a toolkit results in handling undesired situations in the middle of the journey when there will be no garage nearby.  

Multi-purpose tools and clean microfiber tools also come under toolkit essential items. Also if possible and required you can take extra fuel storage with you. This is ideal for long road trips.

Importance Of Riding Gear

Riding Gear

The motorcycle riding gears are crafted for the safety of riders and to prevent them from undesired situations. It is true that your bike can take you to places where other vehicles might create problems. Thus it becomes quite necessary that you should give preference to your safety while riding the bike. 

Everyone is well aware of the points and facts that are the benefits of riding gear but let us remember this once again. 

  • Safety gear protects the individual from injuries in case of mishaps or bike crashes. 
  • The medical expenses will remain under the limit   
  • Works as the best companion in harsh and bad weather like rain and snow. 
  • It enhances the appearance of the rider. 
  • Makes riding smooth and comfortable 

Stay Safe on the Road With These Tips

  • Know And Follow Road Rules 

Road laws are different for every state and country. Proper licenses and other documents should be maintained as per the safety laws. So before leaving for your next trip you should get familiar with the road laws of that area. Travelling with incomplete documents or invalid licenses may put you in a risky situation. 

  • Ride Easily

New riders remain excited to experience the thrill and adventure of riding bikes. This sounds exciting but it should not be done. Riding on complicated paths such as curvy and busy roads should be avoided. Also, speed limits should be kept in consideration. 

  • Ride Attentively

The complete focus should be on the road at the time of bike riding. Avoid attractions which are possible such as avoiding using headphones and mobile phones. You should maintain a proper distance from other vehicles and check twice while taking turns. Also, use correct indicators so that other individuals on the road do not get disturbed. 

  • Ride Sober

This is the most important thing that every rider should absolutely follow. You should not drink and ride your 125 cc dirt bike. Consumption of drugs or alcohol will make you unconscious which means you are inviting undesired situations on your own. And most importantly it’s illegal so to avoid cancellation of your license you should avoid this. 

  • Wear Safety Gears

The helmet is a must while riding a bike and it has a strong role in saving the lives of individuals in case of a mishap. Covering your complete body while riding a bike will keep you far away from scratches and injuries in case of a fall. Also, dust on the road would not add dirt and grime to your face and body.  


The most popular road transport, two-wheeler vehicles always remain in demand. Bike enthusiasts pay proper attention towards their bikes but neglect the importance of safety points. For this reason, we have mentioned a bunch of safety gear that one should have. So before investing money in bells and whistles you should focus on buying the above-mentioned essential safety gear for riding a bike. They are best for enjoying the ride with complete safety. You will not only remain safe but your look will get enhanced. 

Keep in mind “Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t”. So ride safely.  

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