10 Picture Framing Mistakes To Avoid That Can Cost You Dearly

10 Picture Framing Mistakes To Avoid That Can Cost You Dearly

When thinking about increasing the outlook of a picture, most of the onus is given to picturing quality. Expensive cameras with high definitions are preferred that can easily capture every other detail when clicking a picture. But most people and amateur photographers completely ignore the significance of a photo frame. Most people buy antique artworks at auctions and then end up damaging them due to the use of the wrong photo frame.

Similarly, students and sports persons also lose their essential certificates because of a distorted or poor-quality photo frame. Not only the quality of the photo frame, but even poor maintenance, improper handling, and hurriedly purchasing any photo frame also lead to the same result. Thus, it is essential to avoid using poor-quality photo frames that can wear away with time and lead to economic losses in the longer run.

Picture Framing Mistakes To Avoid

People make many mistakes while selecting and installing photo frames that can cause one dearly in terms of health and money. Hence, the following errors should be avoided during photo framing-

  • Buying a Large Photo Frame

Most people order a photo frame without considering the photo or the artwork that has to be framed. Most of the time, the requested picture frame is too large. The picture and frame size ratio difference is too much in such a scenario. This makes the outlook of a picture or a piece of art unpleasant and non-appealing. Thus, the ordered frame must be in accordance with the size of a photo and art piece. If one cannot decide by oneself, asking professionals is better.

  • Loose Glass

Most people buy a photo frame that has got loose glass owing to a lack of knowledge and awareness. The loose glass would result in improper spacing between the picture, mats, and the glass. This will cause the glass, mats, and image to move and turn, which will give your frame a sluggish appearance. Also, a loose glass would be too risky to handle as it can fall at any time and cause serious injuries. A loose glass would further allow dust and dirt to enter the frame and heavily deteriorate the picture quality and durability.

Picture Framing Mistakes To Avoid

  • Crooked Photo Frame

Dealing with a crooked photo frame is rather annoying. Every time you put it on display, it turns and twists. At times one may also find their photo frames protruding from beneath. This may partially hide the visibility of your picture and make the photo frame appear unorganised. Hence, one should check for crooked photo frames in advance before buying a photo frame. Also, to avoid crooked photo frames, one can use nails on all four sides of the frame to keep it stabilised and intact in one place.

  • Not Using Mats or Spacers

Proper spacing between all the components of a photo frame is necessary. If there is no adequate spacing between the glass, mats, picture, and the background cardboard, everything will appear largely disorganised and clumsy. The photo will appear bulged and may turn and twist in the photo frame. If mats and spacers are not used between the glass and the background cardboard, there is a high chance that the image or the painting could sustain scratches and be damaged beyond repair.

  • Buying any Random Photo Frame

Avoid buying any random photo frames when buying photo frames. One should consider the quality and longevity of the material that has been used to make a photo frame. Photo frames of inferior quality wood or cardboard are likely to attract termite infestation and other problems. Though one would be tempted to buy a less qualitative photo frame to save some money, it can surprisingly cost you more.

  • Not Complimenting your Room’s Wallpaper

Most people buy very bright and colourful photo frames that don’t compliment their room’s wallpapers. In a room having a soothing and lighter texture, such photo frames can be annoyingly eye-catching. Thus, such a mistake should be avoided, as this can drastically upset the tone and ambience of your room and the house at large. People make other mistakes by buying bright fancy photo frames for framing quite lighter and more peaceful pictures and paintings.

  • Leaving Too Much Negative Space

While clicking pictures with a negative space has been trending of late, it should be noted that the set ratios and dimensions are not ignored or breached. A picture with a 30-70 ratio of negative space appears acceptable and good, but going beyond that destroys the whole beauty of the image. What is the point of devoting most of the area to clouds or oceans in a picture and you waving a hand from the extreme corner? In such a scenario, you won’t be visible to most of the viewers, and the appearance of the photo frame would be pathetic and annoying.

  • Buying A Heavy Frame

One should largely avoid buying a heavy photo frame. Apart from the handling and maintenance inconvenience it causes, it can also lead to unexpected serious injuries owing to its gradual wearing away property. For example, the frame can fall, and the glass pieces can cause serious cuts and bruises. This can be dangerous, particularly for the children and pets in the house. Thus, one should avoid buying a heavy photo frame.

  • Ignoring The Environment’s Impact

Most people are ignorant of the impact of the environment on the photo frame and its picture or art form. The antique photographs and paintings that people buy in the auctions are more prone to wearing away property and thus require extra care and proper handling. Thus, hanging your photo frame in a place where sunlight is direct or where there is moisture can lead to permanent damage to the photo frame and the valuable paintings. Many instances exist when precious paintings or art forms have been damaged due to direct subjugation to heat, moisture, or dryness. So, one should never hang valuable photo frames in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Not Doing Enough Research

Doing thorough research is very important before beginning with the photo framing process. All the questions relating to a photo frame selection, quality, price, durability, etc., need to be duly answered. One can undertake detailed browsing to find these answers or book an appointment with professional photo framing companies to get the solutions. Doing the proper research before proceeding with the process can save one from many mistakes and economic losses that may incur during the photo framing process.

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”– Ansel Adams

The Dilemma of Choosing Between DIY vs. Hiring Photo Framing Professionals

Selecting and installing a photo frame can appear very easy that one is tempted to complete the whole process by oneself. But it would be equal to playing with fire. Handling a photo frame is not that easy. It can turn out to be very tricky at times. Hence, it is essential to give it a good thought to whether to DIY or hire professionals before beginning with the task.

The Dilemma of Choosing Between DIY vs. Hiring Photo Framing ProfessionalsDIY is a good idea if one has prior practical knowledge of photo-framing and photography. This will allow one to smoothly complete the photo framing process with the help of family members. In addition, this will help one to save a decent amount of money. But one should remember that it is a tough call as the chances of committing mistakes are pretty high when DIY. A good picture framing process is not only about improving the quality of the photo frame, but a lot of other aspects need to be looked at to make a photo frame appear good. Thus, the help of professionals becomes necessary when selecting or installing a photo frame.

Hiring picture framing professionals for the job would minimise the chances of injuries or any complications while photo framing and provide customers peace of mind. The professionals are experienced and well-acquainted with the necessary techniques and knowledge to make the photo framing experience smooth and safe. Also, they will minutely plan every step of photo framing, such as choosing the right photo frame, matching it with your wallpaper, and smoothly installing the photo frame. With their experience and skills, professional photo framers can breathe life into your dull room by improving its overall ambience and aesthetic appeal through photo framing.

Ready-Made vs. Custom Made Photo Frames

If you don’t understand the difference between a ready-made photo frame and a custom-made photo frame, don’t panic. Many people don’t understand the difference between the two, so you are not alone.

Ready-Made photo frames are available in standard sizes and can be used to frame anything ranging from a picture, drawing, painting, or exquisite artwork. The photo frame has several types, sizes, and shapes and can be easily purchased from the local departmental store or a photography shop. Most of the ready-made photo frames are complete, and one has to insert the picture and start using them.

Crooked Photo FrameIn comparison, custom photo frames are unique in design and more appealing in their composition. One has to pre-order them, and these photo frames are made intricately according to one’s demands. The material quality is good, but one can also provide a personal touch to these photo frames. In simpler terms, a customised photo frame is made according to the wishes and requirements of a customer.

Following is the tabular representation of the difference between ready-made and a customised photo frame-

Areas Of Differences In Ready Made Photo Frame In Customised Photo Frame
Size Standard frame size; generally, 5x7", 4x6", 11x14", 8x10", 16x20", 20x24" Frames of every size are available
Quality of Materials Inferior quality with sharp edges Qualitative materials with smooth and detailed finishing.
Options Available Comes in many types, but most of them would be unavailable at the local shops. In customisation, professionals can breathe life into any idea that one can think of regarding picture frames.
Production Time Available immediately, and one can put up one’s picture as soon the photo frame comes out of the packaging. Usually takes 2-3 days to be produced with detailed finishings.
Cost AThey are available at affordable prices. Depending upon the level of customisation, the cost is determined. Generally, the cost of a customised photo frame is more than a ready-made photo frame.
Guarantees Available The manufacturer is not accountable, and hence, no guarantees are offered. On the other hand, the manufacturer is accountable and confident in its products. They offer many guarantees.

Creative Ways Of Reusing Your Old Photo Frames

Commonly, the photo frames appear useless when their glass breaks or the back cover comes off. In such a scenario, people dispose of the frames. But, many creative ideas to reuse these photo frames will save you money and serve as functional items for daily use. Following are a few of the creative ways of reusing your old photo frames-

Creative Ways Of Reusing Your Old Photo Frames

  • As A Desk Organiser 

The old photo frames can be used as desk organisers. This can be of great help as it will help one organise their desks, essentially eliminating confusion and chaos. All the files, documents, paper, and pens will be neatly organised and sorted. This will make your life more manageable and give you peace of mind. In addition, this will save one from the unnecessary expenditure of buying a pen stand or storage files.

  • As A Key Rack

Keys are the one thing that nobody would want to lose. But most studies have proven that keys are the most common things that get lost easily. Thus, one can make a key rack out of the old photo frame. This will help one keep all the essential keys of the house and office in one place. Also, labelling the keys would make it convenient to find them in their time of need.

  • As A Decorative Tray

Another creative way of using your old or distorted photo frames is by making decorative trays. And if the back of the photo frame is damaged or distorted, replace it with cardboard to provide the base for your tray. You will not only be saving some money and the environment, but it is more likely that your guests will love these beautiful trays.

  • As Plants Holders

And if you want to add some greenery around your dining room, drawing room, or private bedroom, you can probably use your old photo frame as a plant holder. These will not only provide better ventilation but will also improve the overall aesthetic of the room. This can become the most striking feature in your drawing or dining room that your guests will appreciate.


Unlike the conventional methods of photo framing that pressed for a specific pattern, size, and shape of a photo frame, the modern trend of customization has altogether revolutionized the photo framing process. Hence, photo framing has the potential to breathe life into a lifeless and dull room. You can turn any idea into a concrete reality now.

So next time when you undertake a photo framing process, scroll through our blog to become aware of the mistakes and duly avoid them to save yourself from apprehensions, complications, and monetary losses. Avoiding these mistakes will undoubtedly bring your nerves down during the photo framing process.

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