10 Tips for Designing the Best Business Card

10 Tips for Designing the Best Business Card

A business card is a small piece of paper that carries all your necessary business details including your brand logo, company name, social media handles, and contact information. In this digital and modern era business cards may not seem like a significant part of branding, but you might be missing out on some important leads. That is why business cards are an essential element of your brand identity. In today’s competitive world working on these small pieces of details can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Additionally, a business card is a form of interaction with your potential customer. The professionally crafted visiting card not only makes your brand appear trustworthy and competent but also helps you in securing a great deal. In order to make your brand identity stand out, we’ll talk about some design suggestions for business cards in this article. These 10 tips below can help your business card design stand out from the competition.

1. Choose a Design Template that Exhibits Your Brand Persona

Design Template that Exhibits Your Brand Persona

Your visiting card tells a lot about your business, that’s why it is important that you pick a template design that reflects your brand identity. For instance, if you own a florist business, you can approach a business card template design with a flower design or think about using a vibrant color scheme. Similarly, if you own the best cafe, you can choose themes with a minimalistic style and soft color schemes to make them compatible with your brand persona. Moreover, if you’re designing the card yourself, you can also discover a selection of free templates on a number of apps that are accessible on the Google Play Store.

2. Select The Precise Font Style And Size

Select The Precise Font Style And Size

We totally understand the urge of getting highly creative with the font so that you get the best outcome, but using fonts that are overly imaginative might have the opposite effect on your business card. The font style should be such that it is readable and offers a professional look. For brand names and other features that need to be highlighted, use the bold version of the appropriate typeface. Additionally, a business card contains all the necessary information in a compact format, and the font size is another crucial aspect to consider. The font size should be large enough to make the details simple to read while still being tiny enough to include all the information without making the text appear clustered. Depending on what works best for the space on your card, it is recommended to use a font size between 8 and 16 points.

3. Uniquely Approach Shape, Color, and Texture to Make it Pop Out

Uniquely Approach Shape

The standard rectangular business cards may seem like a safer option as consumers are familiar with the layout, but it may not make your business card stand out. To make your business card pop out, you can try experimenting with the shape, color, and texture of the card. The standard size of business cards is set for a purpose, though. They are a certain size to fit neatly in pockets, wallets, and business card holders. Even if the card’s size is limited, you may still experiment with the layout and printing options. For instance, to make your card stand out from the crowd, you may choose a different type of texture paper, a square form, or an upright orientation. Additionally, let your graphic designer know if you have a certain form in mind.

4. Organise The Details You Want To Include

Organise The Details You Want To Include

How you organize all the details of your business card plays an important role in the final look. Whether your business is online or offline, your business card should contain all the information your customers need to contact you or find your business. In addition to your business ID and contact details, consider adding necessary details such as your website, email id, address, and social media handles so your customers can easily contact you. To make your card look visually pleasing there should be a good flow of details, starting with the logo and progressing to secondary details such as email, contact details, etc. Additionally, you can make adjustments and variations to your flow to get the best outcome.

5. Your Logo Design

Your Logo Design

A key component of your business card is your logo, which serves as your brand identity. A well-designed logo can make your business card memorable. There are two sides to business cards and you might consider utilizing one of the sides exclusively for your logo to make it more aesthetically appealing. Your logo showcases your brand persona and deserves a significant part of your business card. There are several other printing techniques that may be used to emphasize your brand if you want it to stand out, including foil printing, embossing, and UV printing. You can take the help of the best web designers to get ideas for trending logos for your business.

6. Make Your Visiting Card Functional

Make Your Visiting Card Functional

The problem with paper is that some people keep it, while others recycle it as soon as they get the chance. If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent your business cards from being thrown away or recycled, try to “make it functional”. Clever and useful business card ideas include bottle openers, phone holders, and more. However, you should be careful when choosing a functional design for your business as it should be relevant to your business. Adding this functional aspect to your business card won’t necessarily help the prospective client to retain your card, but it can help them see your business card and help them remember you for a long period of time.

7. Add a QR Code or Website

Add a QR Code or Website

Adding a scannable QR code to your business card can work instantly to connect with your prospective customer. This QR code also helps fill space on your business card when you don’t need to add a lot of details to your business card. It helps link customers directly to your website, social media handles, and product galleries with just one scan.  You can create your own code by using an online QR code generator. This method not only makes your card look less cluttered but also helps your prospective client to save your details without any hustle. As a result, QR codes on business cards can help your business network grow rapidly.

8. Use Special Material

Use Special Material

Try using special material to make your business card stand out. Don’t limit your business card design ideas to just paper materials, try different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and acrylic. Using these special methods can help your business card look unique, classy, and attractive. Other special effects you can use to make your business cards more elegant and sophisticated include adding foil accents, 3D effects, and matte or glossy laminated business cards. Also, consider the industry of your work and then choose specific materials and effects. For example, if you’re in a more professional business, adding lots of glitters can make your business card overly exaggerated.

9. Leave White Space To Highlight The Details

Leave White Space To Highlight The Details

Leaving the white space is a great strategy if you want your client to focus on the most important details. Too many elements on your business card can make the card look crowded and make it difficult for readers to focus on important details. Leaving blank spaces allows important details to gain the attention of your potential customer. This will also help your card look less cluttered and organized. Also, by leaving a space, you can make a note of the new contact’s extension number before giving the card to someone else.

10. Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional

Business cards are an important means of promoting your business, so if you want your business cards to look classy and beautiful, you should hire a professional to design and print your business cards. These professionals are experienced and are experts in finding the best creative solutions for your job. Hiring a professional allows you to imprint your ideas onto your business card with the best creative assistance. They have a wide range of materials in terms of colors, designs, and themes to provide you with the best suitable solution. Additionally, hiring an expert can help minimize typo mistakes and printing process errors while providing a cost-effective bulk deal.


Creating an impactful business card takes a lot of creativity and detailed attention. Today, business cards have become a potential branding tool. It’s not just about sharing contact details, it’s also a way to communicate and get your business message across. We hope the above tips will help you find the ideas to design your cards in the best way possible. Additionally, you can add a mini tagline related to your business motto to your business card.

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