The Best Phone Cases For Construction Workers

The Best Phone Cases For Construction Workers

A phone has become a very important part of our lives, as it has made our lives much easier and more convenient. With this small device, you can effortlessly connect with your loved ones from anywhere around the world. Phones are extremely valuable and delicate items and should be protected under all circumstances. However, if you are a construction worker, you have a high chance of getting your phone damaged, which is why it is essential to have a phone case that is specially built for construction workers.

Every day you have to work on a high-rise building with ongoing construction work that includes falls, impacts, exposure to chemicals, and other harmful instances. You need to guard your phone from extreme conditions and potential threats you face daily. To prevent your phone from taking any kind of damage, you need to have a sturdy phone case that has qualities like dust resistance, waterproofing, and shock absorption. These features are specially built to protect the phone. You can keep your device protected by choosing the right case for your phone.

Phone cases are made from different materials, such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate. These cases provide excellent protection from impacts and falls. However, choosing a suitable case for your phone can be a daunting task. So, we will go through some of the best cases for your phone. Below, you will find a list of phone cases, along with their prices and features, to help you choose the best case for your phone.

Best Phone Cases For Construction Workers

1. UAG Monarch

UAG Monarch

UAG Monarch is one of the very few cases that provide maximum protection without being bulky or uncomfortable to hold. When people consider safety the foremost priority, they often find cases that are broad, too thick, bulky, and inconvenient to casually hold. There’s no point in having a phone case that drastically contrasts the sleekness and style of your phone. UAG Monarch cases ensure optimum safety and style. They enhance the look of your phone, are lightweight, and look amazing! For the people who believe that high protection with feather-light weight is impossible, UAG cases are military drop tested and topped with grain leather, hard rubber, metal, and plastic. The good quality leather makes the case tough yet stylish and the metallic and rubber edges assure phone protection. 

UAG Monarch is one of the best Android phone cases for construction workers as it particularly and beautifully matches their aesthetic. Most UAG Cases retail for approximately around $60, depending on the case style and device model.

Compatible Devices: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Others (OnePlus, Motorola, LG)

Popular Series Price Compatibility Color Option
Monarch Series Galaxy S23 Ultra Case $59.95 Galaxy S23 Ultra Crimson, Oxide, Carbon Fiber, Silver
Monarch Kevlar Series Galaxy S23 Case $79.95 Galaxy S23 Kevlar Black
Monarch Series iPhone 14 Pro Max Case $59.95 iPhone 14 Pro Max Crimson, Carbon Fiber, Black, Kevlar Black, Mallard
Monarch Series iPhone 14 Plus Case $59.95 iPhone 14 Plus Crimson, Black, Kevlar Black, Mallard, Carbon Fiber
Monarch Kevlar® Series Galaxy S22 5G Case $63.95 Galaxy S22 5G Black


  • Military Drop Tested
  • Sleek and protective
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Muscular Aesthetic

2. Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender

The name itself shows that these cases specialize in defending your phone from accidents and mishaps. Your phone will require no other layers of protection if it is paired up with an otterbox defender. The otterbox defender case itself comes in four layers/parts. Each layer specializes in providing particular protection to particular parts of the phone. The foremost layer is of hard plastic, the next layer is of robust silicone that covers the first layer and the latter is plastic. 

The well-thought combination of plastic and silicone offers top-notch protection to the device, making it the best option for construction workers. The layering can also be used as a belt clip so that construction workers don’t need to worry about their phones slipping off their pockets or occupying one hand just to hold the device. And the design of these cases comes with no competition, who would have thought that a smartphone case with Disney Villians or Marvel superheroes printed on them could be one of the strongest phone covers to ever exist? These cases retail between $25 to $65, based on your phone model and case selection.

Compatible Devices: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel

Popular Series Price Compatibility Color Option
Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Defender Series $99.95 Galaxy S23 Ultra Black, Blue Suede Shoes
Pixel 6 Case Defender Series $99.95 Pixel 6 Black
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case Defender Series $93.46 Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Black
iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen and 3rd gen) Case Defender Series $129.95 iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen and 3rd gen) Black
iPhone 14 Case Defender Series $99.95 iPhone 14 Canyon Sun (Pink), Black, Blue Suede Shoes


  • High protection
  • Multilayered
  • Supports features
  • Scratch resistant
  • Comes with a belt clip


  • Bulky
  • No screen protection
  • The belt clip disables access to the home button

3. Mous Limitless

Mous Limitless

Mous Limitless is the hulk of phone cases. The brand is well-recognized for its blend of robust and handsome cases. The cases are not ordinary, they are known to be one of the most luxurious cases with high protection. 

What makes Mous Limitless stand out is the sophisticated look! Another insane feature of Mous Limitless is that it has in-built slots for extra sim cards. So, if you are someone that has multiple sims or travels a lot, you don’t need to carry them extra cautiously. Alongside a high-quality and luxurious look, the case also has an auto-align feature. The magnetic arrays of the case assure hassle-free connection to accessories like Card Wallet. 

In conclusion, this case is something one can flex about. It is also to be noted that the brand also accommodates sustainability in its packaging and processing materials. The starting price of this case is around $40.

Compatible Devices: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel

Popular Series Price Compatibility Color Option
Limitless 4.0 MagSafe® Compatible Aramid Fibre Phone Case $54.99 iPhone SE (3rd Gen) Aramid Fibre, Bamboo, Black Leather, Jungle Teal, Ocean Blue, Pepper Red, Plum Purple, Sage Green, Silver Pearl, Speckled Fabric, Walnut
Clarity Clear Phone Case $18.99 iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel Clear, Iridescent Dawn
Limitless 3.0 Aramid Fibre Phone Case $18.99 iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel Aramid Fibre, Bamboo, Black Leather, Speckled Fabric, Walnut
Clarity Evolution IntraLock™ Phone Case $34.99 iPhone 14 Pro & Max White, Black
Limitless 2.0 Phone Case $47.99 iPhone, Galaxy Aramid Fibre, Black Leather, Shell, Walnut


  • Supports features
  • Good leather aesthetic
  • Shock-resistant
  • Sim slots


  • Fewer designs to choose from
  • Complex installation and removal

4. Pitaka Case

Pitaka Case

This case is hands down, one of the best cases to ever exist. It is so much more than a strong layer of protection. Not only construction workers but people in the police are also often found sporting these cases. Why the hype? The case is Bulletproof! It is not just a military-grade case, it flashes robust aramid fibre safety, which makes it one of the best phone cases to ever exist. The heavy-duty covering is combined with light-weightedness. This case is not heavy or uncomfortable to hold, it looks as fine as it feels in your hand. 

The Pitaka cases are of fine quality and do not ruin the look and sleekness of your phone. Instead, they enhance it with its thin and modern style. The aramid fibre gives a luxurious and high-tech feel to the phone. Even though it is smooth, the grip of the phone is amazing, making it one of the best phone cases for construction workers. 

Pitaka also offers a load of accessories to pair up with your device and flex at work. Pitaka cases may seem to be a little more pricey than the rest. Most Pitaka cases retail for approximately $60, the price is subject to phone model and case style.

Compatible Devices: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy

Popular Series Price Compatibility Color Option
Air Case $69.99 iPhone 13 mini/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max 600D Overture, 600D Concerto, 600D Sonata, 600D Rhapsody, 600D Black/Grey (Twill)
MagEZ Case $24.99 iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max Black/Grey (Twill), Black/Red (Twill), Black/Red (Plain), Black/Yellow (Twill), Red/Orange (Herringbone), Black/Grey (Plain), Black/RoseGold (Twill)
Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2 $69.99 Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+ Overture, Concerto, Rhapsody
MagEZ Case 2 $69.99 iPhone 13 mini/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max Concerto, Rhapsody, Black/Grey (Twill), Red/Orange (Twill), Red/Orange (Herringbone), Black/RoseGold (Twill), Black/Blue (Twill)
Air Case For Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra $23.99 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (6.9) & S20 (6.2) Black


  • Bulletproof
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Grippy fibre


  • Visible fingerprints 
  • Fewer colour options

5. G-Form


LifeProof NËXT is a new line of waterproof cases from LifeProof. Developed for the latest generation of iPhones, these cases are precision-engineered to keep your phone protected from any environment, from water to dust and dirt. Its durable construction and sleek design offer protection that won’t detract from the unique look of your device. With LifeProof NËXT, you can enjoy all the features of your device without worrying about damage or deterioration! Attach this protective case to the back of your device and be sure to stay connected, no matter the conditions or terrain.

Compatible Devices: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Droid Turbos

Popular Series Price Compatibility Color Option
iPhone 12 mini Case LifeProof FRĒ $71.97 iPhone 12 mini Free Diver (Blue), Black, Ocean Violet (Lavender / Purple)
iPhone SE (3rd and 2nd gen), iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Case LifeProof FRĒ $119.95 iPhone SE (3rd gen), iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Night Lite (Black / Green), Wipeout (Aqua / Coral), Banzai (Blue / Teal / Green)
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Case LifeProof NËXT $59.97 iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Napa (Clear / Lavender), Black Crystal (Clear/Black), Clear Lake (Clear / Blue)
iPhone 12 Pro Max Case LifeProof NËXT $99.95 iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Crystal (Clear/Black), Napa (Clear / Lavender), Clear Lake (Clear / Blue)
iPhone 13 Case for MagSafe LifeProof FRĒ MagSafe $129.95 iPhone 13 Black, Onward Blue


  • Slim design
  • Long lasting
  • Comes with warranty


  • Sometimes it hinders performance
  • Price is a little high

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Phone Cases-

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Phone Cases

Phone case styles are versatile. There are thousands of styles to choose from. Here are a few factors you must keep in mind while getting a case for your phone.

  1. Protection From Bumps And Scratches:

The main objective of a phone case is to shield the device against all kinds of damage, scratches, bumps, and dirt. Make sure that you get a phone cover that protects all sides and edges of the device. The case should be like a well-fitted shell. Especially for construction workers, it is best to get cases with a shock-absorbent feature.

  1. Wireless Charging:

Wireless charging is a boon to people! It provides hassle-free charging without the need of sorting wires and setting angles. Choosing a phone case that supports wireless charging is just as important as getting a phone with wireless charging. You wouldn’t like to waste a flex-worthy phone feature just because of a phone case, right?

  1. Design Visibility and Slim Profile:

It is important to get a good-looking phone cover for a good-looking phone. Some people believe that thin cases do not offer enough protection to the device, which is completely a misconception. Even the most protective cases ( about which you will read further) come with a modern, elite, and slim profile that enhances the entire look of your phone and provides full protection simultaneously.

  1. Water-Resistance:

You never know where you might drop your phone. The keep-the-phone-in-rice idea is not always going to have your back. If you are someone who lives near the coast, or in rainy regions, or your workplace includes water activities, or if you have kids, make sure you have a water-resistant phone case. This will not only give you some relief but also save your pockets from going empty.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Phone Case:

Tips To Take Care Of Your Phone Case

Spending $25-$75 to protect your $300-$400 device is the best precaution you can take. Also, ensure that you keep your phone case clean from dirt and debris. 

  • Any sort of debris on the device can increase the chances of build-up in the charging ports and can also attract bacteria. To keep your device tidy, take off the phone case at least once a week.
  • To remove all sorts of dirt and bacteria from the device and phone case, clean it with a tissue and clean microfibre cloth and put it back on the device. 
  • To clean the ports, edges, and seams of your device and phone case, use a Q-tip. These are the best as they are not too firm, so they would not scratch or damage anything, and the cotton on the edge of the tip quickly grabs the dirt and debris. 
  • Devices tend to get overheated when trapped in thick layers of substances. If you are someone who uses their phones way too much, make sure you let your device breathe. Take the case off at least once a day. The best you can do is take off the case when you go to bed and put it back on the following morning. 
  • Make sure that you do not sprinkle water on your device or the phone case. Any kind of contact with water or liquids can impact the performance of the device and phone case. Water-resistant cases are an exception, but other than them, water can interrupt the functions of the case such as wireless charging. 


Customers of the Otterbox Defender, G-form, Pitaka cases, UAG and Mous Limitless have never come up with any safety complaints. If your phone is paired up with any of the aforementioned cases, then you don’t need to worry about their safety. No matter what happens, the phone will always be in a performable situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best materials for phone casing?

The best materials for phone casings are polycarbonate or plastic, as they are less weighty, more affordable, and renowned for their durability. Leather cases are often preferred to give a luxurious and elegant look. Cases made from silicone are popular for their flexibility and ability to absorb shock. Lastly, metal covers provide a stylish and smart look to your phone.

How do I protect my phone in construction?

To protect your phone in a construction area, you need to have a tough phone case and a high-quality glass screen protector. This can prevent your phone from getting damaged, prevent it from getting scratched, and protect it from breaking.

What type of case protects your phone best?

If you are protecting your phone from scratches, light bumps, and scuffs, then silicone or leather cases will be the best option for you, but if you want to protect your phone from hard impacts, then you should consider a tough polycarbonate case.

What phone cases are the most protective?

Phone cases have shock absorption quality and have air pockets to prevent them from getting any scratches. Also, if your phone has a bulging camera, make sure you choose a case that has edges so that it can protect your screen and camera. It is also important to note that the edges of the case should not be too big; otherwise, they will block you from taking nice pictures.

What is the safest phone case material?

There are plenty of phone cases that are made from different types of materials. In some cases, they look pretty attractive, although they are extremely delicate and can be easily broken, such as glass covers. A single drop can break the case as well as damage your phone. So it’s better to choose a nice and strong case to protect your phone. A test was conducted to find out how many stars the phone cases would get, and the results were:

Materials Stars
Plastic 2 Stars
Silicone 3 Stars
Leather 3 Stars
Synthetic 3 Stars
Wood 4 Stars
Metal 4 Stars
Carbon Fibre 5 Stars

How long do phone cases last?

A phone case can protect your phone from scratches and dents for approximately 2–3 years. After it serves its purpose, you can get another case. You can replace your old case with a new one if you are looking for an upgrade or if your old case is showing signs of tear and wear.

How can you tell if a phone case is good quality?

A person can tell that their phone case is of good quality if it is made from materials like metal, wood, and high-quality plastic. These cases do not tear down, crack, or fade easily. They are popular because they achieve a high score on durability and can protect your device for a very long time.

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