The 10 Best Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Team Building Activities Melbourne

Are you searching for a great way to build up your workplace team’s relationships and enthusiasm? If yes, then this blog is perfect for you to go through at least once. You might be wanting to take your employees or colleague for some outing to indulge in some corporate team building activities and you want them to build chemistry with each other, or you simply just want to spend some quality time with your family and friends to have a fun night or day out. So, we have compiled a list of the 10 best team building activities in Melbourne that will surely help you in finding out the best activities and spots which can be perfect as per your requirements. No matter how large your group of people is, mentioned below are some of the team activities in Melbourne that you should definitely consider at least once.

1. Amazing Race with Bars

Amazing Race with Bars

It is a game in which an experienced anchor or entertainer will host an event. They will first explain all the game rules properly and motivate the team members so that they can get ready with a competitive spirit and become excited about the opening ceremony. Then, each team will be provided with a racing kit with a map and a list of checkpoints to finish the game. Each checkpoint challenge will be different and it requires out-of-the-box planning.

The checkpoints are designed in such a way that it encourages people to work together rather than working separately and to have great enjoyment. Game challenges may include creative photo assignments, eating competitions, and location based tasks. You may also take on code breaker and bar puzzle challenges if you want to win at any cost. This interesting activity can be provided by “Team Days” which offers a fun party vibe to corporate events and group activities not only in Melbourne, Australia but globally through online mode.

2. Thai Cooking Class at BangPop

Thai Cooking Class at BangPop

BangPop is an open-layout Thai restaurant which is located in the South Wharf area, perfect for entertainment purposes. They give their space on rent for dinner and cocktail events where they can easily host up to 180 people for a private party. The most interesting and unique thing about this place is that they provide group cooking classes for a batch of 20 to 50 people. This activity is perfect for team building and guarantees an unforgettable experience. In one of their 2-hour cooking classes, you and your team can learn how to make authentic Pad-Thai and green papaya salads by using beautifully fresh ingredients.

After the cooking class ends, you all can enjoy the culinary masterpiece you have prepared by sitting down at a banquet-style table. Their masterclass costs for an individual person $99 which is a little costly but will surely provide you with an amazing experience. BangPop is situated on the Yarra River which adds an extra bonus for a fun and interactive experience.

3. A Team Gathering At BearBrass

A Team Gathering At BearBrass

If you want to catch a game at the Australian Open with your colleagues or employees, then BearBrass will provide you with a perfect package in which you can enjoy their delicious food and drinks too. They provide a breakfast meal to start, then they take you by a water taxi on the river over to Rod Laver Arena so that you can enjoy a tennis game with your team. After you and your team have finished playing the game, you will be taken back to BearBrass for some drinks to make you feel fresh again. Their packages range from $35 to $55 per person depending on your meal selection. This activity will surely keep you and your entertained till the end.

4. Food Truck Night at Welcome to Thornbury

Food Truck Night at Welcome to Thornbury

Welcome to Thornbury is a perfect place that brings in a wide arrangement of food trucks every day. You will find out pretty much any kind of cuisine that you can think of at this food truck exhibition. What’s better than the fact that every team member will get what they want to eat exactly at this place? You can book a place for organising a corporate event by calling them. They provide facilities such as a DJ, AV system, stage, and many more. The best part of this place is that they are an ideal location for any size of team or company as they have a capacity of up to 700 people.

5. Boat Cruise at Dreamscape Boat Cruises

Boat Cruise at Dreamscape Boat Cruises

If you are planning to take your team members to experience the open water, what’s a better option than Dreamscape Boat Cruises? Every boat ride is organised by their well-experienced event managers who will help you to make your event amazingly unforgetful. Every cruising boat is fully loaded with top-notch facilities such as a dance floor and full bar, and you can add extra items including a DJ, Hollywood impersonators, magicians, or even mimes. If you want a corporate or team-building function with a phenomenal view of the Yarra River, this is the perfect option to choose. You have a wide range from a classy dinner cruise with smooth jazz music while sailing, to a party cruise with disco vibes and drinks, the choices are definitely unlimited. 

6. Watching Sports at the Plaza Tavern

Watching Sports at the Plaza Tavern

If your corporate team members are sports lovers, then taking them to the Plaza Tavern is the best decision. This place has a traditional sports bar ambiance and even their food menus are well-priced. You will surely find this place to be a clean, comfortable, and entertaining spot to watch any kind of sports event on one of the dozens of Televisions that are placed all around the bar. The Plaza Tavern even provides private party rooms for corporate functions, family and friends gatherings, and anything else you may require from a large space. The capacity of this place is up to 150 people.

7. Cocktail Party at Ludlow Bar

Cocktail Party at Ludlow Bar

The Ludlow Bar is a well-known sophisticated place that offers an amazing range of delicious foods and drinks with classic surroundings. They have more than 5 different and outstanding dining areas available for any kind of event or gathering. This place is a perfect spot to host any higher-end group parties as the place has a capacity of 500 people. You can choose any of their various different packages that are suitable for your corporate team drink and dine event. Their packages start from $33 to $85 per person and also can be a very simple yet stylish place for cocktails or a 4-course dinner gathering. One of the main highlights of this place is the phenomenal view of the beautiful Yarra River.

8. Virtual Reality Melbourne

Virtual Reality Melbourne

Virtual Reality is a new technology that has taken over the entire world just like a storm and Melbourne City has got hold of this trend super quickly. If you are searching for a fun and entertaining place for your team building activity, then Virtual Reality Melbourne is an ideal spot for you. This amazing place is specifically created for team gatherings and corporate events. This place’s main aim is to provide a space that is perfect for fun where people will solve problems together by working as a team. This place will surely provide you with an excellent experience that is not at all close to a simple computer game. Virtual Reality is just so amazingly involving activity that you will not even realise it’s an exercise for bringing the team all closer together. And this is what makes it a remarkable experience. The capacity of the place is up to 30 people. 

9. Hidden Door

Hidden Door

If you are planning to take your corporate group to a place that provides many entertaining activities at the same time, what’s a better option to choose than going to the Hidden Door? They create a fun and entertaining atmosphere after understanding your team’s requirements and interests. They also provide a vast range of packages for events to choose from and can also create customised events according to their client’s preferences. Hidden Door offers various facilities such as charity team-building activities, corporate family fun days, MasterChef cooking classes, art activities, a wide range of indoor team-building activities, and many more. They will surely provide your team with an amazing and unlimited entertainment experience.

10. Hollywood Movie Making

Hollywood Movie Making

Searching for an interesting and totally creative team-building activity for your corporate team? The Team Building company has a perfect solution for it. They organise Hollywood Movie making programs. This fantastically unique team building corporate package allows your team members to produce the next blockbuster movie that includes some key factors, strategies, services, or items. An experienced technical staff member and performing actor will provide training to each team by adding some of the important tips and performing skills for acting.

The team will learn from a professional camera director related to competent delivery of lines, the art of Cinematography, an adaption of the story, and the movie’s scripting. Through this ultimate and entertaining group activity, your team will build a creative, hilarious, and unforgetful team bonding experience from the start to the end. It is an exciting, entertaining, and rewarding workshop where their professional staff will capture, edit, and save the short movie on a USB/DVD which will be screened at an awards ceremony.


Getting your corporate team into one of these events or programs will definitely help in encouraging companionship, improving communication, and increasing productivity, all of which will lead to a more flourishing and peaceful business. There is a vast range of team building activities in Melbourne City to offer other than the ones that are mentioned above such as a license to spy, a Game show, a scavenger hunt, an electric bike tour, trekking, and many more. Whether your team is looking for something physical or mental, creative or entertaining, indoors or outdoors, there is an activity to suit your team’s preferences.

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