Reasons to Choose an AFRA-Accredited Removalist

What Is AFRA and What They Do

Finding a new home is not an easy task and then comes the moving job. Whether you are moving locally or moving to a new state you can always seek the help of the moving professionals to ease your moving task. However, if you are new to using a removalist company, there are a lot of things you must consider before choosing one. One of the main factors is to see if the company you are choosing is AFRA accredited. Selecting an AFRA accredited removal company will allow you to arrange a successful relocation process and will significantly lower your stress levels when moving. In this blog, we will look at what AFRA accreditation is, why it is important, and what benefits customers may get from it.

What Is AFRA and What They Do

What Is AFRA and What They Do

AFRA stands for Australian Furniture Remover Association and it is a recognized governing organization for the removal industries. The primary goal of AFRA is to safeguard the public and offer guidance so that they can move safely and with the least amount of risk. The AFRA only grants accreditation to movers that have the necessary tools, vehicles, facilities, and staff training required to handle a professional relocation. Before becoming eligible to join AFRA, a removalist company must go through an audit to ensure that the business operation, policies, processes, and records meet the requirement. Additionally, the client can approach AFRA if they need any help regarding the insurance claim.

AFRA Training

AFRA Training

AFRA-accredited removal companies go through the process of proper training systems to make sure they provide high-quality services. The moving company you hire will have been routinely checked for compliance, so you know your things are safe on a moving day. You also get the assurance that your furniture will arrive safely and will not vanish without explanation. Additionally, under AFRA training personnel also pledge to follow the industry’s code of conduct, so that they work in their best interest.

Importance and Benefit of Hiring An AFRA Accredited

Importance and Benefit of Hiring An AFRA Accredited

If you are planning a relocation, make sure that the company you are going to employ is AFRA-accredited. An AFRA-accredited removalist firm ensures that the company is up to the task while also giving you peace of mind that your relocation is in the hands of qualified professionals. AFRA accreditation signifies that the removalist meets the industry’s highest standards and operates with professionalism and expertise. Hiring an AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) accredited removalist company comes with several benefits and ensures a smooth and efficient moving process. Let’s find out the importance and benefits of hiring an AFRA-accredited company:

1. Regular Inspections

Keeping the removal truck and other equipment maintained and in a good working position is the responsibility of the removalist company. AFRA conducts regular inspections of its accredited businesses to ensure they adhere to the association’s strict standards. They also inspect the quality of moving equipment, such as forklifts and other machinery that is utilized in the moving process. This helps maintain consistency in service quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, If you don’t want to move all the furniture into your new place right away, there are temporary storage facilities provided by relocation companies. The AFRA auditing procedure also ensures that these storage facilities follow the particular criteria to make sure that all furnishings and valuables are adequately protected and secure. As a result, this regular inspection ensures that your belongings reach your new place safely without getting damaged or lost.

2. Qualified and Experienced Staff

AFRA-accredited companies have access to training and knowledge provided by the ARFA’s training system. Removal, delivery, and transportation of items all require expertise and experience. AFRA-accredited removalists have qualified and experienced staff members who are trained in proper packing, handling, and transporting techniques. Their expertise ensures the safe and secure handling of your belongings. Professional removalists are skilled and knowledgeable about how to safely load all of your priceless possessions into the vehicle to prevent damage during transit. They are aware of the necessity to gently unload your stuff in accordance with your requirements so you may unpack comfortably. In short, they are competent enough to handle every move situation while being careful with your belongings.

3. Offers Reliable Transport Facility and Tools

Relocation requires moving all of your precious items and goods from one place to another. It means that your personal belongings must travel safely to your new house. If the removalist company you are hiring is AFRA-accredited then you can rest assured that your belongings will reach your new place safely, without getting damaged. AFRA members are required to have reliable transport vehicles and proper equipment for moving furniture and goods. This ensures that your belongings are handled with care and protected throughout the moving process. You can also check whether the removalist you chose has different-sized vehicles to suit your capacity requirement. In addition to offering good transportation, AFRA-accredited removalists are required to offer high-quality tools like trolleys, lifts, hoists, cushioning material, and more to guarantee that your precious belongings are well taken care of and have all the material that you need to relocate.

Relocation requires moving all of your precious items and goods

4. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

AFRA-accredited removalists offer comprehensive insurance coverage and do everything in their power to keep your belongings safe during transit. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that your items are protected against any unforeseen events. However, sometimes things just do not go the right way. Carefully inquire about the insurance terms and conditions before determining what is and what is not included in the insurance coverage. Make sure to keep this in writing so that you are aware of the terms and conditions beforehand and recover the claim in case of damage or any mishap. Additionally, all AFRA-accredited companies are mandatorily required to bear Public Liability Insurance of $10,000,000 for their own protection and for the safety of their customers.

5. Approved Premises and Storage Facilities

AFRA ensures that its accredited businesses operate from approved premises and have adequate and safe storage facilities. This guarantees the safety and security of your belongings throughout the moving process.  AFRA conducts regular inspections to ensure that the equipment and storage facilities meet their standards for safe storage. However, these facilities are open to the public for inspection if you want to ensure that your possessions are kept in a safe and secure location. As a consequence, you will have peace of mind knowing that your valuable belongings are safe, which will help you build confidence with the removalist company you are hiring.

6. Reputable Organisation

AFRA is a reputable and recognized organization in the removals industry. Hiring an AFRA-accredited company gives you the confidence that you are dealing with a trusted and reliable service provider. However, be sure to properly scrutinize your options. Examine the reputation and reviews of the removalist firm you are considering working with. You can check their reviews on the internet or can call them and ask questions to ensure that they meet your needs and requirements. You can also seek advice from a friend or family member to locate an AFRA-accredited removalist company.

7. Professional Dispute Resolution

AFRA removalists also help in dealing with the complaints received from customers. Disputes can develop anytime, and if you have an issue with an AFRA-accredited company you are engaged in, you have the option of contacting AFRA. AFRA provides a professional dispute resolution process. This offers a fair and impartial mechanism for resolving any issues that may arise during the moving process. If the problem still does not resolve they may decide to use an independent dispute resolution tribunal to resolve the issue.

8. AFRA Offers Professional Governance

AFRA set requirements to provide the removalist industry with a more structured organization that helps in providing the customers with a safe move. It ensures adequate protection of the goods so that your possession reaches safely at their final destination. AFRA keeps a constant check on its members to make sure the standard doesn’t fall. They are dedicated to holding those businesses to high standards and are cautious about who they allow in. So, if you are hiring a removalist company that is AFRA accredited it indicates that they are given a seal of approval from the governing body of the removalist industry.

What are AFRA Accreditation Standards?

What are AFRA Accreditation Standards?

AFRA has some fixed accreditation standards that its members must meet. These standards cover various aspects of the moving process, including staff training, vehicle maintenance, insurance requirements, and customer service. Following is the list of some AFRA-accredited standards. By complying with these standards, AFRA-accredited removalist companies showcase their professionalism and customer satisfaction. 

  1. Organisations that promote Workplace Health and Safety standards widely accept AFRA’s Training manuals, online training, and other training tools.
  2. Businesses or companies are subjected to careful work ethics and an improved training system to ensure high standards.
  3. High standards should also be maintained at AFRA’s business and office premises.
  4. There are some extra benefits offered by AFRA that you may require on your move such as packing material, moving boxes, containers, etc.
  5. The procedures established by AFRA for the quality of trucks, equipment, and employees are carefully followed.
  6. AFRA needs that during the process of relocation, maximum care should be given to the property of the customer, which further helps in minimizing the possibility of damage and safe transit of goods.
  7. Storage facilities should meet the AFRA’s high standard at the time of holding goods and property. This makes sure that the goods are safe during the transit.


Opting for an AFRA-accredited removalist provides you with peace of mind and a higher level of professionalism during your relocation. With their adherence to industry standards, you can trust that they have the knowledge and skills to handle your move efficiently and safely. The accreditation also ensures that they have appropriate insurance coverage, offering financial protection in the event of any unforeseen incidents. By choosing an AFRA accredited removalist, you can be confident that your belongings will be handled with care and that your moving experience will be smooth and hassle-free.

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