Moving Boxes Price Guide (2024)

Moving Boxes Price Guide

The Ultimate Moving Boxes Price Guide

Proper packaging of your belongings is crucial as it leads to hassle-free transportation of goods. Buying storage boxes from the grocery store can work sometimes. However, buying the best boxes is essential if you want to keep your things safe throughout the move. Finding the right moving boxes for your move is one of the most important things. A reliable and sturdy moving box helps in completing the move without any worry.

Where To Get The Moving Boxes For Free

Where To Get The Moving Boxes For Free

You can get the free boxes for your move. There are multiple ways you can get free moving boxes. This will surely save you money.

  • Ask Friends or Family Members

    You can start by asking your friends or family members if they have recently shifted so that they might have those packing materials. These days, people have been doing a lot of online shopping, which has the advantage that people get their items delivered to the door; adding on to it, they might have a stack of boxes that can fulfil your moving needs. Get in touch with them, or you can also ask people on social media.

  • Visit Your Local Supermarket

    You can visit your local grocery store, as they get a lot of boxes in their delivery trucks every day. They get their stock in both small and large boxes, which often become trash for them once they put the stock on shelves. If at that moment, they don’t have those boxes, then you can ask them to keep them aside for you the next time they get them.

  • Check On Gumtree

    You can have a look on Gumtree for people giving away boxes free of cost. People who have accepted large deliveries post up on social media sites with the intention to give away those boxes. Get in touch with the particular person to accept delivery of those moving boxes. Just have a meet-up at a safe local spot like a park or any store. You must sanitize those boxes before use to ensure safety.

  • Check With The Removalist

    Are you hiring a removalist for your move? If yes, then don’t forget to check the package as if you are going through the complete moving service. You should ensure that boxes and other packing materials will be included in your package. Consult your removalist if you are not sure about the things included in the package. You might get a special discount on the boxes if you are planning a large move. Removalists companies like Muval often sell moving boxes themselves that can delivered to you before moving day.

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Types of Moving Boxes According To Your Packing Needs

Types of Moving Boxes According To Your Packing Needs

Packaging boxes come in various sizes, and each size is used for packing different items. Using the right size for moving your belongings from one place to another will save you time, effort, and money, along with the minimization of the risk of damage.

Large Boxes (100L – 120L)

Large moving boxes are used for packing large and heavy items like clothes, lamps, blankets, and pillows. The cost may vary according to their strength.

  • Extra strong boxes can cost around $5.89 per box
  • Standard strength will cost $4.30 per box
  • Lightweight boxes are available for $3.99 and heavy-duty from $4.70

Medium Boxes (60L – 80L)

Medium-sized moving boxes can carry things like toys, pots, utensils, kitchen appliances, electronic devices, and other household items.

  • The cost of medium boxes ranges from $2.50
  • Heavy Duty things $4
  • Lightweight boxes for moving bunnings approx. $2.45
  • Get the bundle of 12 boxes for moving officeworks at lower rates

Small Boxes (30L – 50L)

Small-sized boxes are mostly used for moving small items like books, kitchen items, office documents, hand tools, shoes, canned items, and more such things.

  • Prices of small boxes range from $2
  • In some bundles, it can be as low as $1.50

Porta-A-Robe Clothes Moving Boxes (240L – 290L)

These special portable wardrobe boxes are used for storing and transporting clothes. It is the easiest and safest way of moving hanging clothes.

  • These boxes range from $15.50 at Bunnings
  • Get these boxes from box shops at $18
  • National Storage has to Port a Robe as low as $10.

Dish Barrel Boxes

These boxes have a double-walled design which provides maximum protection for delicate antique glassware and fragile kitchen items. These boxes are approximately 20″ x 20″ x 30″ in size, and the price ranges from $4 – $7.

TV Boxes

TV Boxes are usually available in various sizes ranging from $59 to $89. It totally depends on the size of your TV.

Lamp Boxes

It’s hard to find boxes to accommodate large or awkward-shaped items that can’t be dismantled. These tall boxes can accommodate lamps as high as 50″.

Kitchen Boxes

These kitchen boxes protect your fragile glasses and dishes. This type of box comes with customizable partitions to provide added protection for your valuable things. Just simply wrap the items in bubble wrap, and use moving inserts to provide added protection to minimize the risk of damage.

Mirror Boxes

It is the best box option for storing picture frames, paintings, mirrored objects, or other such items. These large thin boxes are often custom-designed or measured to specifically fit your mirrors. Using a mirror box is a great way to protect those fragile items.

Office or File Boxes

These office boxes are easy to assemble and will keep your important documents safe during the move with the help of a double-walled design.

Slider Box

These slider boxes are used to store and move large and fragile items, and they cost approx. $8. It may vary depending on the size of the box you require.

Box Type Width Length Height
Large Box 470mm 375mm 620mm
Medium Box 340mm 320mm 520mm
Small Box 235mm 320mm 460mm
Porta-A-Robe 500mm 600mm 1150mm
Mirror Box 70mm 785mm 1050mm
Slider Box 125mm 900mm 1570mm

When Are Custom Crates Needed?

When Are Custom Crates Needed?

We all have some special items in our homes and require dedicated packing material to ensure their safe relocation. To fulfill this requirement, custom crates are available. Crating is a type of packing solution that is basically done with heavy-duty wooden boxes. They are effective in transporting goods that are not suitable to move with traditional moving boxes packs. They can easily store all types of goods in large quantities. Custom crates can sustain all types of pressure and severe conditions with ease. There will be no effect on items kept inside.

To give you a better understanding, here we are describing some of the items that demand custom crates for the damage-free move.

  • Fragile items
  • The heavy product that requires extra support
  • Some risky or dangerous items
  • Irregular shape and size items that do not fit into standard boxes
  • Priceless artwork
  • Items made of marble, glass, and other breakable materials
  • Antique goods
  • Electronic equipment
  • Wine bottles

Benefits of Custom Crates

Benefits of Custom Crates

There are several reasons why you can choose custom crates to make your move secure and damage-free.

  • Size Availability

You can customize its size according to your requirement. According to the size of the item, the crates get designed, and you will remain far away from the risk of damage.

  • Proper Protection

You can ensure the shelf life of your products with custom crates. They are designed according to the shape and size of goods and thus offer complete safety to your goods. They keep products free from moisture and temperature.

  • Cost-Efficient

You might consider the price of such parking solutions expensive, but they are worth their price, and they pay for themself in multiple ways. They are easily reusable and durable, and you can use them for storing your goods.

Calculating the No. of Boxes, You Need For The Move

Calculating the No. of Boxes, You Need For The Move

It’s time to move!! Are you hunting for boxes and getting stuck thinking about how many boxes you require to move? Here, you can get a clear picture of the requirement for moving boxes packs.

Each move is different; therefore, the number of boxes you need during the move is also different. If you are using a few suitcases or plastic bags for packing items, you may not need as many boxes. Many movers offer a pack ready to go with all the packing supplies you need, based on the number of bedrooms you have to pack up.

We have a follow-up from several sources, including removalists, professional movers and packers, and box suppliers, to give you the ultimate guide on moving boxes you need while moving house. Have a look at the no. of boxes required based on the number of bedrooms in the house.

14 Boxes for a studio apartment (price guide from $50 – $70)

  • 9 x Large 100L moving box
  • 5 x Medium 60L moving box
  • 1 x Roll of Butcher’s paper (2.5kgs)
  • 2 x Packing tape
  • Get a National Storage 1-bedroom moving box Bundle

30 boxes needed for 1 – 2 bedroom house (prices ranging from $130 – $180)

  • 12 x Large 100L moving box
  • 18 x Medium 60L moving box
  • 3 x Rolls of Butcher’s paper (7.5kgs)
  • 3 x Packing tape
  • Get a starter pack for 2 bedroom set of moving boxes

60 boxes for a 3 – 4 bedroom house (prices ranging from $275 – $320)

  • 25 x Large 100L moving box
  • 35 x Medium 60L moving box
  • 5 x Butcher’s paper rolls (12.5kgs)
  • 4 x Packing tape
  • Get a starter pack for 3 or 4-bedroom moving boxes bundles

100 boxes for a 5 – 7 bedroom house (prices ranging from $400 – $500)

  • 30 x Large 100L moving box
  • 70 x Medium 60L moving box
  • 8 x Butcher’s paper rolls (20kgs)
  • 6 x Packing tape

Get a National Storage starter pack for a 5 or 7-bedroom moving box Bundle

What Moving and Packing Supplies are Required?

What Moving and Packing Supplies are Required?

The boxes are already sorted!! Now, it’s time to see how much care is needed for things, especially glassware. You must get ready with a few more things for your packing day.

Things that you may require:

  • Pens and markers (price ranging from $1 – $3)
  • Fragile Packing Tape ($4 – $6), or you can write FRAGILE all over the box
  • Protective covering (only for those not using a removalist) (Prices range from $2 – $8)
  • Bubble wrap (cost around $2)
  • Butcher’s paper (approx. $9 – $12 for 2.5kgs) (3 sheets per item are expected)
  • Identification dots can be used rather than writing on the box
  • Fragile stickers is a better option instead of tape (Price ranging from $2 – $4)
  • Packing Tape (will cost around $2 – $5)
  • Tape dispenser guns (approx. $7 – $12) (Assume 1 roll per room)
  • Tissue paper it’s great for delicate items ($4 – $10)
  • Foam Wrap Sheets

They are useful for packing fragile items. You can place them between fragile items for safety. Before placing china dishes or other glass objects in a moving box, you can wrap them securely with a foam sheet. It will decrease the risk of damage and chipping. Also, you can pack picture frames, artwork, and other flat collectibles with foam sheets.

  • Bubble Wrap

It is considered the best packing solution for different delicate items. Bubble wraps are quite effective for securing goods during transit. With bubble wrap, you can create a thick layer of padding that will act as a protective covering around possessions. Also, you can make bubble wrap to fill up the blank spaces in cartoon boxes.

  • Cardboard

It is a wonderful option that is used for packing breakable items effectively. Cardboard boxes act as insulating or protecting layers around delicate and fragile items. After packing them with bubble wrap and foam sheets, you can use cardboard as a shell or outside covering to protect the items.

  • Newspaper

If you have a newspaper in your home, then you can take its help in protecting your delicate belongings. You can crump them to offer an extra layer of padding and protection to your delicate items. But you should keep in mind that newspapers leave some blackish impression over items, so you should use them on such items that can be washed easily.

  • Packing Peanuts

You can pack peanuts in different forms. They are used for filling the empty spaces in moving boxes that help in preventing items from rattling. It is an affordable way to secure your move.

  • Moving Blankets

Most moving companies bring their moving blankets to safely load belongings and possessions into trucks. It is used for such objects that do not easily get packed in moving boxes. Covering your furniture and other heavy items with a moving blanket will keep them free from scratches, dings, and other damages. They offer extra padding to the goods.

Can I Rent Plastic Moving Boxes?

Can I Rent Plastic Moving Boxes?

Yes, sure you. It is easy to get plastic moving boxes. You will get pre-cleaned and ready-to-move boxes to relocate your belongings. It is a sustainable option to pack and move your belongings. Currently, it has become quite popular. They are made with recycled plastics that are eco-friendly.

They are a better alternative to packing as they produce less solid waste than cardboard boxes. Plastic moving bins are good for office, house, and commercial moving.

They are equipped with lots of benefits that make them a smart choice to go with.

The first reason is durability. They are highly durable and offer desired protection for your belongings. You can easily relocate your goods without any worry during the rainy season with such bins. Such plastic bins are designed with easy-to-carry and ergonomic handles so that you can move them easily. It is very helpful inloading and unloading goods.

The packing process gets easier with these plastic bins as they come pre-assembled. You don’t have to arrange or assemble them before using them. They come with self-closing lids; thus, there will be no requirement for packing tape. After using them, you can return them to the rental company.

“As corny as it sounds, to me, home is where the heart is… So moving houses is just another way in which I get to experience life.” — Ellen DeGeneres

Way To Pack Moving Boxes

Way To Pack Moving Boxes

It is a good start to get the best quality and the desired number of moving boxes, and all your efforts get ruined if you do not pack them in the right manner.

Follow some of the basic packing practices to ensure that all your fragile and antique items arrive safely in your new home.

  • Remove the Clutter

Before starting the packing process, you should declutter rubbish, not used, broken or unwanted belongings. What is the benefit of packing unuseful belongings as they will only increase rubbish collection at your new home?

  • Plan an Inventory

You should make an inventory that will help you in keeping track of your packing process. It will help you at the time of unpacking and will make the process easier.

  • Pack Together

You should pack objects from the same room together so that you can get them at your convenience. Also, after completing the packing process, you should label them accordingly so that you can avoid hassle at the time of unpacking.

  • Pack Consistently

One of the most important things that you can do to improve your packing efficiency is to pack consistently. When you pack the same items, in the same way, every time, it becomes much easier to find what you’re looking for and to avoid bringing unnecessary clutter into moving boxes.

  • Organize Everything

You might have faced how irritating it is when you don’t get tiny bolts and bits after reaching your new address. Thus, what’s the solution? You should try to keep such small accessories in ziplock bags so that you can get them easily when required.

  • Use Some Cushion

Before adding items to the moving box, you should make a layer for the protection of your belongings. You can use packing peanuts, newspaper, or something like this to create the base of the bottom.

  • Keep it Right

After packing all your belongings, you should keep them the right way. Firstly you should keep them upright, and also, if you are placing them one over another, then keep the heavy item at the base and over it the lighter one.

  • Don’t Pack Too Much.

Try to pack things in the right amount in moving boxes. There is a certain limit to every box, and you should plan accordingly. Also, you should not under-pack moving boxes so that objects do not get rattled during transit.

  • Pack Overnight Box

At the time of moving, you should always pack the one necessary box that will help you after reaching your new home. It will include all required clothes, mobile charges, important paper and other such things that will be required for the first few days after reaching your new home.


Packaging is one of the most important factors in moving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a short-distance move or moving far away from the current place. It’s always recommended to pack your belongings with utmost care so as to ensure the safety of your things.

The size and shape of your items, as well as the number of people helping, will decide what type of box and the no. of boxes you’ll need in order to make sure everything arrives safely at the new destination. The prices may vary according to your requirement as this guide provides the estimate of no. of boxes required and their prices.

Keep the boxes safe!! Make sure you recycle those boxes in the future when required. And if you have any friends who are also looking for help with their moves, just hand it over to them.

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