What Are Moving Blankets and Why You Need Them for Your Move

What Are Moving Blankets And Why Do You Need Them For Your Next Move

When you’re thinking about moving or relocating, the most basic tools you can think of for transporting goods are corrugated boxes or carton boxes. But have you ever wondered how to safely transport large items such as furniture and other valuables from one place to another? 

Yes, you are absolutely right. Right packing materials including moving blankets and moving trucks will be the basic requirement for moving. 

Read this guide to answer your questions regarding what are moving blankets and how you can use them to safely transport your valuable goods from one place to another without the risk of getting damaged.  

Know Everything About Moving Blankets

What Are Moving Blankets?

What Are Moving Blankets

The large coverings used or wrapping items at the time of moving are simply termed moving blankets. They are also known as furniture pads and are made of hard-wearing fabric material. Moving blankets are commonly used to protect furniture and other valuable items from getting damaged during transit. The fabric material of the furniture pad is a mixture of cotton, polyester, and recycled material. 

It provides a perfect blend of softness and toughness at the same time, as it not just provides a soft surface for the furniture but is also strong enough to resist tears and scratches. You will also find cushions in some moving blankets that are used for offering extra protection to high-value and fragile items. These covers protect and act as a barrier between the moving van and the object and prevent them from undesired situations. In simple terms, you can say that moving blankets act as a versatile packing tool that makes your object’s relocation safe.

Types of Moving Blankets

Types of Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are available in a range of sizes, variety, and quality levels; the choice depends on the buyer’s need and available funds. For instance, light furniture pads are used to transport less valuable objects and are inexpensive. In contrast, heavy-material furniture pads are used to transport highly precious items and are more expensive than light furniture pads.

Check out some of the common moving blanket types. 

  • Thin Moving Blankets

Thin moving blankets are the ideal answer for a one-time move because they are constructed with less fabric and are therefore less expensive. These moving blankets can only withstand a few moves because there is so little fabric on them and after that, they must be replaced.

  • Average Moving Blankets

Average-weight moving blankets are made with a medium amount of fabric and hence, can be used multiple times without replacing it. Due to their lightweight characteristics, they are perfect for the best professional movers.

  • Heavy Moving Blankets

Heavy-moving blankets are by far the heaviest moving blanket used for protecting valuable items. These blankets are designed for professional movers or for people who prefer to do it themselves and require additional layers of protection for their fragile or highly valued objects.

Why Do You Need Moving Blankets

Why Do You Need Moving Blankets

Moving blankets provides excellent durability and protection during transit. In addition, since items of furniture are expensive and prone to damage, they must be protected. Moving blanket designing is done with the same motive, i.e. to offer the best-desired protection to the objects. Following are a few advantages of employing moving blankets:

  1. Protect Your Floors and Walls

The primary advantage of moving blankets is that they can protect your floors and walls from scratches and damage when you move out of your old home and into your new one. When swiping and colliding to move, furniture is prone to scratch when entering or exiting a door. These blankets form a protective layer that prevents furniture from coming into direct contact with floors and walls, preventing both furniture and walls from being damaged.

  1. Moving Blankets Prevent Scratching And Damage To Your Objects

Furniture pads are mostly used to protect your huge, bulky, or unusually shaped goods by wrapping them up. Most furniture and appliances can fit under most moving blankets, and once your things are covered, you may wrap them in plastic wrap to keep the furniture pad attached. 

By wrapping your furniture cushion around your item, you are stacking protection and ensuring that it won’t get dented or dinged during your relocation. Additionally, since the surface will be protected, doing this will avoid scratches.

  1. Protect The Objects From Dust And Debris 

When you move to a new home, dust and dirt can accumulate on your belongings and can be quite uncomfortable when it’s raining or snowing outside. Luckily, furniture pads keep your belongings from getting dirty and dusty, so everything is clean and ready when you arrive at your new address. 

  1. Make It Easier To Move Heavy Items

Wrapping a heavy object with a movable blanket makes it easier to pull, saving labor and reducing the risk of injury when lifting heavy objects. While loading into a moving truck it becomes easier to grip the items if they are wrapped with a moving blanket.

  1. Fill the Empty Space

During transit, boxes and the contents of boxes will move a lot. To stop this shifting and any subsequent damage, place moving blankets inside empty boxes or in between boxes to safeguard them. In the event that something heavy falls to the ground, they will soften the impact.

How To Use Moving Blankets

How To Use Moving Blankets

Professional movers generally use rubber bands around the blanket to secure the object. So, if you are not hiring a professional and thinking of doing the task yourself, you should do them attentively and keep the below discussed points in mind. 

Moving blankets follow simple procedures for use. Start by wrapping the blanket around the items so that it can provide proper coverage to the object. Make sure that it’s not too tight. You can use multiple blankets on bigger and more fragile items. If you want to pack small items such as microwaves, chairs, etc then you should spread a moving blanket on the surface. The lighter face of the blanket should be outwards. After that, place your item on the moving blanket in the center and place them diagonally.

Start folding the corners of the blanket to wrap the object completely. Once your object is wrapped completely, secure that with plastic wrap. You can use tape or plastic stretch wrap to secure the moving blankets by enveloping them horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally to keep the object compact in one place. Although, you can also use any strong material straps or rope to bundle up the moving blankets.

For packing large items with moving blankets you will need someone’s support. Firstly you need to cover the front section of the object, followed by the sides and back. It’s not necessary that a single blanket can cover the object completely so you can take more to ensure proper coverage. With the help of stretch wrap, secure the final covering.

How To Choose The Right Moving Blanket?

How To Choose The Right Moving Blanket

Selecting the right moving blanket holds a strong presence in making your move smooth and comfortable. Here we would like to state some of the common yet neglected points that will help you in making a better decision. 

  • Quality: You might be thinking that what’s the point of checking the quality of moving blankets as its work duty is to only wrap things. But this is an important factor as your precious items will get packed with a moving blanket. The quality of the blanket used has a direct impact on the condition of the item which is packed inside. So to ensure the betterment of your items you should give some time to check the quality of the moving blanket. 
  • Quantity: Moving blankets come in a fixed number of packs including 2, 4, 10, 12, and so on. There will be a need to identify the required number of moving blankets and buy or take on rent the right number of moving blankets. According to the number of movable items, you should identify the estimated number of moving blankets. 
  • Size And Weight: There is a standard size and weight for every object and this goes the same with moving blankets too. You will get a 72×54 inches size moving blanket. This size wrapping blanket effectively covers electronic items, furniture, and all other household items. For items larger than this such as washers, and dryers, you will get 72×80 inches moving blankets.

What Are Moving Blankets Made Of?

What Are Moving Blankets Made Of

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“People get rid of plenty when they move. Sometimes, they’re changing not just places but their personalities as well.” ― Colson Whitehead, “The Nickel Boys”

From Where To Get Moving Blankets?

From Where To Get Moving Blankets

Many professional packers and movers offer moving blanket services in addition to their other services. However, if you plan to move, you have two options: buy a moving blanket or hire a moving blankets service. Although purchasing moving blankets can be pricey and have to store them properly for future use. On the other hand, renting blankets is more affordable and spares you the hassle of storing them.

You can easily get moving carpets from the places you have got moving supplies. You can either take them on rent or buy them. However, most individuals prefer to take them on rent as they are only required when the moving day comes.  

If you are looking for the rent option then check these points: 

  • Moving Supply Stores 

You might plan to complete the move with your own vehicle but there will be a requirement of moving blankets and dolls that you can take from the moving supply store. You can search on Google for “moving store near me” and visit the nearest one. Home Depot and U-Haul are some of the popular places for getting moving supplies on rent. 

  • Moving Truck Rental Companies

The best and most convenient option to take moving blankets on rent is from a moving company. You can take moving supplies that you might need for your move such as moving trucks, packing supplies, and moving blankets at a reasonable price. 

  • Friends And Family

Before deciding the place from where you can take moving blankets on rent, you can ask your friends and neighbors for the same. If they have any available you can borrow from them. You might get surprised by what amazing things individuals store in their garages.

Moving Blankets Alternatives

Moving Blankets Alternatives

Nothing can beat the functionality and safety that a moving blanket offers to your goods at the time of packing and moving. 

If your budget does not match the requirement of the moving blankets you need, here are the alternative tools you can use as moving blankets.

  1. Thick Old Blankets and Large Bed Sheets 

You can substitute moving blankets with old thick blankets or large bedsheets. They will offer the same protection as moving blankets. Similarly, a large bed sheet can be used by wrapping it around multiple times on the object to add layers and prevent it from damage. 

  1. Towels and Old Clothes

For fragile items, you can use towels, as they offer soft protective shelter to the objects. Old clothes on the other hand do not offer much protection but can be used to cover small items to prevent them from dust and debris.

  1. Foam Sheets or Bubble Wrap

Foam sheets and bubble wrap are common tools used for the shipping and transit of goods to prevent items from breakage or any possible damage. They are a bit expensive but offer maximum protection.

  1. Cardboard Pieces

You might be having some unusable carton boxes in your home that can be used to protect your valuable goods from scratches. These cardboard boxes will not be easy to fit around improperly shaped objects. You can use them to secure large household objects before wrapping them with a towel or other things.


We reached the decision about the significance of moving blankets and how they might help with your move. They give your furniture, appliances, and other precious items the best protection possible. You should use moving blankets for your upcoming relocation now that you are aware of the importance.

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