Interesting Dog-Friendly Activities To Do In Sydney

Dog-Friendly Activities

Sydney is really a great place for all proud pet parents to live with their furry four-legged friend. Not just a stroll in a park or at a beach, but there’s a number of activities in which you can accompany your furry friend to really have a wonderful time with you. From pet-friendly cafes and parks to scenic walking trails and beaches, there’s no shortage of dog-friendly activities in Sydney. All these options will prove to be quite adventurous ones that will help you better bond with your pet.

Get ready to discover various leash-free zones where your pup can run wild and free, snuffle to make new friends, and maybe even learn a new trick (or two!). Keep on reading as we’ll take a look at some of the best places to take your pup in Sydney so that you can enjoy all this amazing city has to offer together. So, grab your leash, some snacks, and some water for you and your pooch, and get ready to explore the best of Sydney with your pup!

1. Take A Stroll Along Bondi To Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

Take a leisurely stroll along the popular Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

Taking your dog on a stroll along the popular Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk is an experience that you will cherish forever. Just visit once to see what this amazing place has to offer, and soon you will return by yourself. Not only is the 6-kilometre journey breathtakingly beautiful, passing through several famous beaches in Sydney, but it’s also a great way to get some exercise with your pup by your side. Even though this whole walk is easily accessible via public transport, it’s advised to reach here using your private vehicle only.

All kinds of dogs are welcome at Sydney’s most famous Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk. On your way, you’ll be able to enjoy some really amazing, stunning coastal views and see what’s happening on the beaches, parks, cliffs, and rock pools that come along your pathway. On your journey, you will also be able to catch a number of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants where you and your pooch can take a bite. As you make your way to the end of the journey, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the famous Coogee Pavillion, a great spot to grab a bite to eat or a refreshing beverage.

2. Go Through The Strickland State Forest

dog-friendly Taronga Zoo

It might seem a bit challenging to find a proper dog-friendly rainforest in and around Sydney. While many national parks don’t allow dogs inside them, this is not the case with all the NSW state forests. At Strickland State Forest, which is just a 75-minute drive north from the centre of Sydney, you will find a number of walking tracks with options that even go 2 km long.

Plus, you get the option to combine multiple walks to experience more adventure for yourself. No matter what route you pick, just ensure that the dog doesn’t go out of your control at all. Let off the leash and allow your dog to enjoy exactly what real nature looks like. For added security, you can keep an eye on your dog and pull the leash back whenever you spot any other dog.

3. Plan A Trip To The Kiama Blowhole

scenic bush walk in the Royal National Park

For a great time with your four-legged friend, plan a day trip to Kiama, which is home to one of the largest blowholes across the globe. While the blowhole is experienced the best during high seas, during calm weather, it is equally beautiful. Along with this, on all blowhole points, dogs are permitted, as long as they stay on a leash.

Planning a trip over here will, for sure, be an adventurous activity that will allow you to witness an amazing spectacle of nature that will also give you a charming seaside town experience. Not just for the Blowhole, but the whole of Kiama is a great option as a trip location. You can opt for options like the Kiama Coastal Walk, Kiama Lighthouse, and Kiama Blowhole Visitor Centre. For Eatables, you can refer to all the different cafes and restaurants available.

4. Play Fetch At A Dog-Friendly Park In Sydney

Play Fetch at a Dog-Friendly Park

Playing fetch at one of the many dog-friendly parks in Sydney is, for sure, a great way to get some exercise, socialise, and have fun with your furry friend. In total, there are more than 400 dog parks in Sydney to choose from, which presents you with numerous options at your disposal. Parks provide an ideal setting for an afternoon or evening of play, with plenty of space for running and plenty of trees for shade. By choosing to go to a park, you allow your dog to become socialised with other people as well. Not just this, but you would be able to teach your dog some important training skills as well.

Going for a fetch play at a park is really a fun way of increasing your bonding with your dog, especially when you have recently acquired or adopted it. There are certain dog breeds that don’t like playing fetch at all and need encouragement. Whether you and your pup are running around the grassy areas, playing in the water, or chasing a ball, the park is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.

5. Head Over To The Blue Mountains

Head Over to the Blue Mountains

Another great outing option to go with your dog is the Blue Mountains. You won’t be disappointed to visit the Blue Mountains at all, as it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the most popular attractions that you can head over to spend some great moments with your dog include the Blue Mountains itself, The Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls Lookout, The Giant Stairway, Grand Canyon Track, and Mayfield Garden. Each of these locations carries its own essence.

The overall captivating beauty of this wonderland is truly mesmerising and leaves everyone stunned. With over 87 miles of track, you can go for an exciting bush walk with your four-legged friend. At The Three Sisters, you can head over to the Echo Point Lookout. Other dog-friendly lookout points include Cahill’s Lookout, Eaglehawk Lookout, and Sublime Point Lookout. For accommodation, you can go to the Dryridge Estate, i.e., a dog-friendly winery in the Blue Mountains, which has dog-friendly accommodations as well.

6. Enjoy A Picnic At Centennial Park

picnic at Centennial Park

Taking your dog for a picnic at Centennial Park is a great way to spend quality time with your furry friend and enjoy the outdoors as well. Centennial Park is the largest off-lead dog park located in the heart of Sydney, with plenty of open space to explore and plenty of activities to do. With its extensive walking tracks, wide open fields, and picturesque lakes, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic. More than 30% of the total park area is available for off-the-leash dogs. There are still a lot of areas where your dog needs to be on leash at all times, and some areas where their entry is completely restrained.

For those looking for some more active and adventurous activities, Centennial Park has a great range of activities for you and your pooch. With plenty of walking and biking trails, a dog-off-leash area, and even horseback riding, there’s something for everyone. You can also take part in some of the park’s special activities, such as the popular Doggy Day Out. Furthermore, this park hosts a number of dog-friendly cafes to allow you and your friend to enjoy some great moments together.

7. Take A Surf Lesson At Freshwater Beach

surf lesson at Freshwater Beach

Taking your dog for a surf lesson at a beach is a great way to bond with your pup while also having a fun, active day at the beach. For it, you can choose from a multitude of options available at your disposal. Some worthy mentions for dog-friendly beaches in Sydney include Sirius Cove Reserve, Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Rowland Reserve, Kutti Beach, Manly Lagoon, Rose Bay Foreshore, Silver Beach, and Horderns Beach.

Before getting into the water, it’s important to teach your pup the basics of beach safety and the rules of being in the water. This includes teaching your pup to stay off the rocks and to stay close to you at all times. Once your pup is comfortable in the water and the waves, it’s time to start the lesson. If your pup is a beginner, you’ll want to start by introducing them to the surfboard. This can be done by having your pup stand on the board while it is still on the sand. Once they’re comfortable with that, you can start paddling out together.

8. Catch Some Cinema At The Skyline Drive In Blacktown

Catch some cinema at the Skyline Drive in Blacktown

Don’t get astonished by knowing that you can take your dog with you to the cinema to catch some amazing visuals. But it won’t be a regular cinema, as your dog will be accompanying you to a drive-in cinema. Just make sure that your dog is leashed at all times when it comes out of the car. Plus, you need to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t leave behind any sort of waste or faeces on the grassy area.

Furthermore, under any circumstances, your dog isn’t allowed in the Gold Grass area or the dining area. See the top films that have been released in recent times, and opt for the one that suits your taste. For sure, it’ll be worth remembering the time spent with your furry friend, whom you are going to cherish forever. You can always bring your pet’s favourite snacks to allow him to enjoy every second as well.

9. Take The Spit Bridge To Manly Walk

Take a walk along Spit Bridge

Taking your dog to Spit Bridge can be a great way to spend some quality time with your pup. Spit Bridge is a popular spot for people to take their dogs for a walk and to enjoy the scenery. The area is full of nature and scenery, so it is a great place to take your pup for some fresh air and exercise. It can also be a great way to let your dog socialise with other dogs in the area. If you are visiting the area, it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations that are in place for dogs in the area.

This includes making sure your dog is on a leash and not disturbing the peace of other people. Additionally, you should always clean up after your pet, as there is no designated pet waste station in the area. Taking your pup to Spit Bridge can be a great way to give them some fresh air and exercise while exploring the local scenery. While going, just make sure not to go through the restricted area that goes through Sydney Harbour National Park.

10. Visit A Pooch-Friendly Cafe

pooch-friendly cafes

There are several pet-friendly cafes all around Sydney where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks with your dog. It’s one of the best ways to increase bonding with your furry friend. When choosing a desirable option for yourself, there are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to come up with a single choice. See what food offerings they have and how much outdoor area they possess to allow you to enjoy your meals with your pet friend.

Some delicacies that your dog would definitely love include pup cakes, chicken and rice, pet-friendly snacks, and much more. Heading towards a pet-friendly cafe with your four-legged friend after a day of either a scenic hike or exploring a dog park is one of the best things to do. So end your day out by visiting a pooch-friendly cafe and ordering either dry or wet food.


Taking your dog to all different locations and indulging with them in different activities in Sydney is an important way to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy. Regular exercise, socialising with other dogs, and exploring new places can help your dog stay mentally and physically active and give them an outlet for their natural energy. Not only will it allow both of you to spend some quality time together, but it will also help you strengthen your bond and deepen the connection between both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take dogs to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney?

No, dogs and other domestic animals aren’t allowed in the Australian National Botanic Gardens. An exception is there that states that if you’ve got a registered assistance animal with you, it can enter the garden with you. The reason for putting a restriction on the entry of pets is to safeguard the various wildlife and different plant collections available in the garden. Those who really want to take their dogs for a leisure walk can consider other better options, like nearby parks and other reserves.

Can dogs go on Sydney trams?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Sydney trams, but you need to get their permission before you actually take them on board. The tram staff may refuse to take your dog on the tram if they think the tram is already crowded or the dog might cause any potential issues. Plus, you need to restrain your dog in a proper carrier at all times when your dog is with you. Other related considerations to take into account include that your dog must be clean, well-behaved, and not cause any sort of discrepancies to any other passengers.

Are dogs allowed on Sydney beaches?

Yes, there are some dog-friendly beaches in Sydney, but most of them have restrictions on when or where dogs are allowed or not. Greenhills Beach is Sydney’s only dog-friendly ocean beach, but it too has some leash restrictions, as dogs can only leash before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. every day. Other than that, Clifton Gardens Reserve, Manly Lagoon, and some parts of the Spit West and East Reserves allow dogs, but only in some designated areas.

Are Sydney trains dog-friendly?

No, unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on any of the Sydney trains or at stations. Discussions are in the process of allowing pets on various public transports in the future, but for the time being, it’s still on hold. Some other public transport options that you can go with for travelling with your dog include buses, ferries, light rail, and pet taxis.

How do you calm a dog on a train?

Having a stressed pup with you on a train isn’t ideal for anyone at all. Some tips for calming a dog on a train include keeping a puppy toy with you to keep the puppy occupied (obviously a non-squeaky one). Another suggestion to help your dog become calmer is to take him on a ride before the train ride. Other than this, you can carry some familiar items from your dog with you, which might include a familiar blanket or even a toy. Once the pet settles down on the train, consider giving him a petting session to keep him steady and calm for the whole train journey.

What is the best activity for a dog?

The best activities for a dog depend on a number of factors, like his age, breed, health, and personality. Some great ideas for the dog to be involved in include different physical exercises, mental stimulation-based games, socialisation, sniffing walks, cuddling, and playtime as well. In brief, opt for those activities that your dogs really enjoy and that fit your lifestyle as well.

How do you entertain a dog?

Numerous ways exist by which an individual can keep their dogs entertained for hours. In general, the best approach depends on the age, breed, energy level, and interests of your dog. You can opt for different physical activities like walks and hikes, fetch and frisbee, obstacle courses, and swimming. You can also go with some mental activity-based games like hide and seek and scent work. Furthermore, you can go with some interactive play-based activities like tug of war, chew toys, snuggle time, and more.

Can I take my dog to Sydney Zoo?

No, the authorities at Sydney Zoo don’t allow dogs to enter their premises. The only exception is to allow only registered assistance animals to do so after receiving proper permission.

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