How Much Self Storage Cost in Australia? (2024)

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How Much Does Self Storage Cost

Moving and storage go hand in hand. Storage for furniture and box items is very useful when you want to free up space in your home or workplace. Prices of the self-storage units may vary according to the consumer’s requirement, whether they require a small, medium, large or extra-large space. Moreover, factors that also affect the cost of storage are geographical, rental period, extra add-on services, and supply. The other factor that can influence the cost of storage is the location of the storage unit and you can find an economical storage solution outside the major cities. The self storage cost estimator provides you an easy way to find out the average cost of a box of your selected size.

Average Self Storage Cost Per Month Across Australia

Average Self Storage Cost Per Month Across Australia

The data that is given below highlights the price of storage facilities in major capital cities across Australia. These prices are not the fixed one. We are providing this only for estimation purposes.

City Average Storage Unit Cost/ Month
Melbourne $60 – $540
Sydney $65 – $1000
Brisbane $85 – $1100
Adelaide $40 – $500
Canberra $90 – $1150

If we talk about storage spaces, most of them have facilities between 80 – 900+ units with lots of different shapes and sizes. Here is the list of some of the popular sizes with their prices. These prices are not fixed as they fluctuate according to the demand and supply of the market.

Average Unit Prices In Accordance With Size (AUD)

Size Dimensions Price Per Month
Extra Small Units 1.5m x 1.5m $80 – $100
Small Units 1.5m x 3m $100 – $130
Medium Units 3m x 3m $210 – $240
Large Units 3m x 6m $350 – $400
Extra Large Units 6m x 4.5m $370 – $430

Advantages of Using a Self Storage Unit

Advantages of Using a Self Storage Unit
Self storage is one of the best ways to clear out the clutter from your home and makes it easier to stay organised. These storage units grant you regular access to your furniture or goods kept in the spaces. The prices are not so high for such spaces across Australia. These storage solutions have flexible conditions and super secure facilities to protect your belongings.

  • Guaranteed Security

    Your valuables kept in there are completely safe and locked up. Every unit is under surveillance cameras which are used to increase security measures. Here, security guards patrol many storage facilities to offer peace of mind.

  • Cost Effective

    Prices of each storage facility vary as they have competitive prices with the flexible plans offered. There is the availability of multiple sizes of self-storage units to accommodate various needs and budgets.

  • Ample of space

    You might have a lot of free space at your home. Moreover, you can utilise more of your property for more activities like making an additional room for your kids or a guest room.

  • Valuables Saved from Environmental Damage

    Keep your belongings safe from the environmental elements. Don’t worry about your things as they are stored in dry places and won’t suffer from damage.

Factors That Impact Self-Storage Costs

Factors That Impact Self-Storage Costs

There are many factors that influence the price of self-storage. However, not just the quote you receive may be impacted by these variables. Some only affect the standard quote in general. These factors are carefully studied and carefully calculated to come up with individual charges for every consumer. Carefully go through the various options available to you and compare the cost and other factors to get most of your money’s worth.

  • Location

    Location is one of the major factors that will definitely affect the cost. The cost will be higher or lower based on where the storage facility is located. Moreover, the level of demand and supply in the market affect self storage prices. If you are using the popular storage facility near the residential area then it will typically cost you higher than usual. We recommend you to get a storage unit that is closer to you only if you are storing the items that you will need on a regular or daily basis. If not, then you must prefer a location an hour or two hour drive away from your place. It’s guaranteed that it will be far economic.

  • Type of Storage Unit

    There are two types of storage i.e indoor and outdoor storage. The cost of storage depends on what type of storage you choose. The outdoor storage allows you to access it easily from the outside whereas indoor storage facilities can only be accessed from the inside of the premises. The outdoor one is more affordable than an indoor facility. Indoor storage is more secure and comes with the option of climate control and other perks. This is only accessible from the inside, and sometimes your storage unit can also be housed in a distant area of the storehouse that may require elevator access, making it a bit challenging to move your stuff in and out of the facility.

  • 24/7 Accessibility

    You should get a storage facility that has 24/7 accessibility if you are storing the daily needs item which you may require at any time of the day. The cost of this storage can be a bit higher but it is guaranteed that you can access this any time of the day you want. If you are storing items like furniture, old books, or apparel that you don’t need urgently can be stored at faraway storage facilities. On the other hand, if you are storing items like bottles of wine, cooking equipment, and items that you use on a daily basis, then you must get storage that can be accessed 24/7. Not, it is your choice whether you want to opt for this feature or not.

  • Duration of The Stay

    One of the factors that can affect the cost of the storage facility is the length or duration of the stay. Mostly, companies will charge higher prices if you are getting it for a short period of time and if you stay with them for a long period then they are happy to offer discounts. This is done by the companies so that you don’t deal with anyone else. Storage facilities generally offer discounts and lower rates to customers who rent units for six months or more. The best storage companies will provide you with the facilities that are best suited for you.

  • Amenities

    Storage facility comes with different features for the security and safety of your belongings. A climate control feature is needed when you have to store wooden items like furniture or clothes. This saves them from humidity damage which is very important. A CCTV camera is also there on your unit which releases your stress of theft and damage. There are some more amenities offered by the storage companies. The cost of the unit will increase according to your requirement. Just make sure you only get the features that you need, nothing more than that.

  • Population

    Remember that, the more people in the area, the more expensive it becomes because the demand for that particular space is high. Areas, where students reside, are comparatively higher than the non-student towns. This is because of the non-competition of the storage units. It is basically the overpopulated cities or towns that have higher rent prices for the storage facilities than the downsizing ones.

What Are Some of The Additional Charges in Storage Facilities?

What Are Some of The Additional Charges in Storage Facilities?

  • Late fee ($10+)
  • Lock cut fee ($7+)
  • Auction fee ($30+)

Storage fees are imposed to ensure that everyone at the facility follows the same rules. The fees may look minor but if not cleared on time becomes a large amount. For instance, if you are not paying fees on time, most companies charge late fees after 5-10 days which may be starting from $10. If not made this payment even after the late payment date then another late fee will also be added and so on.

Once the debt has reached the limit of 45 days, a lock cutting fee of $7 and an auction fee of $30 will be added to the tenant’s account. Moreover, any repair or cleaning charges will also be added

Costs of Storage Sheds for Different Rental Periods

Costs of Storage Sheds for Different Rental Periods

The storage cost of the various rental periods may vary according to the package they have selected. The rental periods that a storage company offers as per week, month, or year.

Per Week

The cost of weekly storage on average is $80. Many of the companies provide the storage unit for rent for one month at a minimum. In very few cases, the weekly rate of a storage unit may be the same as renting the unit for a whole month. Storage cost per week consists of self storage, cubicles and climate-controlled spaces. The storage super storage systems that allow you to store your important items, such as furniture or household belongings, in a safe and secure place with excellent long-term returns.

Per Month

The cost of storage units per month may vary, depending on the level of demand, but most customers pay for the storage per monthly package. A small storage unit may cost $40 per month. Larger self-storage facilities have an average cost of $250 with many amenities in them.

Per Year

The cost for renting a storage unit for one year on average is $1,800 for 10 x 10 units. Most storage companies require a contract to be signed for this type of rental period.

How Should I Determine What Size of the Storage Unit I Need?

How Should I Determine What Size of the Storage Unit I Need?

Before choosing the right self-storage unit sizes, many customers get confused about what size of the unit will be enough for them. They first need to determine how much stuff they will store in that.

Unit Size Estimated Content
3m x 6m A large garage’s size
3m x 6m x 3m (high) Hold the stuff of an average 3-4 bedroom house
2m x 2.5m x 3m (high) Can easily store the stuff of a 1 bedroom apartment or 2-3 bedrooms from a house
2m x 3m x 3m (high) Can store the items of a 1-2 bedroom set

What Are Different Types of Self Storage?

What Are Different Types of Self Storage?


Indoor storage is usually preferred for keeping personal belongings like antiques, musical instruments, clothes, upholstered furniture, books, electronics, and important documents. This type of storage facility allows customers to have a roof over their heads so that they can load and unload the items whenever they want to.


Outdoor storage units are generally used for vehicles, and boats, and this storage unit can also be used for office files or to keep any equipment. Customers can easily drive up to their unit to access their belongings for added convenience and the cost is also economical for this.

Climate Controlled

Climate-controlled self-storage units are helpful for preserving the quality of many items that could be harmed by exposure to extreme temperatures. For instance, pieces of art may be harmed if exposed to high levels of moisture for a long time; so, a climate-controlled storage facility would be preferred for maintaining its quality.

Mobile and Portable

Mobile and portable storage does not have a maximum rental time and only provides the option of transporting the unit to another location. Moving companies offer such types of storage services. This type of storage is preferred and an excellent option for those who are relocating. For added security and convenience, they can be brought to the customer’s location and loaded there.

Commercial Storage Space

Commercial storage facility is especially available for business files, inventory, or equipment. These large storage units are excellent for those who don’t have enough space in their business to store essential items which are used for business. You can even store the large machinery over there for safety.

Parking Spaces

Parking space is preferred for those who have vehicles or boats and no space to park. This type of unit is available both covered and uncovered at different price rates.


Self-storage can be a great option for people who need to store items temporarily or for those who want to downsize their things. Prices for self-storage vary depending on the location, size of the unit, and other factors. Renting a self-storage unit will make your home, business, and store more organised and spacious. Don’t forget that, an organised environment increases productivity. It is not a waste of money if you get it from one of the best storage companies. You just need to have a regular check on your items to ensure their safety.

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