Best Christmas Activities for Kids in Sydney (2024)

Christmas Activities For Children In Sydney

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride

in a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!

Hey, little ones and their parents! Do you probably guess with the idea of the song that what mesmerizing day is knocking at the door? Yes! You all guessed right. It’s time for Christmas. A beautiful festival that marks the winter’s beauty along with a bundle of happiness and cheerful holiday and faces all over the surroundings. We all know that every person, especially children, eagerly waits for Christmas day and this is true. Because this is one of the most special festivals that makes December even more prosperous.

While living in a place like Sydney where a Christmas market is highly likely to occur is mesmerizing on Xmas eve, this weather can make vacationing for certain activities burdensome. The most adoring approach to observing this event is by solving Xmas mysteries and enjoying the scenery from dawn until night. Christmas is celebrated in Sydney, Australia, with a lot of fanfare.

It’s a time when you are going to bake some delicious cookies along with the decoration of a Christmas tree with all your loved ones. Everybody loves to take part in this event because it is so marvelous on its own. If you celebrate Christmas with your family, you could have certain time-honored customs. This is a splendid festival that the whole family can enjoy indoors.

Well Wishing you a Merry Christmas! We are having something super thriving for children. Yes! In today’s blog, we will take you through the most adoring Christmas activities for children in Sydney that they will love to do and perform in the cozy weather of Sydney. So while Santa is organizing gifts for you lovely children you can do some activities to make your Christmas even more beautiful.

Best Christmas Activities For Children They Should Try

The holiday season is quickly approaching! Being able to spend some quality time together enjoying some of the entertaining events that are going on is one of the best things about the holiday season. This is your chance to wear your Santa hat and work some of your magic. Utilize this fantastic list of Sydney’s top Christmas events for children to make the most of the season.

This blog provides you with all the entertaining Christmas games for kids you could need, from Christmas family games to Christmas trivia for kids to Christmas games for preschoolers and older kids. There’s no need to go over your holiday budget because many of the best family Christmas games are actually very inexpensive.

You must ensure that children have fun celebrating Christmas while also learning something new. We’ve compiled a list of some engaging Christmas activities for children. Find out about these wonderful Christmas activities for kids by reading about them.

1. Make a popcorn Garland

Make a popcorn Garland

Popcorn garlands are regarded as traditional Christmas decorations in the United States, but their origins are in Victorian England. American colonists in Williamsburg, Virginia, began using popcorn garlands to decorate their trees as early as 1842. In the early twentieth century, German Americans contributed to the iconic status of popcorn as a Christmas tree decoration. Although you can use just about anything when making your popcorn garland, cranberries quickly gained popularity as an addition due to their long shelf life.

2. Decorate your Christmas Tree with some DIY

Decorate your Christmas Tree with some DIY

The aroma of Christmas pies and cookies, the sparkle of Christmas lights, and the sounds of Christmas carols all signal the beginning of the holiday season. However, putting up the Christmas tree and having everyone gather for tree decorating is the one thing that signifies the start of the Christmas season.

All of us recall and treasure the times we followed our parents around the house as they decorated the Christmas tree, set it up, and turned on the lights. No matter the size of the tree, whether it was made of paper or wood, or whether it was small or large, the entire family enjoyed decorating it.

3. Make Snowflakes Out Of Waste Paper

Make Snowflakes Out Of Waste Paper

If you want to create a wintery atmosphere in your home, paper snowflakes make excellent craft ideas for children. You can use them to create a snowflake wreath to display to your visitors, glue them to your windows, or hang them from your walls.

4. Bake Christmas Cookies

Bake Christmas Cookies

Christmas has arrived, and the market is bursting with sweet and savory cookies and treats in all shapes and flavors. The joy of giving and sharing is something that everyone shares, even though Christmas cookies vary from culture to culture around the world.

To bake cookies for a loved one, such as a favorite aunt or grandparents, you can inspire your child. Encourage your young child to think of cookie recipes and assist her in the kitchen if she is still learning to bake.

Many traditions are being replaced by technology in today’s world, and if we are being completely honest, that is just plain sad. It’s nice to maintain some long-standing family customs to foster closer ties among family members, like baking Christmas cookies.

5. Plan Some Zingle Songs With Fellows

Plan Some Zingle Songs With Fellows

One of the holidays that is most widely observed is Christmas. It stands for affection, empathy, and the act of giving to others. Everybody gets into the Christmas spirit when listening to music, which is a big part of the celebration. Carols are sung to remind us that God sent his son to become one of us out of his infinite love for us. Christians have commemorated and testified to the Messiah’s arrival through song throughout the ages, just as the first Christmas was marked by singing.

Some of the most famous Christmas songs which you can play with kids and fellows are:

  • Chestnuts Roasting
  • Deck the Hall
  • Ding Dong! Merrily On High
  • A Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Jolly Old St
  • O Christmas Tree

“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality.” – Washington Irving

6. Christmas Treasure Hunt

Christmas Treasure Hunt

The main objective of a treasure hunt is to find something after searching for it. Children are encouraged to be active and explore the outdoors by playing a treasure hunt game. Children of all ages can enjoy and benefit from a treasure hunt.

How to prepare for a treasure hunt?

While a treasure hunt can be conducted anywhere, it is more enjoyable to explore an outdoor area with a variety of interesting features and hiding spots.

Also read:

For a treasure hunt, you will need the following:

  • Paper and pencils are needed to prepare the clues beforehand.
  • A “treasure” to conceal.
  • Someone to keep an eye on your child while you hide the treasure and the clues, such as someone to play with your child somewhere else or take them for a quick walk.

By hiding the clues and the treasure, you create a treasure hunt. Your child may need to locate straightforward drawings that serve as clues. Your child learns the location of the next clue from each previous one. The treasure is found by following the last hint.

7. Watch Christmas Movies

Watch Christmas Movies

Get the popcorn and hot cocoa ready! On a cold winter day, nothing compares to the cozy feeling of curling up with holiday treats to watch the greatest Christmas films of all time or Christmas movies on Netflix. There’s something about holiday movies that makes you feel incredibly cozy on the inside. Plus, it’s even better if it’s a family-friendly film that you can watch with all of your loved ones, from babies to grandparents. Watch your children’s faces light up as they enjoy the best Christmas movies for kids while cuddling up on the couch with your family.

Some of the best Christmas movies to watch with your kids are:

  • Santa Claus is Coming to the Town 
  • Home Alone
  • Home Sweet Home Alone
  • The Preacher’s Wife
  • A Boy Called Christmas
  • Jack Frost
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Elf

8. Plan A Christmas Party With Fellow Children

Plan A Christmas Party With Fellow Children

The process of planning a party can be overwhelming, but we’re here to assist with a comprehensive guide filled with party planning tips. Be careful not to overspend on a lavish party, whether it be for the invitation, the location, the decorations, or the catering. Throwing a party will help your kids truly unwind and enjoy themselves, not to make a statement about society.

9. Write A Letter To Santa

Write A Letter To Santa

A great activity for encouraging kids to write letters to Santa is Write a Letter to Santa. A fun Christmas tradition is to write a letter to Santa. Santa can tell you’re polite if your letter is well written. Furthermore, it makes it simpler for him to buy you the gifts you want. After all, you could say he is a pretty busy guy with millions of people asking for gifts.

10. Visit The Christmas Show And Market

Visit The Christmas Show And Market

In addition to the Christmas markets, the sparkling lights, the entertaining and lively Christmas pop-ups, and the outdoor ice rinks, the enchanting towns, special locations, and beautiful nations serve as the presenters for a series of winter pop-ups that serve warm beverages, food that is animated from mountainous regions, sporadic games, and much more.

11. Go For Christmas Donation With Parents

Go for Christmas Donation with parents

Donating to a charity that gives gifts to underprivileged children will help you teach your kids the importance of giving to others throughout the holiday season. Your children could love picking out gifts for youngsters of their age. Choose from a number of different national charities or search for a local group that is spreading holiday cheer to families in your community.

When kids show kindness to others without expecting anything in return, they are teaching them about the Christmas spirit. Material gifts are not always required as donations. You can spend time with them by asking your kids to plan a Christmas party for elderly people living in nursing homes or for children living in orphanages.

12. Play Christmas Games

Play Christmas Games

Scavenger hunts are one of the best Christmas games to play with family. This can easily keep people of all ages happy – and for a while. From toddlers to teenagers all can participate in a Christmas scavenger hunt. So give this game a try this Christmas.

When the weather is nice and the kids need some fresh air, you can organize a Christmas. scavenger hunt or opt for an outdoor Christmas scavenger hunt. The “Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game,” a “Kids’ Scavenger Hunt in a Box,” or a “Family Scavenger Hunt” card game are all options for younger family members. It saves you the time and effort of looking for a free Christmas scavenger hunt printable, which is not free at all when you account for paper and ink.

Some Of The Other Fun Christmas Games Are:

1. Bingo


Who knew there were so many Christmas-themed bingo game options for kids? Kids of all ages have a virtually limitless number of options. Bingo is one of the most played games at the time of Christmas.

The variety of bingo games with wildlife themes is fantastic, and they’re perfect for family-friendly Christmas parties. These include variations of dinosaurs, birds, dogs, monkeys, jungle creatures, and even lethal animals. And everyone is aware that Australia has plenty of them!

2. Children’s Movie Trivia

Children's Movie Trivia

Are games with a Christmas theme, not your thing? Kids can also enjoy movie trivia. This is one of the best Christmas party suggestions for households with older children, especially for those who consider themselves to be a few movie buffs.

You can play a wide variety of Christmas games with kids, tweens, teens, and other adults. For evenings or during the day when you need a break from the hot weather outside, these make the ideal indoor Christmas games.

3. Charades For Kids

Charades for Kids

There are many Christmas charade games available for both children and adults, just like there are for bingo. Some of these are specifically geared toward kids, whereas others make festive family games for people of all ages.

In addition to many others, there are “Charades for Kids,” “Family Charades,” “Guesstures,” and “Speed Charades.” There are both board and card games based on charades. Anyhow, a few of them come in really cool tins that you can use year after year to store them.

When visiting relatives they may not have seen in a while, playing charades is a great way to get the kids to open up and get over their shyness. Everyone is sure to start joking around and talking about it, making sure that everyone is feeling love with the Christmas vibes.

How To Engage Children In Doing Christmas Activities?

Since kids anticipate the holiday season, there isn’t a better time to instill in them the spirit of giving and the Christmas spirit, which stands for joy and peace around the globe. Children can be inspired by their parents to participate in a variety of joyful, inspiring, and fun activities over the break to help them get in the holiday spirit.

  • Why not make your own Christmas presents this year? Choosing a thoughtful present off the shelf is far less personal and better. Set an example by having your kids create some beautiful gifts for their loved ones.
  • Christmas is a fantastic time to teach your child how to knit. Simply purchase a kit made especially for kids, and get them started. The satisfaction they will feel after creating their masterpiece will make the effort worthwhile.
  • Do you want to instill in your kid the joy of brightening someone else’s day? Encourage him to create easy holiday cards at home to send to loved ones who live far away or who he hasn’t seen in a while. When the card arrives in their mailbox, the recipients will be overjoyed.

Wrapping Up

The most eagerly awaited holiday of the year is Christmas. Young youngsters look forward to Christmas with great anticipation with their family and friends. It is a captivating season that only appears once a year and takes all joy and wonders with it. This Christmas should be unique from all others because it’s a chance to fill yourself and your kids up with joy with some awesome activities. These activities are loving for your children. Christmas activities for kids that will occupy and entertain your youngster this holiday season. These engaging Christmas activities for children teach them new things. You can find a list of activities that will give your kids a more prosperous Christmas in this blog. Which will you bookmark for this Christmas?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas Day is marked by Christians as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual figure whose teachings serve as the cornerstone of their faith.

What Was The Name Of Christmas In The Past?

Christmas (“mass on Christ’s day”) is a relatively recent invention in the English language. The earlier word “Yule” may have come from the Germanic “Jl” or “gel,” which were terms for the winter solstice feast.

How Can I Make My Kids Happier On Christmas?

Well, you can follow these activities and undoubtedly your kid will thoroughly enjoy doing these activities. What else can you do, specifically? You can give your child a lovely present. Yes!! That will inspire your child to make their Christmas even more lovely, just as they had imagined.

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