Cam McCarthy Death

Cam McCarthy Death

Ex-Fremantle Dockers’ player Cam McCarthy was found dead at a property in Lake Coogee on May 9, 2024. By night, the WA Police concluded the 29-year-old male was deceased. For the moment, the death is being looked at as non-suspicious, which will be confirmed by a report prepared for the coroner. The whole of the Australian Football League (AFL) heavy-heartedly issued an official statement on Friday afternoon, telling people that McCarthy was a “well-loved” individual by all.

Born on April 1, 1995, McCarthy played for the Fremantle Football Club and the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the AFL. Despite having a cricket background, he developed a keen interest in football after he played for the Western Australia under-18 team in 2013. After getting some sort of motivation from a South Fremantle Colts coach, he chose the AFL pathway for the rest of his career. After his demise, the CEO of the AFL said that his deepest condolences and thoughts are with the whole McCarthy family and his former teammates.

Reason And Cause Of Death

Although not being treated suspiciously, the exact cause of the tragic death of the former Freemantle Docker, McCarthy, is still uncertain. On May 9, around 6 p.m., paramedics were called to an address in Lake Coogee after he was found unresponsive. During his tenure with the Greater Western Sydney side, he started to face some mental health issues, because of which he asked the authorities to allow him to go back to Western Australia.

In 2020, it was reported that during a training session, McCarthy collapsed and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Furthermore, in July 2023, police officials stopped him near the town of Harvey, where they recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.414, which was eight times the legal one. Although all these instances might look unlinked, officials are trying to locate some sort of connection based on which a clear statement would be released. Till then, the WA Police is preparing a report for the coroner.

Early Career

Early Career

For a long time, Cam McCarthy had a keen interest in the sports of cricket and football. This liking in him took a turn for football after he got chosen as the last player chosen in the Western Australia under-18 team in 2013. With time, a South Fremantle Colts coach saw a lot of talent in him and suggested that he continue his journey as a professional football player. He became noticeable after a worthwhile performance in the AFL Under-18 Championship. This was backed by his after-the-siren winning goal for Western Australia and his broken leg against South Australia.

Afl Career

Afl Career

McCarthy made his AFL debut in Round 23, 2014, after he got a break in the AFL back in 2013 when he got drafted by the Greater Western Sydney Giants. Although he started the game as a substitute, he managed to score a goal from a long way out with his first kick. In September 2015, he requested a trade for himself to his home state of Western Australia, which was “categorically rejected” by Greater Western Sydney based on the mention that he needed to remain with them until the end of the 2017 season.

Despite getting an unfavourable response from the Greater Western Sydney side, he decided to return to Western Australia because of homesickness and mental health reasons, as he didn’t play the entire 2016 AFL season. After that, he was officially traded to Fremantle during the 2016 trade period.

For the 2017 season, he moved to the Fremantle Dockers after his trade request was accepted by Greater Western Sydney. In that season, he featured in 49 games in total across four seasons and scored 63 goals in total. His first two seasons saw him as a regular starter for the docker side but he only played 12 games in the third season, and only one in the last season in 2020 before he left mid-season.

Next, he went to join South Fremantle in the WAFL, where he didn’t stay much longer after his disappointing performance in the first game of the 2021 season. During his time at South Fremantle, he managed to play only 10 games, after which he walked away from the sport.

Personal Life

As per his family and former team members, McCarthy carried great energy all the time and was a much loved individual. As per a number of experts, he had very bright footballing talent. As quoted by Fremantle chief executive “Simon Garlick,” McCarthy was an even-tempered and kind person. He had a habit of making people smile and laugh with his sense of humour.

Career Highlights

In his seven-year career, the former Dockers and Giants star scored 99 goals in the 70 games played. Although facing a tough time in his debut season, he managed a fabulous season ahead of him in 2015, where he scored 35 goals in just a number of 20 games. Despite facing a number of challenges, he went on to continue his marvellous performance throughout his football career.

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