Essential Tips – When is the Best Time to Move House

Rules To Help You Decide When It’s The Best Time To Move House In Australia

Are you planning to relocate and seeking the best time to move your house? Moving house is great as you find a way to interact with new people and places and grasp new opportunities. However, finding the right time to move house is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that you have to plan while moving. You will feel devastated by house moving tasks.

One of the major things is that you need to plan the time of the move. Deciding the right time to move will ensure that you are fully prepared and things will get completed smoothly. It also avoids unexpected delays and costs during the move. Before moving a house, several questions arise regarding preparing a checklist, what vehicle should be used while moving, how packing will be done, and other such things. But first, let’s sort out what is the best time of the year, month, or day to move your house across Australia.

Have a glance at some of the essential tips which will help you understand the right time to move your house.

  • What Time, Morning or Evening?

The best time to go on the moving process is in the early morning so that you can easily move your belongings from one place to another. During this time, the traffic is less, and the roads are free from traffic. All packing of your stuff should be completed a day before so that the next morning you can call the removalists, load your belongings onto the truck and shift to the new home. In case you forget something, you can have a quick trip back and forth without facing any trouble.

  • Moving on Weekdays or Weekends?

The house moving demand changes according to the days, i.e., the demand for moving services is increased on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It makes a move costly as demand gets higher. If you want to have an economical move then, the best days to move can be Tuesday and Thursday, but it is still not certain as the demand for shifting houses changes on a daily basis. Some people may be unable to do so on working days due to school or other work commitments. Try to plan your move on weekdays as the moving companies may not be in a rush to complete your move, and they will be readily available for you.

  • What is the Right Season?

Moving a house during summer or warmer days is considered the best season as the days are longer than winters. During this season, you might be having school holidays or less work which may lead to an effective moving process. Moreover, the moving process during summer is high as most people prefer this season for moving house. Therefore, you should pre-book your move in the early days to secure your ideal booking time.

  • Move During School Holidays?

This factor depends on personal circumstances, whether you have a kid or not. The preferable time to move house is during the long school holidays, which do not interrupt the flow of the school term. Many people choose to move during the school term as moving with the children around them could be hectic. However, you should book the packing and moving services in advance if you want to avail of the services during the school holidays. Many removalists are not available at the last moment due to the high demand.

  • Lease and Settlement Dates

Check out the future tasks and all due dates. Without considering all of this, do not confirm the bookings for the removal and transportation services. For instance, you must consider important dates like when you are selling your home or your lease ends. Or, you may have to wait until your job contract expires or your children’s school year ends. So, it is necessary to consider future timing in order to secure the best date and time to relocate your house.

  • Stay Flexible

You need to be completely flexible during the move as it is a huge deal. The other family members should stay positive during the whole process. You must be ready before the move, especially when you lock the time with professional removalists. Just consider all the other options, such as when you will be starting your new job, when your children will join the new school, what is the date of settlement of your new house and many more factors.

It is not compulsory that you need to move your house in one go. There is no such hard and fast rule!! You can complete your move whenever you find suitable circumstances and have all resources. Stay flexible with your house moving process, enjoy the move, and make it a peaceful and positive move.

What Factors Affect Moving Cost?

What Factors Affect Moving CostSeeking to hire professional packers and movers for your house move? You might not be aware of what they are gonna charge. There are many factors that affect the packing and moving costs during the relocation from the old house to the new house. Here we go:

  • Distance of the Move

The main and foremost factor on which the cost may change is distance, i.e., from the current location to the location you are relocating. The cost of the move totally depends on the distance. The more distance a mover has to travel, the higher it will cost as it will consume more fuel and taxes.

  • Size of The Move

Another factor affecting the cost of moving is the size and volume of the objects that need to be moved. The professional movers first collect the data regarding the total volume of the goods they will be relocating. This is done to calculate the cost of moving. Your movers will quote the price depending upon the volume of goods you need to relocate.

  • The Complexity of The Move:

The cost of moving may also get affected depending on the move’s complexity. There are several situations which make the moving process complex such as moving delicate items like antiques and fine art or heavy items like pianos or pool tables and many more things which make the move complex and affects the price that is quoted for your house move. If the packing and handling require special care, the moving speed becomes slower and riskier, leading to extra charges.

  • Time of The Move

Timing of the move can also be one factor affecting the moving cost. You must think twice before making the final decision about moving time. If you are thinking of moving at month end or on weekends, it will definitely cost you higher than usual due to high demand. The moving industry might be at its peak during the holidays. Unfavourable weather conditions can also add up to the price of house relocation.

  • Packing Material Used

The packaging material you choose during the move also affects the cost of your move. If you choose premium packing material for your belongings like fiberboard boxes, edge guards, bubble wrap, etc., then it will cost you more than the standard quality packaging. You can either bring packing material on your own or movers will bring it with them if it is included in their package.

“People get rid of plenty when they move. Sometimes, they’re changing not just places but their personalities as well.” ― Colson Whitehead, “The Nickel Boys”

Tips For Making the Move Easier

Tips For Making the Move EasierAre you ready to make your move easier than ever before? Moving a house from one place to another will become easy as the following tips will help you out. Check out these tips and complete your move without any stress.

Don’t Go For The Last Minute Arrangements:

While moving your house, you need to be prepared with all the arrangements earlier. You can start organizing your stuff 2-3 weeks before the ultimate moving day. Just create a moving checklist to start following early to make your move hassle-free when the day of moving arrives.

  • Prepare Desired List

Before starting the moving process sit down and prepare the list of tasks you need to complete to avoid the mess. You can review the blogs online or speak with your friends or family about what things should be accomplished while moving house. There are a lot of things that are considered and can’t be handled at the last moment. Just create a list and assign the tasks to the responsible people. Give them the timeline to complete the tasks and then organize the booking with the removalist company accordingly.

  • Labeling of The Boxes

When you pack your things in cardboard boxes, you should label them clearly to avoid mess. This will help you to seek out things in a proper manner. You can unbox the particular box in the right spot. While unloading your belongings to the new house, they can easily be shuffled and kept in the right room the first time.

  • Never Make The Boxes Too Heavy

This is one of the pro tips that everyone must follow. You should never make the boxes too heavy, even if you are hiring professionals. This makes it difficult to carry them. You can pack dense and heavy items like books in small boxes to make them more manageable to carry. Pack the light weighted items in the large boxes so they can easily be carried.

  • Choose The Movers Wisely

Are you thinking of getting professional help for your move? Just get it done in the correct way. Instead of asking your relatives or friends for suggestions, you should do it yourself. You can get the best professional movers online, and check their ratings, and reviews before hiring a particular mover.

  • Donate The Unwanted Stuff

While packing your stuff, you realize you have many things you don’t need anymore. So, it is the best time to clear the clutter. You can either discard them or donate them to any needy person. There is no point in keeping these things in the new house because they will only take up space and disturb other objects. Take only those objects that you use in your daily routine.

  • Pack A Super Important Box

When packing your things, don’t forget to pack one essential item box with the items you require as soon as you shift. This is important while you are moving to a new place. The box must have a few pairs of clothes, medicines, important documents, checkbooks, pet food, footwear, a mobile charger, and other such objects that you might require once you reach your home. Make sure you clearly label it with the super important box or essential box, so you don’t lose track of it during the move.

“Happiness Doesn’t Have Just One Address” – Unknown


After all, it is your moving date, and it should be planned with special care. The rules mentioned above in the blog will help you suggest the best time to shift from the old house to the new house. You can choose the perfect date that matches your requirements and move easily. However, professional movers’ help will make your move simple and easy. You can trust professional moving company. Also, they will work according to your schedule and offer you a trouble-free and reliable moving experience throughout the year.

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