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People living in the capital of Australia, i.e., Canberra, are facing continuous challenges because of various pest infestations and other rodents. Not just one or two; there are way too many of these petrifying crawlers roaming around the bush capital, making it difficult for people to go along with their day-to-day activities. This is where getting pest control services comes in handy. Pest control is an activity used to mitigate or eradicate the pests that may be a danger to your health, property, and quality of life.

The pest professionals’ employ a range of successful methods to solve infestations. These include using pesticides, traps, and other preventive measures as well. They can take care of an array of insects’ infestations, including rodents, termites, and more. These experts, by assessing the problem, prescribing specific treatments, and sharing useful preventive strategies, combat the root causes of the infestation. Pest control prevents pests from posing a threat to your home and business and thereby gives it a more secure ambience for all.

As there are lots of Canberra pest control companies, the competition has made it hard for people to find the most effective and trustworthy option for themselves. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the pest control companies in Canberra that are renowned for their exceptional customer service and competitive rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pest control company charge in Canberra?

The cost that a pest control company will charge you depends on a lot of factors. At first, you need to decide what kind of pest control treatment you are planning to get and whether it’ll be an indoor treatment or an outdoor one. For a standard pest control treatment, you will be paying anywhere from $100 to $350. Interior and exterior pest control treatment might cost you around $200–$1000. You can also opt for specific pest-based control services whose price will be based on a specific pest. In case you are looking to get the full termite control option, it’ll cost you around $1700 to $6500, while the actual figure might vary based on your possession size and type.

What are the three methods of pest control?

Physical, chemical, and biological are the most commonly used pest control methods. The physical pest control method is also referred to as the mechanical pest control method, which involves the killing of pests by actually attacking and killing them. Either you directly kill them or you set up barriers that will prevent their further spread. In it, you usually block holes, open doors or windows, or use temperature control kill methods to eradicate the pests from your possession. Under chemical pest control, pesticides are used to kill the harmful pests causing damage. Boric acid is most commonly used for this kind of pest control. In the case of biological pest control, mass production of the combatants of various pest insects is done. Other than that, sometimes radiation might also be used to combat these pests.

Which pest is the most difficult to control?

Cockroaches, termites, and bed bugs are the most difficult pests to control. To see whether you have a cockroach infestation or not, simply look for egg casings or faecal droppings. For termites, you can simply check any of your home’s wooden areas to see if they have a termite infestation or not. If the wooden area crumbles, then you need to call someone for pest control. In the case of bed bugs, you will notice red, itchy skin across your skin right after you wake up in the morning. As they have a very speedy reproduction rate, you need to kill each bed bug manually to make sure each one of them gets eliminated properly.

What is a natural method of pest control?

Natural pest control methods include using natural household remedies that are non-chemical in nature. For it, one might use different kinds of essential oils, custom-made traps, and much more. You can also grow some natural pest control plants that include sunflowers, sunhemp, marigolds, mint, etc. You can also opt for growing local legumes that will work just fine to attract a lot of natural parasites and predators that will do their part to limit the population of all different pests.

How does pest control work?

The process of pest control involves utilising both physical as well as chemical methods to limit the spread of infestation-causing pests. For chemical methods, you will be either spraying pesticides in your possession or placing poison bait in those areas where pests are generally found. In most cases, upon calling a pest control company, you will get an assessment result from them on which pest control method is to be adopted and how much time it will actually take to go through the complete process. After getting pest control services, within just 2–3 days, you will start noticing significant results due to the pest control. This time frame can vary based on the pests that you might be dealing with and the size of the infestation as well.

How toxic is pest control?

Not all pest control types are toxic, as one might choose natural alternatives to pest control. But when it comes to chemical pest control, there are high chances that it will be toxic. In today’s time, most of the pesticides that companies use include compounds such as hydramethylnon and piperonyl butoxide that are potential carcinogens. In instances where one inhales, accidentally ingests, or their skin gets into contact with it,  acute toxicity will occur.

Which pest control method is best?

So far, chemical pest control methods are considered to be the best ones, as one can easily eradicate a large portion of pests and other rodents with ease using rodenticides and pesticides. Another possibility might be to use herbal pest control methods that have ingredients in them that are derived from naturally occurring herbs and plants. Still, many companies go with using chemical methods only, as there’s not much information or awareness about the natural methods of pest control.

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