Best Coding Languages for Kids

Best Coding Languages for Kids

According to the survey the result came out that our society has become so dependent on technology, everyone has basic computer knowledge and it’s good for the future. In schools, computer coding should not be an extracurricular activity but it should be a mandatory subject for all students for a better future. Because these days computer skills are a must for any career opportunity.

All programming languages are different from each other. Some of the languages are so complicated that can certainly turn kids off from ever learning to code. Coding languages are so important to make your kids familiar with the technology. But you should know which language you prefer for your kids to initiate the coding.

In order to help beginners to choose the right option we have prepared an inventory of different languages with their benefits. In this blog, we have shared a break of the advantages, level of challenges, and types of languages that kids can learn for a better future, so let’s take a closer look at every language.

What is Coding Language?

The source of communication between computers and human beings is called coding. It is the only way to instruct the computer on our requirements. Coding assists to develop a computer program. Computer programs help to run several tasks individually or multiple simultaneously like the browser you are currently using. Also, it is necessary for other computer applications like MS Office and operating systems, different types of windows. This is a magical language that helps to communicate humans with a machine and prepare them to perform tasks for them.

Types of Coding Languages For Kids

The older your kid gets, the more difficult it will be for them to learn a different language. It is essential to start teaching your kid coding language at age 10. At this age, it is easy to adapt to new languages and learn the grammatical rules and pronunciation of new vocabulary. 

Here is a list of the languages a kid can learn easily in their growing age.

1. Scratch


A solid foundation of programming principles is offered by the language Scratch. This is the most common language among kids these days. It is popular because of its easy learning features, kids can learn by creating, dragging, and dropping colourful blocks with the help of commands. Scratch language allows kids to create games, exciting stories, animated characters, apps, and music. If you have a computer at your home with Microsoft windows then you can install scratch free of cost from the official website.

It is one of the best and easiest programming languages for kids to learn. If you want to prepare your child for the digital future, you should better go for scratch language.


  • Block style storytelling 
  • free to download
  • Kids-friendly language 
  • Visual interface
  • You can use it without an internet connection

2. Java


Java is the most well-known programming language in the world. It helps to develop apps for the android platform, and it is easy to handle as an object-oriented programming language. For today’s kids, it is the biggest motivation to learn Java. It teaches kids how to build on Minecraft. Once kids get familiar with Java coding they will find Minecraft games very easy to create. But Java takes a long time to learn for beginners as compared to other programming languages.


  • Stable
  • Highly adaptive by today’s generation
  • Special software 
  • Future-oriented 
  • Helps to develop apps and game engines

3. Blockly


Blockly language is developed for kids aged ten and older. Blockly offers to switch programming languages on the fly. Additionally, it is the backbone of Android Apps. Blockly allows kids to deal with the rugged environment for learning programming languages and how to do coding.


  • Easy to adapt for kids 
  • Easy to execute code 
  • Interlocking building blocks
  • You can see code along the side of the coder’s screen

4. Python


One of the easiest languages to learn is Python. The syntax of Python is user-friendly and makes it easy to learn. It is frequently chosen as a simple and common programming language. Moreover, it is a text-based programming language. You can read it like a speech.


  • Less complicated syntax
  • Pygame toolkit 
  • Flexible programming language
  • Tutorials and books available

5. Ruby


The language Ruby is highly recommended for kids to learn to program. It has a very expressive syntax that is easy to read and follow. Due to its framework, its usage grew day by day during the early 2000s. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language more than python. This language is free of cost and one of the most popular languages in the world. Kids can use Ruby to create their own games and applications.


  • Case Sensitive
  • Flexible 
  • Easy to Learn
  • Naming conventions
  • Dynamic typing feature
  • Duck typing

6. C++


C++ Language is commonly used by programmers to create apps and games. Due to its versatility, it can help to develop apps on multiple platforms. C is the sister language of C++ and was used to develop apps in Apple systems. For kids, it is a great way to learn how to create applications for various windows.


  • Develop applications that run locally on machines
  • First choice for developing windows desktop applications  
  • Easy to understand 
  • Rich Library 
  • Quick Compilation

7. HTML, CSS & JavaScript

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

If your kid wants to be an engineer in the future JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is the best for them. The biggest advantage of these languages is that they don’t require any installation and are available on any device with browsers. HTML has lots of in-built interactive elements such as forms and buttons, the same can take a lot of effort to produce in other languages. The ability to build their own website is a great motivation for your kids, as they can see their progress as they code. 


  • Simple and Familiar
  • Object-Oriented
  • Platform Independent
  • Easy to understand and use

8. Lua


Lua is a script-based language used for writing video games as well as in stand-alone web applications. Learning Lua can help to develop the critical as well as logical skills of your child. With the help of Lua, you can write applications that are easy to implant in other languages such as C and C++.


  • Simple and efficient to use 
  • Dynamic data types 
  • Lightweight core 
  • Extensible and Portable

Benefits of Coding

It is a common conception that coding is for the smart mind. Learning to code is quite easy and convenient these days due to the frequently increasing technology. Anyone can learn it if they have an interest in learning a programming language. The person who is thinking about learning a programming language should have patience and diligence. After learning coding language empowerment got increased to do many things, and there are numerous benefits of learning programming languages.

  • Job Opportunities Are Great

If you want to get a successful career in the future for your kids, it is better to teach them coding and programming languages instead of doing anything else. After learning to code they would be able to get the best job opportunities. These days computer programmers are highly demanded by companies. Learning a coding language will surely open the career path for your child.

  • Flexible Career Path

A person who has programming skills can work in several industries like software, healthcare, digital marketing, and other reputed industries. They have the opportunity to work from home and work with flexible timings. Programmers are the central figure of every industry.

  • Communicate Effectively With Technical People

After learning computer programming language you will be confident to communicate with technical people. Speaking the technical language will make you confident and you will feel respected by technical people. You can make conversation effective and interesting with your computer programming language knowledge.

  • Make More And More Money

If you want to get more and more money in less time then you can go for computer programming. After getting a job as a developer you can earn a lot of money and have a successful life, the demand for developers will never decrease. You can teach your kids coding for a better future. They can work from home as an employee or freelancer. After getting experience and making connections they can start their own business with some investment and enjoy a lifetime of financial success. 

Scope of Coding

There are lots of career opportunities after learning to code. The demand for coders will stay increasing. These days many people want to pursue a career related to coding to get success. Thus you should take an initiative for your kids to teach them coding.

Application Developer

Application Developer

The most fruitful and productive career option that is growing day by day in the information technology industry is Application Development. The job of a software developer is to range from making or enhancing the look and features of the software applications for devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. The most common and currently trending programming languages used to develop applications are Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Gross Salary: The basic Application Developer’s salary in Australia is $105,000 per year or $53 per hour. Starting earnings at $91,026 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $140,000 to $150,000 per year.

Coding As Data Administrator

Coding As Data Administrator

As its name suggests, a data administrator performs a role where one needs to work with data. On the other hand, one needs to secure, organise, and analyse different databases for big multinational corporations. Also, they need to gather a large amount of information for the company. Data troubleshooting is also a part of the administrator’s job.  Python, Java, and SQL are the languages used while administering data.

Gross Salary: The basic Coding As a Data Administrator salary in Australia is $65,000 per year to $71,474 per year. Starting salary at $63,500 per year, while most experienced workers can make up to 101,707 to 105,000 per year.

Computer Systems Coding Analyst

Computer Systems Coding Analyst

The most interesting job for coders requires coding skills as well as a solid foundation in business analysis to stand out from others. There are numerous opportunities to develop skills and gain popularity in the field of Information Technology. The most common and currently trending programming languages commonly used to develop apps are Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Gross Salary: The basic starting salary of a Computer Systems Coding Analyst is $93,804 per year. Average earnings are $132,647, therefore most experienced workers can make up to $164,765.

Quality Assurance Engineers (For Software)

Quality Assurance Engineers (For Software)

Software Quality Assurance Engineers play an important role in developing software. Their job is to check out the defects in the software, test designs, and plan according to different situations. Along with that their responsibility is to review and comment on the designs of the software and look for probable problems and check its overall functionality. The most used programming languages for Software Quality Assurance Engineers are Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.

Annual Salary: The average annual salary for Quality Assurance Engineer jobs in Australia ranges from $95,000 to $115,000.

Web Developer Through Coding

Web Developer Through Coding

Before jumping into a new career, it is important to gather all important information about the profession. Now we will explain about web developers. Front-end developers have responsibility for all information that a user can see or interact with. This responsibility includes images, menus, buttons, content, layout, and appearance of the site. On the other hand, Back-end developers write code to implement site look and functionality. They manage databases, write codes, and server configuration. If you want to make your kid’s future in Information Technology we will suggest your go for Web Development. The scope and earnings of the developer are almost higher than any other profession.

Annual Salary: The average annual salary for Web Developer jobs in Australia ranges from $85,000 to $105,000 per year.

Network System Administrator

Network System Administrator

The job of a Network Administrator is to maintain the daily operations of organisation-related computer networks. They look out for hardware and software needs and maintain and repair network security. Additionally, these professionals monitor network performance, identify the fault and repair the faults. Network Administrators also should be familiar with the coding.

Annual Income: The average salary of a Network Administrator in Australia is between $75000 and $95000. 

Computer Engineer

Computer Engineer

This is the most common and also important career option that your child can choose in the future. To grab this job opportunity one should have a computer science or Information Technology related degree. It is highly selected by people who are more interested in business-oriented environments as computer engineers. Computer engineers need to deal with buyers/clients along with developers to provide exhaustive solutions. The most common languages used are C++, Java, and Python. 

Annual Salary: The average annual salary for Software Engineer jobs in Australia ranges from $105,000 to $125,000. Per Hour salary is $80 to $100.


All above discussed coding languages have their own benefits. Thus, the best programming language for your kids depends on their own interests. Programming classes are still difficult to find in many schools, but giving your child the opportunity to learn to code will put them ahead of many peers and make them academically sharp and help them to choose a career in the future.

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