Best Asian Restaurants Perth

Over the last several decades, Asian dishes have won the heart of every foodie and Perth individuals are no different than others. Perth has some of the best Asian restaurants around, offering a wide range of delicious cuisines from several different countries. From authentic Chinese and Japanese to Korean BBQ, Thai curries, and Indian tandoori dishes, you can find something to tantalize every taste bud. Enjoy traditional rice dishes or noodles smothered in sauces or spicy broths – the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re in the mood for spicy Sichuan-style cuisine, a comforting Japanese curry, or a fragrant bowl of Thai noodles, Perth is bursting with top-notch Asian eateries. From beloved local haunts to fine-dining establishments, check out our list of the best Asian restaurants in Perth for every occasion. From traditional Chinese to Japanese or Thai dishes, explore these top-rated spots for a great Asian culinary experience in Perth!

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